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I heard that a cobra bit you.


Bullet Points:

** Hanoi Jane spews – Wanting to murder anyone who opposes your stances is the hallmark of authoritarian evil, so thanks for stating your position so clearly, Jane.

** “The smuggling organizations to our south are very well organized and resourceful,” he said, referring to Mexican cartels. “Each and every person crossing through the Tucson Sector must pay these criminal organizations,” he said. “The migrants we encounter are completely outfitted in camouflage by the smuggling organizations before they cross. Most run from and fight our agents to avoid apprehension. Many are previously deported felons who know they are inadmissible to the United States and many pose a serious threat to our communities.”

** An Apology: The Associated Press reports that alleged members of a Mexican drug cartel penned a letter apologizing for the kidnapping of four Americans and the killing of two of them last week. The letter also claimed that the five perpetrators of the violent attack had been handed over to Mexican police.

“We have decided to turn over those who were directly involved and responsible in the events, who at all times acted under their own decision-making and lack of discipline,” the letter reads. The AP obtained the letter through a Tamaulipas state law enforcement official. It added those involved in the attack on the Americans had gone against the Gulf cartel’s rules, which include “respecting the life and well-being of the innocent.”

Images posted on Twitter show five men on the pavement with their hands tied — next to a small pickup truck, with a handwritten letter of apology on the windshield.

** 87,000 – Testifying before the House Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Adrian Smith (R-NE) questioned Yellen on the ambiguity of her opening statement. Smith prefaced his question by noting the 87,000 new IRS agents hired at the agency over the next decade to conduct tax enforcement on Americans.

Treasury Department Secretary Janet Yellen acknowledged on Friday that 90 percent of IRS audits will be conducted on small businesses and families.

** The Insurrection – Tucker Carlson has begun showing some of the security footage from the Capitol Building taken on January Sixth.

This evidence confirms what common sense knew from the first: that the day did not involve was not a riot, not a trespass (since the public was invited into the rotunda by the police), and barely deserved the name of a public disturbance. There were minor acts of vandalism.

No one was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher. There was one murder: that of Ashley Babbitt. Jacob Chansley, whom the press dubbed “the Q-Anon Shaman” did not lead an armed revolt against the government. He led a prayer asking heaven to bless the police.

I always knew from first-hand eyewitnesses that the characterization of the day as violent was a lie, and an outrageous lie, for I had family members at the gathering.

So I knew since that day that there was no noise, no disturbance, no sounds of sirens or loud commotion audible or visible to those within a hundred yards of the building. There were no police rushing to the scene, no SWAT teams, and no National Guard. Not even a fire alarm was pulled.

The footage shows a protest, gathered lawfully, under the color of a legal permit. Members of the crowd were invited into the rotunda by the Capitol police and filed through the velvet ropes. Certain hooligans — almost certainly Federal officers acting as agents provocateur — smashed windows and tried to stir the crowd to violence.

Because the protestors were patriots who love the republic and revere the public symbols thereof, the agents provocateur were unsuccessful.

So the news media, acting in concert, pretended there had been violence anyway.

The police then opened fire on the crowd with tear gas and flash grenades and attacked them. These are the images shown on a continuous loop as part of the unconvincing propaganda campaign.

The one thing the day clearly was not was an insurrection. The one thing no protestor could honestly be called was an insurgent.


Identify the Tank



Identify the Aircraft and the tank that it carries

33 thoughts on “Is that so?

  1. Mark VII from …the Last Crusade.
    Tupolev TB-3 with T-37A Light Amphibious Recon Tank.

    1. Hah! My first thought seeing the first one was “looks like the Indiana Jones tank”. I’m giving myself half a point.

      1. Yeah, they told the media her besting death was as a result of a drug overdose then demanded cellphone video of them besting her and leaving her to die in some tunnel. Scum.

          1. Not just beating; they sent her into anaphalaxis first with chemical agents.

            But as we all know, it’s ok* for cops to murder unarmed women, as long as they’re white and not (D).


            *Or even Heroic!

          1. Well now, that’s interesting. Wonder if Lizzy “Borden” Cheney will have anything to say or simply hide from shame?

  2. What peeves me off is that the official released video showed… no violence. No destruction. Capital police escorting and leading ‘insurrectionists’ quietly along cordoned routes.

    What Tucker released is additional video proof that the official released video was true all along. What he also showed, by smashing people with a video hammer, that what our dear leaders and the press said was bupkis and hookum and humbug and horse poop and doggie doodle. Which we knew all along.

    Fortunately some people are waking up. A little late, but at least like that Wolf lady, they are beginning to realize the last 3 years has been a long torrent of lie after lie after lie.

