It Starts with Slime

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You need Elmer’s school glue, tap water, borax, and food coloring.

My daughter Heather watched her two boys and her sister/my daughter Kelly’s three girls today. Heather, never shy of a challenge, decided to make slime. 
Kids love slime, primarily because it’s slimy. I think that this was a pre-Halloween experiment into the manufacture of slime as well as how well the kids liked it.
The girls made red slime and the boys made green slime. Two teams of slime makers, simultaneously trying to make the better batch of slime. It’s always a competition.
I simply served as a lab assistant and photographer.
Adding glue

A pause for the cause

Adding the borax

Adding food coloring
Mixing the slime
Playing with the slime

22 thoughts on “It Starts with Slime

  1. Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly do you do with the slime once it's made? Inquiring minds want to know.

    All I remember making when I was a kid was those mountain things in water. Okay, not mountains – stalactites.

  2. It's a type of elastic play-doh. They squeeze it, stretch it, and make objects like snakes, starfish, birds, cookies, etc. with it. Since they make it themselves, it's extra fun. It doesn't cost but a few cents to make and you can toss it when the fun is done.

  3. Very impressive that slime was made so very neatly!

    I'm hoping to have a grandkiddo old enough to do these sorts of projects with in the next couple of years. Looks like a good time was had by all.

  4. As the science geek that I am, I'm loving this comment a lot. I went though it with my girls and it was the best of times. We bonded over slime and erupting volcanoes… but that's another story.

  5. Fun with kitchen science and children teaches them the basic tenants of combining disparate compounds to make another one. When they get into the granularity of that, and how it actually works, I think that the hands-on that they had is one of those ah-ha moments.

  6. If they keep playing with it and store it in plastic baggies, it will last months, though – with the continued consistency of slime.

  7. Sweet pics. Of course there's slime and "slime." The kids were playing with the fun stuff, the other sort should be behind bars but somehow they're sitting in the Senate and Congress. Or, like a famous old slime hag, "lost in the woods."

  8. Thanks for the formula!

    I'll store it away until our grandson is old enough to have fun with it….

  9. I wonder if a child, experimenting with common items in the kitchen threw them into an outhouse one day – and Hillary emerged? I'm not saying that's how it happened, but I refuse to discount the possibility.

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