Kettle: Calling the Pot Black

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Let’s take a look at USGOV policy as it presently stands.
We will send a drone aircraft armed with a hellfire missile into a country with which we have no declared war and will fire that missile into a house where people are discussing – whatever, they’re all killed including innocent women and children. We fly away. That’s cool.
The CIA operates under specific Congressional mandates and with considerable oversight and today we call putting terrorists under duress, “torture”. We didn’t break bones, we didn’t pull teeth, we didn’t pull fingernails. We played loud music, took their clothes and shouted at them – sometimes using harsh language. That’s not cool (today – it was very cool at the time)
The Democratic Party is pushing their dialog because they’re in trouble politically, but when you compare what the CIA did in the realm of interrogations and consider what President Obama approves today in the realm of drone strikes, it would be nice to compare body counts.

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