Happy Halloween 2020

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I hope that you’re ready…

If you’re celebrating Halloween, some on the left consider you to be a super-spreader.  Here on Arizona’s Mogollon Rim, there aren’t many kids anyway, so no decorations and no anticipated trick-or-treaters.

There aren’t any Halloween parties, either, and that’s a shame, because I enjoy them – parties in general, Halloween parties in specific.

Pumpkins are cheap now, and that means that shooting pumpkins has replaced shooting watermelon here at the White Wolf Mine in what passes for entertainment. No, they aren’t wasted. The elk love them – even pre-broken. Next year, I shall plant watermelon and pumpkins here on the property as part of my “building targets and feeding elk” project.

And since it’s a Halloween blog today, there needs to be a witch, right?

Ok, go have fun and don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do…that’s called leaving it wide open.

18 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2020

  1. While there aren’t as many kids around as there used to be there are enough that I have a bag of candy ready for them. Since most folks here aren’t all that worried about the Chinese plague I expect to see at least some tonight.

    1. I hope you see hoards of the little candy harvesters. Kids enjoy the experience and they aren’t subject to the plague.

  2. What were the Peanuts Gang doing in the Great Pumpkin? Oh yeah, HAVING FUN! Glad that was my era.

    Love the Muir quote, we have another in a picture of Winter buffalo outside Moose, just up from Jackson:

    “In God’s wildness lies the hope of the world – the great fresh unblighted, unredeemed wilderness. The galling harness of civilization drops off, and wounds heal ere we are aware.”

    It’s why we live where we do (no masks of control required).

    1. One of the last fun Halloween parties I attended was in the home of some professional spooks of the three-letter class. I went as El Nino (the storm system). I wore a Hawiian t-shirt, shorts, sombrero, and fake mustache. I had a battery powered fan and a squirt bottle with water in it. I’d turn on the fan and release a watery mist at people. A very senior exec from Lockheed – a cougar – came dressed as the devil…OMG…my soul was there to be sold. It was a lot of fun.

  3. My little mobile home community (110 sites) are having a party from 3:00 to 5:00 for the kids and beer four the adults. At 5:00 all the kids ( approx. 25) will Trick or Treat as a group. The mobiles participating have signed up, and we wait anxiously. My grandson Dresden will be one of them, because this is one of the only games in town. It helps when the manager has 5 and 7 year olds.

    F _ _ _ Gavin Newsom!

    Happy Halloween!

    1. F_ _ _ all communists, Odie.

      I hope that Dresden has fun, eats lots of candy, and stops just short of barfing.

  4. I remember roaming all over on Halloween, getting 1 to 2 sacks of candy. Rule was Home By 9PM.

    I’ve bought candy and decorated for over 35 years now, and have in total 10 trick-or-treaters over those 35 years. Sad that such a fun holiday has been destroyed by whackjob leftists. (And, yes, all actual poisoned candies and razorbladed apples have been done by leftists, usually leftists suffering from various levels of Munchausen syndrome or just bat-shit crazy.

      1. Decorations, lights, pumpkin, the whole schmear. F’in leftist retards in my local AOA.

        I shoulda moved to better places when I had the chance.

        Friging leftist retards!

  5. So here’s my one Halloween joke.

    Through no fault of their own, little Johnny’s parents wind up shopping at the last minute for his costume. He has his heart set on being a pirate. At the last shop in town, they find a pirate costume but it is two sizes too big. No matter. A few pins, rolled sleeves, and a hat stuffed with wadded newspaper later, success! Thar be a pirate, matey!

    Little Johnny is having a grand time. At one house, a nice lady plays along and says “Oh my, what a fierce pirate captain you are! Where are your buccaneers?”. There is a pause a Johnny mulls over the question. He looks her dead in the eye and replies “Under my buckin’ hat, lady”.

  6. We had The Kids and TLG over, a second-year tradition here. We had about 20~30 kids show up, which is about what we had last year.

    Earlier in the day several of the families in the ‘hood here had get togethers, enjoying the 60* temps. One of the houses around the corner was decked out to the nines in full battle-rattle Halloween gear. Lights, smoke, sound FX, very well done!

    And only the parents were wearing masks, but I suspect the kids had them in a pocket.

    1. The spook alley houses are the best. When you’re a kid you know that you’ll be scared and that they’ll hand out full size candy bars.

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