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  In Search  

A Sequential Fictional Short

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Part Two, Continued

We left our student of ancient culture at the door of a crypt in the equatorial City of Jor on the planet Calpamos in the Zeta II Reticuli system. He arrived forty days before this discovery on a small ship with two android companions who served as the crew. You’ll recall that the nature of his entry into the chamber contradicts his assertion that he is not a tomb raider. This all remains to be seen.

He used a plasma cutter to force open the chamber door after detecting a power source within. He likely wouldn’t have found the crypt without the faint telltale power signature pointing the way. He broke the atmospheric seal the creators put in place. You’ll recall that he detected the faint scent of lilacs, and they reminded him of home. Accounts from others who entered tombs on Jor were similar and not similar. The narco-psychogenic preservative in the atmosphere of crypts was put in place to lull the unwary with nostalgic memories. The crypt’s interior was a uniform white, much like being inside a giant egg. The sides were curved–again, like an eggshell. In the center, a rose gold pedestal rose from the bottom of the crypt and supported a woman who stood encased in crystal, perfectly preserved and perched on the pedestal.

We resume with the account.

“My name is Alora Hep Sielta of the mountain clan Sielta and the eighth of my name. When the end of Jor was made manifest, I sought refuge in this place to stand as a witness to crimes even though I knew that time ran out and I was too late.”

Her voice had the melodic rhythm of a windchime in a fresh morning breeze, and it pierced me as I felt the heavy weight that must have rested on Alora’s shoulders in those last days of Jor. I didn’t hear the voice with my ears; it penetrated me and, in its way, consumed me.

“Governess raised me in those early years, teaching me what I needed to know to be the queen of the mountain clan even as the wars consumed us, taking first my father and his brothers and finally my mother, whose name had been Alora-Seventh. My lessons stretched my mind and my body with a punishing pace because even then, long before the end of Jor, the need to be prepared was unrelenting. Years passed, and as I developed my abilities and my righteousness, keeping my humanity and humility in the face of temptation to take other paths, darker paths.”

Others from my clan followed me, and we developed our minds and bodies to the point where we could will things to happen without any external prompting or power output, and they would happen. We developed the capacity to reach beyond our home on Calpamos, far from Zeta Reticuli’s binary stars,  beyond the stellar cluster, and easily as far as the thirty-nine lightyears to Earth. Time is only a barrier to those who don’t grasp the fundamentals of spacetime.”

“Thus have I searched.”

Mustering all of my strength, I broke from this encounter, left the crypt through the now open hatch, and breathed the somewhat musty city air with a hint of the salt sea on the evening breeze. I looked up at the architecture surrounding me and then back to the light coming from the woman and her chamber.

I returned to my spacecraft to contact the Matoskey Institute and inform them of my find.

Background: Wikipedia Zeta Reticuli



Bullet Points:

** The US Senate may be up for grabs.

** (Fox News) “Colorado town unanimously declares non-sanctuary status as nearby Denver grapples with migrants: ‘No room.’”

Where will all those illegals go? Home?


Faà di Bruno

Laid down in 1915, Faà di Bruno was armed with two of the 381mm (15″) naval guns taken from the suspended Francesco Caracciolo class superdreadnoughts. The guns could elevate to 15 degrees initially but were later modified to allow for 30 degrees. This allowed Faà di Bruno to lob 884kg (1,949lbs) shells out to 27,300 meters (29,850 yards). She was also armed with four 76.2mm guns and two smaller 40mm guns to provide anti-aircraft protection.

The guns were carried on a hull that displaced almost 2,900 long tons. The hull resembled a barge more than a conventional warship, having a flat bow and hull. She was equipped with a single boiler and two triple-expansion engines to propel her to a top speed that was 2.5 knots or slightly better in service. She was more than adequate to maneuver herself around in action, but she would be towed when moving over longer distances.

Armor protection was light, comprised of a 40mm deck that sloped downwards from the centerline. In contrast, her underwater protection was pretty extensive. A 2.9m (9.6′) thick cofferdam was built around the hull, giving her an extensive space that provided floatation and kept explosives from detonating against her hull.

Faà di Bruno had a long career, participating in both the First World War and the Second World War.

Completed in 1917, her first action was during the Battles of the Isonzo. Working together with Italian and British monitors, she bombarded Austro-Hungarian positions. In November of 1917, she was blown ashore in a store and left there for a year before being salvaged. Returning to service, she sat idle in the years after World War 1 until being decommissioned in 1924.

With the start of World War 2, Faà di Bruno reentered service. Now designated floating battery GM 194, she was towed to Genoa. Here, she opened fire on British warships that attempted to bombard Genoa as Operation Grog. She managed to get off three rounds before a British shell disabled her guns by knocking an electrical cable out of action. Other than that, she remained unscathed. Remaining in Genoa, she was captured by Germany after the Italian armistice. Given to the shortlived National Republican Navy (Marina Nazionale Repubblicana), she was scuttled at Savona as hostilities ended. Scrapping began in 1945 and ended in 1946.


