A Pattern of Governing

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If it was a Republican administration, the liberals would be foaming at the mouths, dusting off their old hippie clothing and would take to the streets to be shot up with tear gas. But it’s not a Republican in office, it is a Democrat and he’s black. And the standard of governance has been that the Constitution has been relegated to “general guidelines” rather than the law of the land.

On Wednesday, the Nevada AFL-CIO passed a resolution declaring that “the unintended consequences of the ACA will lead to the destruction of the 40-hour work week.” It’s a very strange law whose only defining characteristic is that no one who favors it wants to be bound by it.

Meanwhile, on the very same day as the AFL-CIO was predicting the death of the 40-hour week, the University of Virginia announced plans to boot working spouses off its health plan beginning Jan. 1 because the Affordable Care Act has made it unaffordable: It’s projected to add $7.3 million dollars to the university’s bill in 2014 alone.

We know today that the the Affordable Care Act means whatever President Obama says it means on any particular day of the week, and that they feel that “tweeking it” without consultation from Congress is perfectly fine.
The public – is more or less brain dead because it’s simply life in the ObamaNation.

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  1. The first time I read it, I thought the AFL_CIO was happy with the death the 40 hour week – why not start OT at 30 hours? Are you saying that even they have some sense? Some businesses are smart enough not to mention to (job-transient) employees the horrors that are coming – ask any hourly worker you know (who does not have employer provided health care) if their employer has told them they are going to be limited to under 30 hours – most I talk to say they have not been told. Its been delayed – why tell them now what you can tell them a year from now…

  2. It's the gleeful and systematic destruction of the nation. The only saving grace is that it's so bad that it won't likely ever make it to full implementation.

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