All Saints Day (follows Halloween)

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Friday Sermonette

It’s All Saint’s Day, so it’s time for another sermonette. Normally I wait for Sunday, but, you know how it goes.

In the films and stage renditions of the lion king, Scar, the outcast brother of King Simba (a lion) rules a pack of hyenas that destroy everything that they touch. It brings to mind the Democrats in Congress and the corrupt, lying mainstream media in specific and the Deep State in general. Selfish beyond measure, their concern is not the republic or its people, but their own narrow, selfish interests.

The serve only themselves, they enrich only themselves and they regard only themselves. I see that whenever I see the impeachment passion play being acted on the media’s stage. I think about it when I consider the California State Executive and Legislature officers and the damage that they so gleefully cause.


This is a picture of former porn star and former member of Congress, Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA) who just resigned due to her sexual misconduct. She is a poster child for the Democrat Party.

It’s Zero Bark Thirty, at long last, Bag Daddy Stopped Smoking.
And the left is heartbroken. You read the headlines in the corrupt lying media about the tragic death of a noted cleric and holy man. A voice of peace and reason silenced by the bad orange man.
The problem with all this is that satire is DEAD because you can’t make this stuff up. 
It’s this sort of thing that convinced me that I needed to remove myself from civilization and live in the Arizona mountains. 
Global Cooling

I’m sure that the current coverage of the solar minimum (which could last for decades) and other indicators will cause a new and urgent need of a different sort of tax. You can’t have a cataclysm without a tax, now can you?

(read about it here) “The latest study was conducted by a team at the University of Chicago who set out to discover and understand the processes that makeup global climate.”

One thing that we can rely on is that the climate will change, just as it has over the past 3.5 billion years that the third rock from the Sun has been doing what it does. And that there will be a tax.
It may be necessary to create a new – new climate deal to deal with the threat of being frozen to death. Last night at the White Wolf Mine it got down to 12 degrees (F) and I burned cedar to push back the frost. The smoke entered the atmosphere and may help blanket the area from solar radiation, driving the mercury down further. Spooky stuff.

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  1. 12 degrees, that's chilly. Cedar makes a great looking fire, but it burns up real fast and you have to keep chucking on cedar chunks to the fire. Now oak, that stuff burns hot and slow and accordingly needs less effort. I suspect that there are oak trees here and there on the White Wolf Mine site. They grow everywhere. Except Hawaii.

    How, if you have piles of cedar just laying around, begging to be burnt, I can see it's attraction.

  2. Cedar smells nice when it burns too. I have oaks on my property and have cut some of that as well. I may buy some oak and have it delivered next winter but for now, I think that I have enough of a blend. I don't disagree with you. Oak makes the best fires.

  3. Maybe that ice age they were predicting 40 years ago is simply late arriving and now we're all going to die in 12 years under a sheet of ice. I miss global warming already.
    Cedar works great for starting a fire, but as Fredd said, it burns fast. A hardwood would work much better. Around here hickory and oak are popular. Of course you have to roll with whatever's available.

  4. Growing up in NW Colorado, we heated our house with coal in a "Stokermatic" stove. We also used lump coal in the fireplace. Coal lasts longer, puts out more heat, and really pisses off the ecofreaks.

    You can get bags of quality anthracite at Tractor Supply Co.

  5. It never ceases to fascinate how the humorless Left manage to come up with stuff to agitate about, then drag the rest of us lesser's/flyover/deplorable/peon sub-class two's into their psychotic misery. Everything they shout about (because saying it louder and more often makes it true, right?) is normal life. It is what they do. And the older I get the less tolerant I have for this type (Being Christian does not mean "chump" or "always tolerant"…Jesus wasn't.)

    Yesterday's subversive "after-the-fact impeachment rules resolution" vote in the House was another nail in their collective coffins (still hoping so anyway). These same clowns would have been told to go hell when they were all twelve (probably were which is why they act as they do).

    Praying for patience that Barr and Durham will soon bring the hammer down and shut these crazy bastards up…behind the woodshed time. In the meantime jobs and the economy are up, higher than expected. That is a very telling truth.

