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** Of course, I didn’t mean to offend you, but it was a huge bonus!

** What is the difference between Pfizer and Kyle Rittenhouse? Rittenhouse’s three shots worked.

** Before you vote, buy groceries and fill up your car with gas.

** We once spilled blood over a stamp the government made us buy. How times have changed. (tomorrow is April 19)


Jeffrey Toobin

In oral argument today, Justice Thomas is minimizing the severity of the 1/6 insurrection at the Capitol. Perhaps that’s because his wife was part of the conspiracy. What a disgrace that he’s sitting on this case. #SCOTUS

Megyn Kelly

Hi Toobin – FYI, you waived your right to use the term “disgraced” about other lawyers when you took your dick out of your pants and jerked off in front of your colleagues.


7 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. “But I gave up all of my weapons”. That is sadly prophetic.

    Why the heck do people even listen to commentators like Jeffrey Toobin especially after he has proven himself to be a narcissistic asshole?

    Like the Rittenhouse saying.

    1. Anyone else would have been fired. Toobin is woke and they like that he jacked off in front of them. What can you say?

  2. I have noticed a trend. The pistols I have bought the past few years have all been optics ready for Red Dots and with threaded barrels. I do not own a can. Maybe, one day…

  3. Megyn Kelly is like one of the guys with that comment…guessing she might be a hoot to have a chat over burgers and a beer.
    Taken- Where’s Mr. “I will find you…” when you need him…altho I’d much prefer Denzel’s “Equalizer” to rescue the hostage while taking out the bad hombres inside of of 17 seconds.

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