It’s Racist – It Must Be!

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Ham and Lima Beans (in juice) C-Rat
The New York Times (and Geraldo) are not blaming President Trump for the hurricane that flattened Puerto Rico. I find that shocking. Anyone who listens to the bulk of the corrupt, smug, lying mainstream media has been assured that Donald J. Trump is responsible for the hurricane, the common cold and even the Vietnam Era ham and lima beans C-Rations given to GI’s in the 60’s and through the early 70’s. He’s responsible for hemorrhoids, bad weather, and bovine methane that is destroying the planet. Just ask Wolf Blitzer.
Speaking of ham and lima beans C-Rations that many soldiers were forced to eat if they couldn’t trade them for turkey loaf or pound cake, the Mayor of San Juan, PR is blaming President Trump PERSONALLY, for denying Puerto Rican food stamp recipients access to “prepared hot meals.” 

The Puerto Ricans are demanding that the US Government provide them access to fast food, which is what they mean by “prepared hot meals”. Federal government rules prohibit redemption of food stamps at restaurants and some 40% (1.3 million) of Puerto Rican residents are on food stamps (and have been on food stamps for lifetimes).

Progs should read the rules… (but can they read?) Federal aid distribution is the domain of local municipalities. If there’s an inefficacy in getting supplies from the docks and the airport to Puerto Ricans, it’s not because the federal government has failed. The same assistance provided to Puerto Rico was also given to Texas and Florida after storms left parts of those states ravaged. The difference can be found in the local response, both by the private citizenry and local officials.

To Puerto Ricans, I say, “Let them eat ham and lima beans (in juice) if they want a square meal.” Are they better than our soldiers (were)?

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  1. Interesting post. I remember ancient rations (WWII?) and, to be honest, they weren't so bad, spam etc in all these little cans. Heavy, annoyingly.

  2. The corned beef hash was ok. I liked the mixed fruit cocktail.

    President Trump called on Wall St. to forgive the $70 billion in debt that Puerto Rico couldn't pay back BEFORE it was destroyed. We'll have to see how all that plays.

  3. Eaten those… sigh… And I heard ONE, and only one report, that the truckers were on strike in San Juan… Interesting, if true…

  4. Then let the military drive the trucks.

    AFTER the Army Corps of Engineers clears the roads……

  5. That's what is happening now. But the real issue, the core issue, is the rampant corruption in Puerto Rico that drove the place onto the rocks long before the hurricane struck. How much will the US taxpayers have to pay into that systemic corruption?

  6. I think Geraldo is more forgiving of DT because he considers Trump a personal friend.

    I saw Geraldo challenging the idiot mayor of San Juan who, somehow amid the death and destruction she hypes, got a custom printed T-shirt and hat celebrating the death of her fellow Puerto Ricans.

  7. President Trump considers Geraldo a friend as well. I have no problem with Geraldo, particularly the older and possibly wiser Geraldo of today. I think that he's fair.

  8. LL: your timeline on C-rations distribution is a smidge off. I personally preferred the lima beans and ham over turkey loaf, but that's just me. As an enlisted army guy, I ate C-rats until the early 1980's, when MRE's replaced them.

    We all loved MRE's, it was like eating at Commander's Palace in New Orleans, compared to C-rats.

    C-rat pound cake, though. Pretty darn good eatin', everything considered. And you are right: Puerto Ricans turning their noses up to MRE's or ANY food provided to them by others is indicative of their entitled frame of mind.

    A pox on all of those jerks.

  9. I'm getting old, Fredd. Sometimes memory fades. I guess that we did have C-Rats until the early 80's.

    The Puerto Ricans feel that they are entitled (by circumstances of birth) to a free, prepared warm meal in lieu of cold food offered as aid. It doesn't speak well of them as a people.

  10. It all comes back… the fruit cocktail was alright. Fry up the corned beef! And who knows about PRico. I get the feeling it was a hellhole before the storm.

  11. I recall well choking down those ham and MFers back in the day. Ham and eggs were rather nasty as well as was the fruit cake. Don't start me on that fruit bar that came with the lrp rations.

  12. I had a friend who announced about a year ago that he was headed to PR on a family vacation with his kids (who are grown). He bragged about the great deal he got. I told him to stay on the resort property and not go into town & warned him that it wasn't safe.

    His observations on returning were the same as I had when I'd been there for work. He said that he'd never go back.

    The new MRE rations are quite good. They're heavy on calories because they're designed to support men in combat. Many of them are self-heating. The PR people prefer McDonalds.

  13. A friend of mine spent some time there at Arecibo doing some upgrades on the radio equipment for the big radio telescope.

    He told me as long as he stayed on-site it was cool, but otherwise he had no desire to ever go back to PR….

  14. What about those nasty chocolate discs? We called them 'Alabama butt plugs.' No explanation necessary.

    And who could forget that horrible sphagetti and meatball C-rat. They would even make my Aunt Sally gag. And that's saying something.

  15. See Tabasco Memo (below). It made the spaghetti and meat ball (in sauce) better. I also put it on the ham and eggs – and everything else.

  16. It's a nice place if you remain in (whatever) compound, surrounded by wire, dogs and armed guards.

  17. I'll bet I've got at least 50 of those little bottles from all the MRE's I've consumed over the years….

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