    We are beetle-killed pine folks, doing our own woodland management…because it's necessary (despite what the California idiots believe). Went from -6 overnight Wednesday to 29 last night – climate change at a local level. Works for me.

  6. Cold at night here, but still getting to the high 40's during the day. It makes it hard to designate a cut off date for working outside. Next up? Gleefully burning huge piles of juniper cuttings to piss off the eco-terrorists.

    Today is also the first day of Advent…

  7. Getting down to the 20's here at night(it's not a dry cold). Envy you your wood fireplace, and the smell of cedar.

  8. I have an inexhaustible supply of ponderosa pine, then comes juniper, then cedar and then oak. We have far less hardwood here.

  9. The fireplace isn't rated for coal, which irritates me, but it's what the builder installed. I prefer coal, and grew up with coal.

  10. I'm cutting cedar today in about an hour when it warms up a bit more. I'm doing it with a friend who has a 20 ton splitter.

  11. Same here, Brig, but it is a dry cold. I like roasting marshmallows over a cedar fire. Dessert after supper.

  12. It's to the point that the congresscritters are laughable at best, and downright unhinged at worst… And California? SMDH, we need to trade them to 'somebody'… Us country folk don't give a crap about the Beltway, or the taxes they 'may' impose. If they do, we'll get by, just like we do now.

  13. Suggest you get a transcript…for safety's sake….by an independent 3rd party group…becaaauuse…regardless the official statement by a small group of pro-level gov't scriber's it appears Dem's don't know how to read or comprehend the written word (maybe it was in cursive), so best to have a backup plan if things go south.

    Happy bucking and splitting.

  14. So you know what a 'clinker' is. That, and the pleasure of shoveling coal out of the coal bin with a coal shovel and stoking the coal burning furnace.

    America was built on coal, as you know. I grew up with it, too.

  15. Irony… MANY intellectual concepts… quite simply beyond the ability of almost all leftists to understand. It's the same with the concept of "free"…..which in reality does not exist.

  16. It went down to THREE here the other night, setting records across the Eastern half of Colorado.

    Must be Global Warming!

    The talk about the "solar minimum" has been going on for some time. Solar activity is not extremely well understood, much like the weather here on Earth. I follow it because it impacts my radio activities; fewer sunspots = poorer propagation.

    We won't know for a year or so if we're in a "minimum" or not, as we're still on the border between Cycle 24 and Cycle 25. The first new spot of Cycle 25 popped up in July, but Cycle 25 hasn't really started yet. I'd say in another 18 months we might know if 25 will be a weak one, but that doesn't say much about the next cycle, and the one after that…..

  17. Our "tree guy" says good hardwood (mostly oak) runs about $350/cord, delivered and stacked.

    We mostly burn pine and aspen, as it's cheap, and makes a decent fire for the little we use the fireplace.

  18. My dad would tell me that as a kid, he and his friends chased the coal trains and tossed chunks out to the ground to pick up and take home.
    Later, he mined it. I think he thought walking across Europe with a rifle sounded like a better deal.

  19. The major draw back to cedar is the creosote build up on the chimney. Makes cleaning a more frequent requirement straight hardwood.
    Tom S.

  20. The leftists grasp the concept of free as it applies to personal freedom…..they simply do not like it. It interferes with their ability to control people.

  21. I was never that poor. I really can't imagine being that poor, but during the Great Depression, people were. Lots of people were.

    Camping for a living in the military wasn't a bad life.

  22. Tom, that's true of pine as well, but pine and cedar are the trees most readily available. The oak here (maybe the altitude) are more like large brush than large trees. I have chopped some oak, but you're not going to get 2 cords out of an oak tree here the way that you would with a cedar.

  23. Well seasoned wood and a good hot fire keeps the creosote from building up in a cold chimney. At season's end we run the chimney brush up, and once in a while toss a creosote eliminator pack in the fire (really works).

  24. Were it not for the indiscriminate nature of it all, I would suggest neutron bombs, then we could recognize in a couple of years.

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