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Notes on Russia

I invite blog readers to spend a little more time studying Russia and Russians. I did it professionally, so maybe that is cheating. No matter how you choose to slice it, an understanding of Russia allows you to sift through mountains of bullshit from both sides to dig down and find something, some kernel of truth.

For example, Vladivostok is closer to Australia than to Moscow. There is a reason that the progs want you to fear the Russians. Is it that there is a concern that the Russian Army will arrive on American shores? American rapprochement with Russia makes a lot of sense given the situation with China, which does pose a threat. Does Russia smuggle opiates into the US to destabilize the country? China does. Was Russia responsible for the Chinese Bioweapons release this past year? China was, and we now know that there was American collaboration.

I’m not “pro-Russia” but I am in favor of people understanding the reality of the situation and not relying on CNN for their source.

In a related story, Poland’s defense minister announced Wednesday that the country will buy 250 M1A2 Abrams SEPv3 tanks from the U.S. to replace its outdated Russian T-72 and PT-91 tanks.

The Russian T-14 Armata tanks (captioned photo above) that are now fielded by the Russian Army are felt to be superior to the German Leopard 2A4 and Leopard 2A5 tanks which are currently the most modern tracked vehicles operated by the Polish Land Forces.

The argument of which tank is better is somewhat political as Poland wants the continued presence of American troops within its border. Nobody hates the Russians as much as the Poles – with good reason.


The Next Big Crisis

Never let something like this go to waste. Anticipate water rationing in California next year – along with power rationing and calls not to plug in that electric car, and new mandates to wear plague masks (for vaccinated people), and business closures.

You will note that California is NOT talking about building desalination plants along the coast where it has an inexhaustible supply of water. They could do that and sell water to Las Vegas (a sponge in the desert), the Temple of the Living Elvis. However, that’s not about to happen. It wouldn’t generate a crisis. The use of nuclear energy to desalinate seawater and to power the cities, won’t come as they continue to build windmills… that they can tilt with.


Favorability of Muslims in Europe

Percentage of people in selected European countries who have a favorable view of Muslims.

Ok, it’s a map and the numbers may not be accurate. I don’t think that the Great Russians harbor any particular love for Muslims (for example). French sensibilities are changing in terms of favorability. The British as a group retain a deep and abiding love for Mohammedans. So much so that it’s a crime to criticize  Islam. The map is food for thought.

Here’s another map – “guess who’s coming for dinner – make it halal.

Would you accept Muslims as members of your family? (2015-2017) Or would you serve bacon for breakfast, ham sandwiches for lunch, and pork chops for dinner?




What about the US Navy?

Reading this article may answer a few questions. It’s disturbing but accurate. Remember that there is a REASON why certain people are intent on destroying the US Military from the inside out and they are the real enemy.


Moschetto per Truppe Speciali con Tromboncino modello 91/28 – Carcano carbine with grenade launcher

Manufactured in Italy c.1928-34 as a Carcano-mounted assault mortar, but quickly phased out for a more conventional artillery piece. 6,5x52mm Carcano 6-round en-bloc clip, bolt action repeater, 45cm long specialist carbine barrel. 38,5mm 180g S.R.2 fin-stabilized fuse bomb, loaded through the muzzle in a spigot mortar, propelled by a Carcano single-shot bolt action loaded with a live 6,5x52mm round, 100-200m range.


S.R.2 grenade

The weapon predates the development of under-barrel grenade launchers, but with obvious quirks that were common in such innovative designs of the era.

The M91/28 used a single trigger linked to both Carcano action, but was used with only one bolt at a time to avoid accidental discharge – you could technically use two of them but the rifle’s bolt handle would interfere with the grenade launcher’s bolt. The sights are likewise used for both weapons, with their own sets of graduations.

**An interesting note is the use of the term blunderbuss to identify rifle-mounted cup mortars in both French and Italian armies of the early 20th century.

21 thoughts on “Friday Wrap-Up

  1. I think those numbers represent the percentage of said populations now muslim..especially Germany and France. Western Europe is toast!

    1. One problem among developed nations is maintaining the birth rate. Japan has a big problem there as does all of Europe. In the macro sense, people who opt-out of having families diminish the culture long term. Nations must replace their populations or they run the risk of diminishing themselves critically within a few generations.

