Is it a Golf Thing?

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I am not a golfer. I’d rather shoot skeet. So maybe I don’t understand this. Perhaps y’all can explain it to me. (the y’all is because Jenny would like me to speak Texan properly – even though I’m not in Texas…)
Black golfer Charlie Sifford is to receive the nation’s highest civilian honor, the Medal of Freedom, for being a black guy who golfed. It will take place, November 24 during a ceremony at the White House.
I don’t know Charlie Sifford, and I’m glad that he likes to golf. The president also likes to golf, and it makes a type of synergy when the golfing president gives a golfer a medal for being a golfer…I guess.

This is one of those medals that the president can hand out to anyone because he’s the president. I could get one for wearing a viking helmet at a Minnesota football game, for example – or for winning a pie eating contest at a church social. The president picks the criteria.

The Medal: 
Awarded for “An especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.”

Mother Teresa, heads of state, etc. have received the medal. I don’t think that it’s been awarded to a golfer before so it must have something to do with “love of the game”? If it’s a racial thing why not Tiger Woods? He’s more racially blended to Barack and is a better golfer, and had an extremely hot Swedish wife. Maybe that’s the problem…he’s heterosexual and he’s a better golfer than Barack? Edgar Bronfman received the medal for being rich and Jewish (he’s dead now) so maybe it’s along the same lines.

I’m only trying to make sense of things that are going on in the White House these days. Barack humiliates himself in China and now he is handing out a really cool medal to a guy because he’s a negro and he is a golfer, right after he makes all of the illegal aliens legal and affords them all the rights of citizens, even though he has no Constitutional authority to do so.

14 thoughts on “Is it a Golf Thing?

  1. I'm thinking maybe an appropriate citizen's response . . . especially since President Obama is showing us all the way. Tax reform has been on the lips of the majority of tax payers since I can remember . . . usually expressed with a phrase like "they're too damn high!!!" The President has shown us the way . . . we've all been waiting for Congress to address this problem. Frankly, I'm tired of waiting . . . wonder if he would show the same approval if Americans simply took this matter into their own hands and stopped paying them . . . or paid what they felt was "fair" . . . heck I have a quarter or two laying around . . . that'd be fair . . .

    Something about goose . . . and gander . . . comes to mind . . .

    Just sayin' . . .

  2. I would prefer to donate food and old clothes to the poor and simply cut off the trillion dollar health and human services budget.

  3. If I was a rich Jew or a black golfer, I could likely get a fancy medal. Maybe I could turn inner city pimp and arrange an inner city boy for Barack for the evening. Could I get a medal for that?

  4. Not to be boastful but I often buy several extra flats of food when I'm at Costco and deliver them to the local food bank. NOBODY in America should ever go hungry. That is an abomination. But, sometimes the food bank runs out. I discovered that when working with the Boy Scouts' "Scouting for Food" program. When it takes that form, giving is a blessed thing. When the government takes it at the point of a gun with the threat of imprisonment — and then wastes it on wastrels, it looses all luster.

  5. Correction: the "y'all" is because you know you love it and the English language NEEDS it.
    Pretty much everyone promoting the use of "y'all" should be awarded one of those thingamajigs.

  6. I'm sure that you're speaking of a large cash award, which I will reluctantly accept, all the while telling you that I don't really deserve it…….but secretly knowing that I do. All for one "y'all".

  7. I think the award to the Black golfer is because he survived the vicissitudes of the pre Tiger Woods Jim Crow era, when Democrats in their Country Clubs (now blamed entirely on Republicans) wouldn't let Blacks into the clubhouse except as caddies.
    Liberal Jim Bacchus who made a career spoofing rich people and played Republican Thurston Howell is typical of the cartoon figure straw-men as portrayed, who were more often in fact Democrats behaving in their George Wallace mode.

  8. Worth a medal? I guess. Barack got the Nobel Peace Prize for being 1/2 black so it would make sense.

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