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I’m not the least bit tired of winning. Without apologies, I support the presidency of Donald Trump and the continued presidency of this great man to 2024. We need more conservative justices on the Supreme Court and nobody believes that RBG will survive to 2024. It’s very likely that President Trump’s lasting legacy will be most profoundly felt through the appointment of judges (for life) to the federal bench.
There are a long list of accomplishments that can be credited to the Trump Presidency. All of those were achieved while he was under constant attack from the corrupt, lying, smug, sly, wicked mainstream media and the Deep State. There are still a lot of RINO’s skulking around as well, but they don’t say that much these days.
I’m going to list the top accomplishments of the Trump administration. It’s my list. You may have favorites that I miss.

1. Historically low unemployment, which includes historically high employment for all categories of Americans. There is a dignity to work, a nobility to being able to take care of your needs and those of your family.
2. We are not at war and the war in Afghanistan is winding down. President Trump is not an advocate of kinetic war all the while he has rebuilt the military to make it stronger and more effective.
3. NASA has returned to being a space agency instead of a muddy mission that included helping Muslims to feel good about themselves. There is a US Space Force, that will take the lead in space based military missions. It will be slow to start, but it will get its own legs and its own voice.
4. The rotten treaties of the Obama Years (and before) have been recut. There was no Trans-Pacific Partnership, NAFTA is gone, the Paris Climate Accords are gone, the Iran Nuclear Deal has been repudiated, and China is no longer treating the United States like its bitch. Europe is being forced to reassess its treatment of the US economically. NATO is being forced to pay its fair share for its defense.
5. Obama/Biden said, “You didn’t build that”. President Trump says “You built that, now let’s build more.” To wit, business killing regulations have been rolled back or eliminated at a historic rate, and that has unleashed the American economic juggxrnaught. We are making steel again, business are returning to the US, and manufacturing is also returning.  
6. There has been a crackdown on illegal immigration and the US Borders are not OPEN. I realize that the Democrats view each illegal alien as an illegal voter, and that’s been problematic, but the president held firm.
7. The Veteran’s Administration is being held accountable for the services it provides and veterans now have the right to choose healthcare providers. AND the new system saves money.
8. ISIS is gone. They hold no ground. The dismal failure of USGOV to deal with these monsters was reversed with President Trump’s election.
9. The United States is now the #1 producer of oil and gas – FOR EXPORT, for a change.
10. Relations with North Korea, while still rocky, do not immediately portend nuclear war.

(Bonus) 11. President Trump drives the mainstream media insane. The hippies, lefties and media of my youth has flipped in a dramatic way. They now call Russia a threat, they trust the FBI, CIA and other related agencies, they defend big business such as Google and Facebook. For those of you who lived through the Vietnam Era, this is truly remarkable. And they REALLY hate President Trump, who wants to Keep America Great.

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  1. Pretty good list. These accomplishments really fly in the face of polls that suggest any one of the leading five liberal Democrats in the race would defeat the Trumpster if the election were held today.

    Time will tell, of course, but there's that pesky general election campaign that will require any of these pinkos to stand up on that debate stage and bad mouth all of these aforementioned accomplishments. I just wonder how that will go.


  2. "7. The Veteran's Administration is being held accountable for the services it provides and veterans now have the right to choose healthcare providers. AND the new system saves money."

    Here in Indiana, this isn't true. There is a disconnect between management and the doctors/techs on the ground. I called my U.S. Representative, Jim Banks, who sits on the Veterans Committee and is on the sub-committee for technology for the VA and his quote to me was, "It's fucked."

    It took four (4) months for me to receive a decision on medical treatment outside the VA, from the day the paperwork was submitted til I was notified that I was approved for care. There were three individuals involved in the paperwork process. I talked to the Patient Advocate and the leading Doctor for the local campus, and he scratched his head and said, "That's not the way it should be," in regard to the timeline for the decision. I asked what he could do for me or what changes he could make to the process and he said, "Nothing." All decisions for Fort Wayne/Marion VA are made out of Cincinnati, OH.

    Oh, and Fort Wayne/Marion failed their last audit… again.

    I am not nit-picking at you, LL. This is just a burr under my saddle with the VA for personal reasons. Dealing with the VA makes me want to say lots of the kind of words that would make my mother blush.

    Blue Tile Spook

  3. If America wants the fake Indian, Spartacus, the Butt guy, Beto or the Communist, we are lost.

  4. Agree with all your points. He is demanding asshole, but he gets the job done. Looking back, I can't think of a nice guy, or gal, that ever built a business. I will be voting for him again.

  5. "(Bonus) 11. President Trump drives the mainstream media insane."

    On CSPAN2, the instant President Trump finished speaking, they cut the sound and played "You Can't Always Get What You Want" by the Stones.


  6. In some ways, he's reminiscent of Winston Churchill. He's a fighter, and he thrives on adversity. He's what we need right now.

  7. Yesterday I finished reading Dr. Victor Davis Hanson's ' The Case for Trump '. He, in a much more long winded way, makes the same points as you. ( He has a few others, but you covered the major ones. )

    It is my belief that President Trump may turn out to be one of the most outstanding Presidents ever.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  8. I agree….but the odds are virtually certain that he will be the last GOP president….ever. For years the commie demonrats have been working hard in multiple ways to thwart the electoral process so they can insure their candidate always wins. They thought they had the 2016 election in the bag but they didn't count on Trump's style not how utterly nasty Clinton obviously appeared to be to a lot of voters. They don't have a viable candidate at this point to oppose Trump next year and aren't likely to fin one soon. So the 2020 election is Trump's to lose….and if he keeps pissing off gun owners it COULD HAPPEN. But by 2024 with the level of cheating AND the nullification of the Electoral College via the "National Popular Vote Compact" the people running the Demonrat party will be able to control the White House and the country till the next civil war commences.

  9. And then, when the donkeys provoke a civil war, their ranks will be severely thinned out.

  10. Politico: "Appeals court says Trump family planning restrictions can take effect"
    Add to the list 🙂

  11. Hopefully he also manage to use the force of the economy to make the Persians behave, better than spending soldier lives. The economy is a lot more efficient remedy than soldiers. And it is cheaper too. If the ayatollahs end up in the same situation as Maduro in Venezuela the people of the country will take action in due time. There is no better cure against socialism and communism than living with it. If Trump manage to focus on democracy and liberty in Iran the Europeans and other "allied" will also agree upon what is going on in Iran is not acceptable behavior from the ayatollahs. The corrupt regime they have build in Iran will only benefit from a US spending military resources on what the ayatollahs consider being minor expendables compared to the support the gain from the muslim world and other countries. If the ayatollahs continue to attack ships let the do it, the oil price will increase and the US will make more money on being a secure harbor and producer of oil and gas. Let the countries "owning" the tankers argue with Iran through their own channels and UN. Investor will run away from Iran and other countries in the region when they experience the risk the ayatollahs are causing. They will rather prefer to be part of a booming US than being a loser in the desert surrounded by camels and goats. Those countries are culturally, historically and religiously doomed to live in the past. The only reason for the US to be interested in the region was the oil but that is no longer the situation. Even the money in the region will be in US currency and be invested in the US where they get a return. My best advise wold be that not a single US soldiers life is worth a foreign country oil tanker. Stay out of it at let their own politics be their own worst enemy.

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