  2. Bad news about the Navy. Over tasked, underfunded, and under lead. I imagine the Army and AF are in pretty much the same shape.

    Marine Corp and SpecOps are sure going to be busy the first few months of an war

    1. It’s a deliberate move. It can’t be anything else, and the fish rots from the head down.

      1. And the head fish’s head certainly seems to have rotted, perhaps giving the term “blunderbuss” a new meaning.

    2. Not the Marines. They’ve been deballed and are losing all of their heavy weapons.

  3. Seeing current reports our nations youth are too fat and unfit to serve makes me shake my head. Anyone who went through Army Basic Training in the draft era knows that is a “fixable” problem, given leadership with backbone. Likewise, mental attitude.

    “Step right up folks and see JoJo the Dogface Boy. He crawls along his belly like a reptile. Show’em son”.

    1. WSF, I agree; definitely a fixable problem. Even in the admittedly not as physically taxing AF I went from a 38 inch waist to a 34 inch waist in basic training

      1. EdC
        I was in great shape when I went in, I thought. Then the drill instructors found I had difficulty with a low crawl. Game on. 100 push ups? No sweat. Crawl? Oh shit. There were some real flab jobs that changed in eight weeks. Those that didn’t got to repeat.

        1. I was in pretty good shape strength wise, bailing hay in August will do that for you. Aerobically, well let’s say there was “room for improvement”.

  4. I’ve always had a certain level of respect for the Russians. I was very wary of them, but respected them. The were very good at science and mathematics, while their engineering suggested an excellent basic understanding of things, severely limited by their allowed resources.

    The few that I’ve worked with seemed decent people, but then most Engineers I’ve worked with have been decent people. I think the profession tends to attract to more logical people who like to *do* things. There was a group of them at my last employer that would take anything not red-hot or welded-down, especially office supplies, so we had to keep things like that in a locked cage.

    Being Polish-American (am I a protected class because of the hyphen?), and having grown up post WWII among Veterans, I fully understand the Polish reaction to the Russians. And the Germans. Several relatives fled Poland in the 1930’s, and had the tattoos and scars to prove it.

    I think Kalifornia’s days as a “Paradise” are about over. I watched it decline significantly in the 35 years I lived there, as jobs evaporated (which is why I left Illinois), illegals flooded the place, The Homeless, Entitled, and Protected Classes became very aggressive, and homes became unaffordable.

    Geez….from “Russians I’ve Known And Worked With” to muzzies. I prefer the Russians.

    Ramirez always nails it.

    1. You’re not a protected class. Your skin is white as a fish’s belly, just like mine.

  5. Ha. Lemme describe my life with food. Ham for lunch, in various styles. Ham and beans is a favorite dinner. So is pulled pork bbq.

    And I really like, admire, am a fan of Vlad Tepes.

    So as to having an islamic goat humper in the family? I guess you can guess my answer.

    If not, well, “Deus Vult!”

    As to those people looking favorably towards islamics in their country, whaddya bet that all of the people polled are city dwellers. That they’re not talking to the country folk.

    1. Can country people even talk. I thought all they could do is grunt and dream of one day learning to use a telephone or photocopier

      1. now they are talking bout rounding us country folk up for our own good so we’ll stop spreading the covid. we have the lowest rates of the chinaflu but yeah cram us all i one place, that’ll protect us from the fake flu. its really about the fact us country folk have more guns and more guts and are resisting the vax as well as their agenda, so round us up, separate us from the guns and then murder us “to save the rest of the country”. far fetched? a missile taking out twa800 in 1996 was far fetched too but turned out to be true. must have been somebody on the plane that had stuff on hillary.

  6. Nice hats.
    But most militaries tend toward nice hats.
    Speaking of, is it almost time to change the uniforms of the American military?
    We have a schedule to maintain… every six, everybody changes clothes.
    re — portrait of the krusty oozing USS Guppy
    If that was an aircraft, would you fly it?
    If it was a hog dragged into the slaughter-house, would you consider turning vegantarianist?

  7. I’ve always thought the elder Bush screwed up big time by not becoming best buds with the Russians when the Soviet Union broke up.
    The Russians seem to have a drinking problem, I had a drinking problem, therefor we should get along fine.

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