  3. I’ll be happy to give you the odds of dollars to donuts that a goodly proportion of Treasury Department Secretary Janet Yellen’s tax enforcement on Americans will be directed towards/on middle-class retirees.
    Any takers?

    1. To repurpose what Willie Sutton said about banks, “that’s where the money is”

  4. Hanoi Jane
    Around 1969 she was crossing a street in Denver to some anti-war rally. To this day I regret not taking the opportunity to run her ass over.

  5. Yellon is a pusher of government opioids designed to destroy the middle class economic engine, which is purposely being forced to cripple us from within. For such a condescending smug operatives like her, dressed up as a grandma giving sage advice, the SVB failing is spun to be only a speed bump and nothing to be concerned. Yeah, right.

    Jan6th Lie v. Truth: Well, despite that people can see the videos for themselves, and having been sold a total lie with doctored and withheld evidence, some actually call the video’s “not true.” Amazes me there are that many people who are willfully allowing themselves to be that brainwashed.

      1. Lies and deceit typify the Democrat party anymore. Yellen is one more installed operative.

  6. Apparently Foxnews has stopped talking about the tapes. The deep state shall not be challenged. Yellen has already admitted that 90% of the new audits will be on low income families and small businesses. (Said during congressional hearing)

      1. Well since TPTB seem to want to curtail fertilizer production, composting revenuers might just become a thing. For all the money we are being charged might as well get some use out of them.

  7. “Respecting the life and well-being of the innocent.” The Gulf Cartel must be getting high on there own supply because human life and well being of the innocent is the last thing those monsters are concerned with last time I checked.

    1. I have known a lot of cartel managers because of the work that I’ve done. None socially, but, I’ve spoken to them. Some hit men, like The Russian (who worked for Amado Carillo and then down from then), I knew better and liked. They run the scale from reasonable to insane in much the same way as the rest of humanity. About 15 years ago, I toured Guadalajara with Nacho Coronel in a cab. He ran that cartel before CJNG came into being.

      I’ve also known a few of the highest-ranking Mexican military officers from SECNAV down. Some were lifelong friends.

      It has given me some perspective on the matter. I’ve also known USGOV people from the top. down and that too has given me perspective.

      “Perspective” just means that I have an opinion. The word “cartel” implies more organization than often exists. Many shot callers in the Gulf Cartel own hotels and entertainment centers in Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen and elsewhere. Their wealth comes from drugs but it also comes from tourism. Murdering tourists is bad for business, so they don’t approve of that.

      1. You’re knowledge of that side of the border is vastly more experienced then my few jobs here and there over the years. Hell it took me getting hit before really opening my eyes to how industrious, profitable and dangerous the southern boarder really is/was. My point was that in my short time I’ve met some of the same evil in some circles you mentioned above. Still have two good solid people I’d even call friends to a point. But again it’s Mexico. And I thought I’d seen evil in my travels during various deployments to various shitholes and sandboxes but non compare to the evil delt with in my experiences with the cartel Bubba’s. They value human life as much as the Chinese or similar Asians around the world. Actually less. get between the natural order of their money and you’re dealing with nothing less than a rabid animal in most case’s. You know exactly what I’m talking about. I guess you could say the same for this side too unfortunately doesn’t move that much product and money back and forth without both sides knowing ;\ but i wont go further I left my crayons at home.

  8. Meta guy once who had worked as a stunt man on Walker Texas Ranger. He described Norris as a heck of nice guy. He had a much lower opinion on the actor who played his sidekick in that show.

    1. I’ve met both Chuck and his brother at Woody’s Wharf, the bar they owned on the water at Newport Beach, CA, next to Hooters. Both Chuck and Aaron seemed to be regular guys to me. I only met the late Clarence Alfred Gilyard Jr once and that was at Costner’s place in Newport Beach (he gave it to his old lady in a divorce). Clarence struck me as just another inner-city person.

    1. Everything, whether it’s the origin of the plague, the Jan 6th incident, the stolen elections, the toxic vax, etc. were misreported here. It’s not as if I’m infallible. Far from that, but my point is that it’s OBVIOUS we’re being like to and manipulated systemically. It’s like the media praising FJB’s brainpower…or Fetterman’s qualifications for public office.

  9. For some bizarre reason, the BBC was running two (two!) stories this morning, peddling a parable about how the Cartels gave up their goons because of a “twisted morality” that they operate under, and the goons “broke their code of honor”.

    Why the hell does the Beeb feel the need to provide cover for the vast corruption in the US ? It’s bizarre.

    The cartels turning those people over was just business. It put a rapid end to the anger among the American sheep, which could have caused disruption and strife among the Cartels and their corrupt crooked partners in USGov and MexGov, and elsewhere. Obvious solution, and the cash keeps rolling w/o a bump.


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