Left or Right? (the debate rages)

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Everyone thinks that they’re right…unless they’re left. I’ve driven on both sides of the roadway as a matter of national policy, driving etiquette and survival. The problem comes when you’ve been driving on one side of the road and you change locations (like driving from Hong Kong into Mainland China or driving from Thailand into Laos or flying from the UK to almost anywhere else). It still works, until you turn a corner and instinctively revert to the side of the road that you’ve been driving on up to that point.
In Hong Kong, it matters a great deal. When you change to Mainland China it matters less because the rules of the road are “fuzzy”. In Scotland on Hogmanay (New Years) people drive on both sides of the road without much knowing — or caring.

3 thoughts on “Left or Right? (the debate rages)

  1. In Thailand they drove on the left. After living there for 2+ years, I too drove on the left. When I came home to the States, I drove on the left. Just the one, frightening time. I was screaming "What's the matter with these people?" As I shot down the left side of the road in my Dad's Mustang. My father said, "Gah! Gah!!!" and then screamed, "STOP!" When he saw the problem told me EXACTLY what to do. He also informed me, "We drive on the right in the US." Hey, who knew?

  2. The first six months I was assigned in Okinawa, we deployed to Korea and or the Phillipines on a fixed basis. 2 weeks at home, 2 weeks in Korea, 2 weeks home, 2 weeks in the PI. Rinse Repeat for 6 months. I was so confused as to where I was supposed to drive, that my wife insisted she drive for the first 48 hours after I got home. Probably saved both of us.

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