‘Progressive’ Cause and Effect

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American strength and that distinctive American character and unique spirit disturbs the progressive movement and its cheerleader, President Barack Hussein Obama… he of MANY red lines.

7 thoughts on “‘Progressive’ Cause and Effect

  1. I'm not running out of words for the guy. This week he's a mook. Next week, I'm choosing the word loon.

  2. One must remember: His Mommy was a Commie. His Daddy was a Commie. Can the hammer fall far from the sickle?

  3. Loon, freak, etc. take the character as being uncalculating – a lummox with no real intent to do wrong. In the Chief Executive's case as with his heiress apparent, I don't think that this applies. They have a genuine intent to do wrong and a narcissistic bent that allow them to act without a shred of decency or conscience.

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