16 thoughts on “Roof Koreans & Magazine Restrictions

    1. Yes, that’s true, but it would be better with four more years of President Trump and majorities in both houses of Congress.

        1. If it wouldn’t have been for the Korean judge, on the 9th Circuit, the communists would have prevailed, as they so often did on the 9th Circuit.

  1. The ban-banning still has to pass a larger review of the 9th. Don’t jump for joy yet, as the 9th is known for skullduggery.

    Heh. Lee. Heh. Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe…. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaa…

    Masterful stroke, Herr Trumpmeister, masterful stroke.

  2. At times I restrict myself to 10 and 20 round magazines because the 30s get in the way when I’m shooting on a bench.

  3. “pass Constitutional muster…” gee, what a concept, and upheld by someone who clearly understands what that means. More to come November 4th. (hopeful projection on my part)

    1. Communist judges, particularly the Obama Appointees on the Supreme Court, favor a “living Constitution” that will bend and flow to mean whatever THEY want it to mean. Because they are so progressively enlightened, I would expect. They’d support every abomination and every form of perversion and every oppression that you could imagine.

  4. What a wonderful small world story! Who else would you want ruling on magazine sizes than someone who has been directly affected by it, like one of the roof Koreans?

  5. Around 1985, my neighbor Sterling Fligge and his family started Wild Sports, yuge hunting and fishing store in Orangeville California.
    He lost his FFL and went to prison for the felony of wiring a 20-round magazine on a peg-board next to a Ruger 10-22.
    According to family, the magazine was drilled and otherwise inoperable.

    Wild Sports is gone now, the property up for sale.

  6. There’s a distinct possibility I met one or more of the people in the picture, years after it was taken. My Korean buddy knew many of the RTK’s, but he was always mum on whether he participated in the activities.

  7. Nice magazine infographic. I’ve noticed my 27 rnd(?) Ruger mags are starting to misfeed — they’re quite old, maybe the springs need renewing or the mags themselves?

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