Identify the Aircraft


For Old NFO


Identify the Missiles

2 & 3


Identify the Armored Car 


(possibly the first armored car) The hull was shaped like a capsized boat to help it push through crowds.

36 thoughts on “In Search (part two)

  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Lockheed P-2 Neptune

    Identify the Missiles:
    2. Nike-Ajax
    3. Nike-Hercules

    Identify the Armored Car:
    4. Simms Motor War Car

  2. SancCities & Illegals (not “migrants”)- Denver is yet another Democrat city completely ruined and Monument is playing it not to lose theirs. Smart.

    You get more of what you subsidize… comes to mind. <Who’s paying for this insanity? also comes to mind. Not a hard question as TPTB believe they own everything We The People paid for so therefore can take and use as they see fit…and Oh, tough darts taxpayers, “we” know better than you what’s good for our declining city…that we caused.

    Denver Mayor Johnson’s actions are wholly typical of a Lefty Idiot, while he thereafter whitewashes the resulting trashing of everything the residents technically own. But hey, he’s gotten his marching orders from the Democrat Leviathan Cult Club to park illegals in city schools, etc. – with a pile of free everything – to the detriment of taxpayers as if the Grand Poohbah dopes running the city into the ground think this is a good solution…because…Votes Baby!

    Monument needn’t be too concerned just yet, Castle Rock lies between themselves and Denver on the I-25 corridor. Heck, maybe Castle Rock will follow suit and relieve pressure from the not-so-shining city on the a hill to the North and commandeer the semi-defunct Outlet stores under “takings”. They could give away the [now legalized theft of] merchandise and food court goodies to “the great washed unwashed”….who always appear looking freshly showered and tidy after their arduous 2/5/10 thousand mile journey thru the hot and sticky and dusty. No, Mayor Johnson, every single Illegal needs their grifter locust rear-ends and free cell phones in Biden Tote Bags (reusable cloth, ‘cause…you know…Gaia) shipped back to wherever they came. And that’s all I have to say about something destructive that our State leadership refuses to recognize then act upon. Wonder why that would be?

    1. The illegals that are here will never be sent back as a mass, there are too many. Just not going to happen.
      We need a way to turn them into Americans.

      1. would you please help me off the floor
        I was laughing so hard I think, I cracked a rib and fell down
        breathing hurts.
        BTW, the pResident agrees with you 100%, so as a last act while in office, by EO, he’s gonna say,
        “Poof! everyone whose foot is currently on American soil, is a U.S. citizen.”

      2. >We need a way to turn them into Americans.
        As a vague general goal that sounds good, but I think it’s non possumus. Ain’t gonna happen for multiple reasons. Broadly:
        1. modern technology
        2. no incentives (but plenty of counter incentives)
        3. substrate

        1. Ubiquitous cheap telecoms and internet mean you can remain immersed in whatever culture you came from. You can talk to your homies back in Drekholistan or Santa Mierda in real time (and why always by speakerphone turned up to the max in a public place?). You can watch your TV shows and movies. No need to learn English nor how to behave in American society.
        2. Between government subsidies and idiotic governmental policies; academia and popular culture (both arms of the same creature) touting the benefits of “multiculturalism”; and let’s face it, the connivance of various churches (aided bigly by government subsidy), there are many many counterincentives to Americanizing one’s self. Also, academia and popular culture (again, the same damn people) program us to believe that traditional American values and behavior is “whiteness” and whiteness is bad*. America is of course a racist white country. That must be changed, and whiteness destroyed.
        3. Substrate is the big one. A rather nasty piece of medical slang is “bad substrate”. That’s a dismissive commentary on a patient who is noncompliant and actively screws up his own treatment — in addition to the implied bad genetics. But there is some truth to it. Rather than merely trot out the quote about “made for a moral and religious people” and leave it that, I’d add that Western civilization requires not only a moral people, but a mean IQ at least in the high 90’s. (Sure, there have always been stupid people, but our current culture wants to put the reins of power into their hands**. We can’t (well, probably shouldn’t) go around gassing stupid people, but we sure as hell shouldn’t be actively importing them, nor subsidizing their breeding. FFS.) Our immigration policy FAVORS admitting stupid people from stupid parts of the world.

        * “If you are a white male, you don’t deserve to live. You are a cancer, you’re a disease, white males have never contributed anything positive to the world!”
        ― Noel Ignatiev
        “The white race is the cancer of human history.”
        ― Susan Sontag
        and so forth.

