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For years, Guadalajara, capital of Jalisco State dodged the violence that gripped other parts of Mexico. That’s over now and the beheadings and murders are back on track, with only a fraction being reported by the local press.

Fox News Reports: The head of Mexican state police department targeting car thieves has been slain by gunmen who attacked his vehicle. The attorney general’s office of Jalisco state says Jesus Quirarte Ruvalcaba and his wife, Maria Guadalupe Aldrete Rosales, were killed Thursday morning in the city of Zapopan on the outskirts of Guadalajara. Authorities say Quirarte and Aldrete were apparently on their way to work in a state-owned Dodge Ram when gunmen fired on them. Investigators found about one hundred 9 mm and 7.62 mm casings at the scene.

Violence has spread in Jalisco recently as rival gangs battle for control of crime. On Feb. 12, armed men attacked a Guadalajara nightclub, killing six people and wounding dozens more. 

To put the problem into perspective, Jalisco State has been claimed by the Sinaloa Federation Narcotics Cartel. Another group calling itself “The Resistance is pushing back. The Resistance is comprised of a mixed group of former Mexican Special Forces and police gone rogue (Los Zetas) and members of other rival cartels that have drawn together to fight a common enemy.

To put it bluntly, it’s no longer safe to be on the streets of Guadalajara after dark, and it’s really a shame, because traditionally it’s been a rather nice city. Reports from town directly to this blogger indicate that many are leaving the city because they expect the gang war and violence to increase. I think that’s an accurate litmus test. As Fox news reported (further), “Armed men opened fire and hurled a grenade into a crowded nightclub early Saturday, killing six people and wounding at least 37 in a western city whose former tranquility has been shattered by escalating battles among drug cartels.”

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  1. Odie – that would discourage 'future Democratic Party voters' from coming north and voting for Obama.

    Opus – You're right as usual. They are the real victims.

  2. And the people of the US still think that there's no border problem with Mexico.

    Meanwhile…Obama fiddles while Mexico burns. All hail to the Ditherer in Chief.

  3. NFO — how dare you deprive all those illegal aliens the right to come north and vote for the Democrat of their choice!

    Euripides — It will only get worse.

  4. The world is going Lord of The Flies.

    I've often mused that there is a balance, a Fragile balance, that if not maintained would result in very violent chaos. We are here.

  5. WoFat – Mexican elections have a lot in common with Chicago elections…

    I don't think that it matters who votes. The "machine" decides who won or lost.

  6. LL- I'd 'like' to at least have a country while I still live… As far as the illegals coming across, I'd be using them for sniper training…

  7. I've been thinking about what the end game is. I think the powers that be will use the drug war and the large amounts of Mexican nationals in our country as an excuse to create legislation that makes the Patriot Act look like a walk in the park.

  8. @Trestin: That is certainly a possibility.

    On the other hand, the end game of the globalists is to effectively do away with borders and national identity, and then install a global government. First things need to be degraded to whatever level necessary so the stage can be set.

    There is certainly an end-game in play.

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