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  In Search  

A Sequential Fictional Short

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Part Three, Concluded

The Matoskey Institute, the Matoskey Foundation, the Matoskey Galactic Initiative, and so on. The hook was set in very pleasant and tender bait. An artifact and a living one at that, with an appeal that would grace the halls of their grave-robbing empire for the millenniums, had to be placed so that the age, the subtle power source, the gullible student would believe that what they thought they found was a relic of inestimable value from the age of empires on Calpamos.

The City of Jor had been picked over by treasure hunters, adventurers, and soldiers of fortune in search of a big score for a very long time. And we waited because we knew that they would part out the artifact in the crypt in an attempt to make a quick haul. Breaking up Alana’s pedestal and breaking loose the crystal sarcophagus to rape her clay in suspended animation was not what we wanted. Our ambitions ran much more significantly with the knowledge that we would all be dead and dust when revenge was ripe for the plucking.

You see, Alora Hep Sielta of the mountain clan Sielta, and the eighth of her name, was an authentic wizard queen, and before her encapsulation, she drew breath and lived among her people when the archeologists from the Matoskey Institute first began to harvest the treasures that lay within the very stone guts of the dead city, Jor.

Her powerful mind reached out to us, and we had some small experiences with Earth and its harvesters. The account she related to the young explorer who breached her crypt was indeed her own, but some key details were omitted. He fell in love with her as all did during her life on Jor, and she wove her magic through his open mind to call for his tomb wreckers to extract the crypt from living wrong and take it home to Earth, where the plague that destroyed life on Calpamos would take hold on the cradle of humanity.


Bullet Points:

** Political issues can find political compromises. Rational issues can be addressed by reason. Economic issues can be solved by frugal industriousness. The Postmoderns stand outside of this sphere because they consciously or subconsciously want the extinction of mankind. They cannot be negotiated with, cannot be reasoned with, cannot be bought. They do not want to live. And they don’t want you or your posterity to live. When you inquire closely, they’d be thrilled if all babies were aborted.

** Global Warming (Post) – oh, brother. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just guys sitting around a bar, drinking shooters of 1800 backed by cans of Fosters, saying, “Can you top this?”

Imagine a world where global warming on Earth has meaningfully diminished. Fossil fuels are on the back burner. Affordable renewable energy sources run most of our activities. Oh, and there’s a cannon on the moon shooting lunar dust into space to help partially shield sunlight from Earth.

** (Thinker) Despite the vile distractions the Democrats are throwing at him, Trump, as the de facto leader of the Republican Party, must focus on uniting a still fractured Republican electorate, revitalizing political contributions, and winning in November.

The article discusses campaign finance and the stunningly large bankroll the Democrats have. How much of it is laundered from taxpayer sources (i.e., Ukraine)? I don’t know, and the article doesn’t broach that. We know that the FBI won’t investigate it.

** MikeW (Australian Federal Police), do you recall the crew – long time gone? Sgt. Tom Perdue, SFPD, the Prince of Darkness (CIA), and WoFat (LT, New Orleans PD)


Any tank is better than no tank?


Identify the Aircraft

1 (not a Bearcat)



22 thoughts on “In Search (part three)

  1. ” . . . where the plague that destroyed life on Calpamos would take hold on the cradle of humanity.” In Search, Part 3

    After reading this part and studying the accompanying art work, two things became apparent. First, cats are aliens not natural to our earth. Second, the creatures all have bug eyes making it easy to understand the current push for us to eat bugs and be happy. What an ingenious method to turn all of us into bugs.

    After all, you are what you eat.

    1. There’s another fictional short on the way (non-sequential) where some things are explained in a broader sense than this story. I don’t name names. After that one, I’m not sure what direction to take the stories – but they were never planned to be only sci-fi. Looking back over those I’ve done before, they were about 50-50.

      Yes, cats are aliens. They were widely held to be witches’ familiars.

        1. Well, so covid came from a wizard queen’s curse on Jor. That helps explain things. As to cats, they are always plotting our demise. They have a multi generations plan.

