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There are different ways to look at military forces. One way is to look at standing armies, most of which are maintained and paid by taxes. There are different variations on this theme. 
There are also reserve military forces who have a lesser degree of readiness, but which are also equipped and maintained by taxes levied for that purpose.

Then there are trained irregular cadre. China counts all of its farmers in this number. So do places like North Korea, but they are not trained. So I won’t count them.

Question: Which nation has the largest standing army, reserve army and trained irregular cadre on the planet (third rock from the sun)?

The answer, of course, it the USA.

West of the Mississippi and South of the Mason-Dixon, likely 8 out of 10 cars on the road have a firearm in them. There are somewhere between 150 million and 200 million firearms and an estimated 4.3 trillion rounds of ammunition in private hands in the US.
If you want to know what the distribution of these firearms looks like, just take a look at the voting map by county for 2016. The red areas were won by Donald Trump. The blue areas also contain armed Americans but possibly a smaller proportion.
America has a lot of combat veterans and a lot of self-trained people who own firearms. 
Of these law abiding Americans who are essentially armed to the teeth, you hear nothing (no gun shots off the range). They are law abiding and firearms incidents involving them are statistically insignificant. Two thousandths of one percent of all firearms are used in a crime in America.
A lot of this irregular cadre voted for Donald J. Trump over Hillary Clinton (who promised to disarm them). Taken together, they are able to enforce the will of the people, should it come to a showdown. The police and military are likely to side with them against a tyrant. They don’t represent any particular racial group, but they are law-abiding and that’s their hallmark. Most of them are voting these days. Most of them reject the agenda of the mainstream media and the progressive punks that bully politicians. Most of them reject identity politics. Most of them are proud to be Americans.
Of the firearms owners – and let’s guess that number is around 150 million, around 1/3 are generally proficient, and of that 50 million, roughly half are lethal with their weapons. That’s 25 million armed marksmen. Look up at the map again. There’s hope for America.

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  1. I predict the future will divide the US in a similar way other countries experience. The loyalty to the nation will diminish to the benefit of the group people are attracted to. A version of the law of gravity will cluster the left to certain areas where they will increase their influence and power. Here they will do what they can to tax other people to death. In the end they will consume each other until there is nothing left. The important counter measure is to secure territories where common sense can prosper and develop. At some time in the history someone had the optimistic view that humans will continue to develop, increase wealth and the capacity to solve more complex problems. I guess this was too optimistic since it obviously do not seem to apply for all people. Like you point out the main resource for the country is the huge volume of law abiding gun owners and not the small fraction of criminals. When politicians do not manage to understand the difference and make the once caring to a problem, you know they are a part of the problem and not the solution. Arizona will likely be a prosperous place for the future similar to the places appreciating good work ethics and having a range in the neighborhood.

  2. Texas has way more blue in it than I prefer to see. I think we tax paying and armed to the teeth Texans (including me) should cut the blue areas out, cede them to Mexico or let them stand on their own, and soldier on as a beet red state.

  3. I'd like to think of myself as being in the lethal group, but more realistically I'm in the generally proficient demographic. The 8 out of 10 vehicle seems about right, at least here in east Kansas. I know mine is one of the 8.

  4. As the saying goes, "Just put me on top of a hill somewhere with plenty of ammo, and I'll take care of all around me."

  5. The angst and anger of Diane Feinstein et al contemplating these statistics gives me a certain warm and fuzzy feeling.

    The ability of the population to employ this weaponry in a coordinated and effective manner is suspect. Those who have organized citizen militias may have an answer. I fear most have too many informants and agent provocateurs in their ranks to be effective.

  6. I don't see the US balkanizing based on states per se. California is largely (by territory) in the conservative column, but the population centers are not and that's how votes are tallied.

    However your point is well taken and it's precisely why I made the plans that I did and am in the process of executing them. Optimism has to be maintained and I think that in general we will move forward in free countries that are populated by people of conscience. There are 'dark' areas of the world where that is not the case and I'm not referring to skin color, but to an absence of conscience, compassion and responsibility – – and respect for all life.

  7. I think that your compound is situated perfectly. I haven't heard of your timing on your project, but having people like you there behaving responsibly and honestly is always a good thing. Abandoning Illinois was something that you needed to do.

  8. I've been more lethal in my life than I am now, but I can throw rounds down range that hit the target. The nation, taken as a whole, does not countenance the narrative or the ration of crap that the corrupt, elite, smug, wicked, filthy, nasty, lying mainstream media or their 'progressive' cadre throws out.

  9. Coordination becomes a matter that arises with necessity and we haven't reached that point. I hope that we never do. However, the capacity to do it gives the Obamas, Feinsteins, etc. nightmares.

    Once you create a "militia" you end up with more FBI agents in it than regular militia members — today. That would change substantially if the situation changed and required that people get serious.

  10. When the small pockets of blue look out on the red, say from Austin, they're filled with fear and loathing and you can see why.

    Thanks for the survey.

  11. Daughter is 16, a sophomore in HS, and we are planning on bailing Illinois the day after her graduation. 3 years, but we may start on the compound a bit earlier than that.

  12. Not as proficient as I wish to be, but getting there.

    We're having a refugee resettlement war in Sandpoint right now. Not looking good.

    P.S. Did you get my email re Wind River?

  13. Yes, I feel fully vindicated on my review of Wind River. Thanks for the back-channel communication.

    No refugees in Sand Point.

  14. I did a single army hitch, MOS Small Arms repair. Figure I should be able to lend a hand somewhere. Have never experienced a shot fired in anger outbound or incoming. I am also an NRA Highpower Rifle Master. How does that lyric go? "I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was".

  15. I have badgered DH into teaching me…he is extremely proficient, as for me, I'm going out every week, getting all shots on target and doing better about getting most in the bull's-eye. Want to be able to get my CCW. He says I'm good enough now, but he wants me to be better than "good enough". So I'm practicing. It is fun. Besides, deer season is coming.

  16. We've built three houses (so far), average build time is 7 months. NOTE: not simultaneously, we are not gazillionaires like Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin and Nancy Pelosi.

  17. When I left Illinois in 1982 and moved to Kalifornia, I had no idea I was leaving the pan and entering the fire….

    And now we're leaving Kalifornia in less than two weeks….

  18. Fredd – Construction is underway and I'm guessing 7-8 months depending on the winter and snow, which could slow things up. Last year was very wet, though in many years, there's very little snow at the White Wolf Mine. Most of the moisture falls in monsoon (late July – early September).

    Dr JIM – Fair winds and following seas on your journey and adventure. Yes, it's time to leave California. I decided on that course about two years ago and it's taken me this long to find the place, buy land – buy more land, have plans drawn up and have the County approve those plans. Excavation is beginning and I don't know how much problem they're having with rocks. The area is bedrock, so blasting may be necessary. That makes it more expensive and it also takes longer if they are required to blast rock.

  19. at 25 yds with my 1911 I can get them all in the black on a standard NRA pistol target.

    Anything further than 25 yds calls for a rifle.

    Or as my instructor used to say "You use your pistol to fight your way to your rifle".

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