The Price of “Moderation”

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John McCain and Chris Christy have been referred to as “moderate Republicans”. You could also refer to them as “moderate Democrats” because it’s very difficult to tell the difference these days. Maybe that’s their appeal?

George W. Bush was a big government guy, and people refer to him as a moderate Republican. He was clearly moderate when you compare him to Barack Obama, who is increasingly strident in his Marxist ideology in his second term. George W. Bush loved America. Obama hates it. So moderation is defined different ways in different circumstances.

Moderates should not work toward establishing social justice activism, a key tenant of the doctrine that Barack Obama’s brand of Marxism/Utopian Socialism stresses. Hillary Clinton (who would be president at any price) runs with the same pack of hounds.

The Common Core curriculum that is being forced on the nation’s students has not been soundly rejected by the Republican Party as a whole, and is embraced by the so-called moderates.

Common Core stresses Social Justice

It reads like something out of Weather Underground Bill Ayers’ playbook:

What is a Moderate these days?
President Barack Obama paints today’s Iranian regime as “moderate” but they’re not. Nothing changed when the wind shifted and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was replaced by Hassan Rouhani. Both work for and answer to Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Theocracy that is modern Iran. Iran has constantly said that they want a atomic bombs to use against Israel and Saudi Arabia. Some would call me ‘radical’ because I take them at their word. 

Moderate Socialist?

Trying to destroy their own economy? Yeah, that’s about it.

Tell me that that the ObamaCare disaster wasn’t about trying to absolutely disrupt and damage 20% of the American economy with one foul stroke.  We now know that it was an absolute disaster at every possible level and with every possible permutation – and it’s Barack Obama’s signature gift and his legacy.
Merry Christmas from Barack
(Fox News) A new report on the government’s regulatory actions was released just before Thanksgiving, and it contains more than 3,300 rules — which the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) estimates will cost more than $1.8 trillion** to implement on an annual basis.

          ** $1,800,000,000,000.00 

At a time when the economy is still struggling to zoom out of its post-recession rut, businesses worry that the crush of regulation is another sandbag weighing down the recovery.
“Back in the ’90s, the federal budget itself was not even $1.8 trillion,” said Wayne Crews, vice president of policy for CEI. “Now we have this entire $1.8 trillion hidden tax, you could say, of government compliance and intervention cost imposed in the economy.”

ObamaNation – NOT moderate

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  1. In early 2009 a surgeon told me that health care reform would never go through. No president would do that during a down economy.

    What he failed to factor in was that no pro-American president would do that during a down economy. Obama was FINE with malaise, destruction, job loss and increasing government dependency that came with Obamacare. Still is.

  2. Also, "any 4th grade student" in Russia perhaps knows socialism is a failure. I doubt California 4th grade public school students have been told any such thing.

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