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Irrespective of how successful Donald Trump’s Presidency may be, he is an enemy of the powers-that-be and they will not rest until he is destroyed. This is war and there can be only one winner, the American Republic or the elites who control it. 
As I write here in the Spring of 2017, that contest is far from over and the outcome remains in the balance, however there are some encouraging signs. Elsewhere on the planet, there are people trying to take back their governments. BREXIT was a good sign. A change of sentiment across all of Europe has the elites concerned. It’s not just the USA that stands at the brink, but since I live here, I’m more impacted by the ‘war’ more personally.

The propaganda machine (the corrupt, progressive, elite, smug, self-satisfied, lying mainstream media) has a 24/7 news cycle that is dedicated to pushing their agenda at the expense of the public. Hillary Clinton was their choice and they are sifting through political puppets to find a new one since she let them down. Whoever it is must be completely devoid of ethics, lacking any devotion to the Constitution or to the people…but we have a lot of those in public life.

Propaganda works. It’s called by different names, but fake news is a good one and so is ‘very fake news’. The media operates under that you can throw enough mud that some of it will stick with some people and their reach is deep and pervasive. There are only two political parties and one is the mainstream media, which stopped reporting the news and started making their own news some time ago. They represent the elites, your betters, and they are bound and determined to school you (and me).

By all measures, Trump’s first thirty days have been a triumph. Look at the stock market, look at wealth creation that trickles down to us all, look at the effort to uphold laws that have been on the books for decades. But you will never see that on a mainstream news outlet.

Individually, we either stand with those who believe in freedom and democracy or those who wish to live off the facade of freedom and democracy to keep us forever divided, afraid and dispossessed.

And there is always the third way – going Galt and retiring to a defensive posture far from the trampling elephants and donkeys.

10 thoughts on “Stand or Don’t

  1. Doubt the 'elites' are a monolithic bloc. How many of them have been paying protection for all these years just to be left alone to increase their wealth and power? How long before they decided President Trump will win the war? How soon will they switch sides?

    All way above my pay grade but doesn't stop me from speculating.

  2. You should call your mine "Atlas Shrugged"

    The media will never give up. What Donald needs is to open his own news channel / rag etc. He can afford to.

  3. Jules: no, the media will not give up, not by a long shot. Currently, their modus operandi has been compromised (fake news), so rather than just call it a day, they will change their strategy. Note the 'Republican' mobs at town hall meetings.

    This is now the way to push their agenda, maybe not the preferred way, but one way. These angry 'Republicans' shouting down GOP congressmen and women are no more Republican than George Soros is. Or Chuck Schumer.

  4. I have great hope that the few leftists who have a small portion of their brain not contaminated by propaganda will begin to wake up.

  5. You raise an interesting point with the elites and whether they individually would prefer to turn their backs on the $2.9 trillion in national wealth that has been created in the stock market since he was elected – and you know that it will go up from there.

    The answer is that it's above all of our pay grades but it's worth watching to see if cracks develop in NBC and CNN.

  6. I find the "Republican" mobs at town hall meetings a bit on the entertaining side. Why don't they wear NBC and Teacher's Union shirts? Be proud of who they are, not pretending to be nice people.

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