  2. Larry. Reference the photograph of the three handsome little devils. Three of my oldest and dearest friends. We sure had some great times together, and made some great memories. Photograph has to have been taken before November 1998, as that was when Tom was taken from us. It will be twenty six years this coming November. It must have been taken on an occasion when I was not there as, if I had been, in all probability, I would have been in it too. I blew the photograph up, to try to work out which bar it was, but there were so many over the years, and they were all so similar, that I could not. My best guess is it is, if it was taken in San Francisco, most likely Bosco’s Club Hollywood.

    1. I was the one who had to find the Prince of Darkness that Tom died and make the notification. Not a pleasant task. He was riding in that white limo – do you recall the driver’s name? He was in the back with some ladies, and I told him to have the driver pull over and for him to step out of the car. Then I had him sit on the curb, and I told him.

      The picture was taken at Bosco’s place. (Triad hang out) My guess would be 1993, after WoFat lost some weight. He is WoThin in the picture.

      1. Yes, I thought it was the early 1990’s with the slim line Wofat. We all looked young in those days. I thought it was Bosco’s, as the glasses in the racks on the ceiling looked familiar. I knew it was not Mina’s place because it was too dark, did not look like your usual Korean place, and Wofat didn’t like her. Sorry, but the limo drivers name currently escapes me. I will probably wake up recalling it in the middle of the night.

  3. Soros and every reprobate billionaire, plus Ukraine Laundered Money, are backing the Democrat party because it’s a means to an end and the end justifies the means…at all cost, even if it destroys the greatest Country ever created (by men these bums couldn’t tie their shoes). Trump smoked Haley last night, yet she – partly funded by the opposition party if one believes certain sources – AND – IS NOT a Natural Born citizen to boot – will never give in…it’s her role in the destruction of America at the hands of The Swamp Creatures. Trump goes into court again for what I thought was a defunct “case” as the truth of Stormy Daniels (and her Handlers who sent her to destroy him) came out. Guess not.

    Glad you concluded the 3-Part “short”…wrapping my head around the Matoskey Institute goings on was hurting my brain, especially trying to read between the lines let alone the highly creative names and tech.

    1. Chinese: we will subvert your government, use your for our own ends, hollow you out financially and morally. Ahahaha!

      Neocons: hold my beer, amateur.

  4. Haley NOT a Natural Born citizen.
    So… she wouldn’t be the first; precedent’s been set.
    Schwartz György – send him back to Hungary; let Mr. Orbán determine his next position

    1. Nimarata claims to have been born in South Carolina. I have no idea where she was born. There was conflicting information about Barry Soetoro, but the records were mostly sealed.

      1. Her claim [born in SC] is correct, 1972…however her parents – and this is well documented – did not become “naturalized” citizens until after her birth, and at separate years. This makes her wholly ineligible for the Presidency. It’s pretty black and white.

  5. his short story reminds me of a story within a story – I think it was written by E E Doc Smith.
    Two sides are contending over resources but war is iffy and casualties would be high even for the winner.
    So one side suggested having a champion from each side fight. They would be given amnesia drugs to make them forget who they were and where they were from, then placed in a remote location with only enough supplies to keep one alive.
    This side suggested this because they had a ringer.
    He was the kind of man who only came along maybe once in a thousand years. Strength, speed, and agility along with intense training since youth in fighting skills – to look at him was to know he would easily win any fight.
    Then the other side presented their champion, and the first group cried foul.
    She was the kind of woman who only came along maybe once in a thousand years. Grace and beauty along with intense training since youth in femininity – to look at her was to love her and be willing to sacrifice to keep her safe from harm.
    …at least that’s how my misfiring brain remembers it.

    1. “ willing to sacrifice to keep her safe from harm”

      That’s probably how men are inherently wired. (Or acculturated in the traditional West, if it’s not genetically programmed.) But second-wave feminism, MeToo, Tinder-type social media, hookup culture, and ever-more depraved pornography have collectively destroyed that instinct.

      Is it a conspiracy? Yeah, actually. There’s no one single shadowy figure pulling strings and stroking his Persian cat, rubbing his hands, or whatever. It’s thousands of people each working semi-autonomously, but the effect is AS IF there were a conspiracy. Might even be better because it’s a redundant and fault-tolerant pseudo-organization.

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