12 thoughts on “Jackhammer

  1. Another good one! I never realized it before but I think of the characters as similar in age to myself, til I read differently. Wonder why? Thanks for the enlightenment.

  2. me too– I got to the end and thought, "Oh, she's only 26?" And I do totally do that with all these stories.

  3. That's only because both of you can see yourselves wearing the high leather boots and leopard mini-dress at the club. We know that Jenny has a wicked side because she participated in the Solstice in Austin. Brighid – the naughty side is self-evident.

  4. animal prints… meh. But I'm thinking those boots would go great with my gold equinox get-up. Why limit the spikes to headwear?

  5. No animal print mini dresses for me,

    the high boots in fine Italian leather…possibility

  6. Brighid, you also need a holster for your handgun – maybe it will fit into the boot top? Handgun in one, spare mags in the other?

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