Jane Fonda as a Spirit Animal

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My granddaughters are fascinated by the Iraqi Death Stalker Scorpion (Israeli yellow scorpion, Omdurman scorpion) that I have on the transfer case shifter knob of my ’07 Toyota FJ Cruiser. My seven year-old granddaughter, Alyssa asked if it had a name. It’s encased in lucite, but the girls swear that it moves when I’m driving, and they watch it out of fear and curiosity. I said that I had never named it. Alyssa asked, “What about the venomous lady on the TV that you talked about?”
I asked, “Jane Fonda?”
She said, “Yes, can we name the scorpion, Jane?”

“Jane Fonda it is!”

They insisted on cheesing it up for a photo of themselves with “Hanoi Jane Fonda’s spirit animal”.

20 thoughts on “Jane Fonda as a Spirit Animal

  1. With granddaughters that cute, they should be able name it!
    You are a blessed grandpa.
    Keep'm guessing girls!

  2. Alyssa was sure the it was a girl scorpion, not a boy scorpion. Honestly I don't have any ida how to the difference and neither did she. I am also surprised that they didn't name it Hillary – But they picked Jane Fonda.

  3. They're my buddies. We are in the Costco parking lot there. Afterward we went to 31 Flavors on the way home.

  4. I can see the resemblance between the Death Stalker and Jane. (in Barbarella maybe?) You must be the best grandpa ever, letting them name your scorpion. They really came through with the genius, though. They deserve the 31 Flavors!

  5. I've got one of those Lucite encased scorpions myself, picked it up in a tourist trap in Sedona maybe 20 years ago or so

  6. I've often wondered about the identity of Jane Fonda's spirit animal. I've asked myself, is it a spider, a monkey or some kind of fish? And the answer is no. It's a scorpion. Thanks, LL.

  7. I look illiterate above, but I posted from my iPhone while trying to manage 2 little girls at dinner.

  8. No problem, love getting to hear about the interaction with the grands. Hope all the rest are doing well. I never get tired of photos of grandkids.

  9. Lol. Bless their hearts. I have a scorpion and a tarantula in lucite as paperweights. When my niece was little she'd run over to my desk to check and make sure they were still trapped. She was fascinated by them, but there was a little fear factor going on as well.

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