        ** I know, the persons really pulling the strings have no intention of handing power over to those that make McNamara’s 100k look like geniuses. It’s kayfabe, theater, deception, but a lot of damage is done along the way.

        1. Denmark just announce to the Mooslims, “Assimilate or get out, no more freebies.”

          That is the hard stance required when a nation gives the interlopers a free pass. However, here they get a trio on our nickel to Wherever (USA) and the requisite Welfare Crap, and no actual “report date” for hearings as work-arounds to existing laws. (hahahahahahah…all for show as the ones already in the books, not the New One they say they need that includes Billions for Zelenskyy and their off-shore laundering accounts.)

        2. This whole affair really bugs the H*ll outta me.
          I have a whole five-page rant, but LL graciously grants us space to comment and I don’t want to take advantage of it, however…
          I said at the time the BEA was signed by Johnson in Jan ’68 that it was the biggest mistake in American history; it would divide the country; I said it very quietly ’cause I was still on active and political discussion was ‘streng verboten’.
          My folks worked as soon as they stepped on shore, learned to speak English as soon as, and thereafter spoke only English at home: why are we giving up everything American? why are we giving everything away?
          Where is my Christian charity? Where is my tzedakah?
          Ah, well…best not to ask
          I do tithe: after taxes, after providing for my family first, to organizations that provide for the ill, the lame; organizations with zero to no secretarial overhead (IOW all volunteer).
          But for the government to give away my tax money…

      3. There was a time earlier in US history where a large number of illegal aliens self-deported, so it can happen – but only if the govt operated goon squads(GOGS??) stop supporting them and allow it to happen.

    1. The Pole’s…used to be called the Matkowski Institute (Matt-Coof-Skee), but they Americanized it when going thru Ellis Island.

      1. EdB – You can use your imagination on that one. I fear we’ll hear more of the Matoskey Galactic Initiative on tomorrow’s blog, where In Search is concluded.

        1. Oh geez, we’ve created a literary monster. Maybe…just maybe…demanding VM Digital Coinage is in the cards as a credit default swap for past (and likely future) grammatical faux pas score reduction, possibly gaining a closer bunk to the Reeducation Camp stove??

          1. Ah, Site Summit overlooking Anchorage, Alaska. It was very easily visible from my elementary school playground. It’s a pity I missed witnessing a test launch by 3-4 years. IIRC, most or all of them had 20 kt nuclear warheads. Site Summit is a museum now. I want to visit it if we can ever get up there to visit my brother, but elderly parents (well, now just my mother-in-law) have precluded any purely recreational trips for a few years.

    1. I received a playset that included models of Nike missiles, so as soon as I saw that pic my mind went “NIKE”. Toys had more interesting possibilities once upon a time.

  3. “Where will all those illegals go? Home?”-
    Nope, NYC!
    Once they wiggle enough to allow them to vote and get rid of the Electorial College NYC (& the surrounding geographical area) will be in a position to dominate the new “Democarcy” that’s worshiped today.

    That Italian gun could send a round almost 17 miles…

    Those missiles… Back in 1960-61 there was a missile with that shape mounted as a display in front of Fort DeRussy in Honolulu, we were living at the hotel across the street when I had my 8th birthday… at least that’s how I remember it.

    1. Ft. DeRussy – Do you mean the Hale Koa? Oh, the memories. And we used to park at Ft. DeRussy when going into Honolulu (military ID required) to shop.

    2. > almost 17 miles…
      Thank you! A unit that means something to me. I was amused by the conversion of meters to yards. Maybe that’s a shooter thing (“are you an MOA or mrad guy” sort of deal) but to this knuckledragger long distance is in miles, dammit.

      [Yes, I DO realize that i’m complaining about the flavor of the free ice cream. I’m working on my entitled ingratitude as part of my attempt to modernize myself to fit into our morally bereft, financially hollowed-out, modern day Rainbow America.]

      1. On that last part, let me know how that works out as I too might need to start demanding the free cheese of entitled gratitude.

  4. Scent of lilacs… that drew me into the story this morning … well done.

    Ajax missile series.. some were nuclear tipped… to protect cites from Ruski bomber attacks. Imagine 20 miles down range a few nukes going off at 40k feet to knock down some bombers. Wonder how robust the nuke accidental launch or General Ripper scenario prevention was? A couple guys with keys to get the stuff out of the bunker. Time to mount it on missile. Local fire control. Opps..

    1. “Wonder how robust the nuke accidental launch or General Ripper scenario prevention was? A couple guys with keys to get the stuff out of the bunker.”

      I worked on AF nukes for 28 years from 71 to 2000 so saw a lot of change. In the AF any missile crew in a flight (10 missiles) could inhibit the launch of any missile in that flight plus the launch keys were physically separated so one person could not physically turn both keys in the required time. That makes accidental or unauthorized launches almost impossible. I would think the Army would be similar.

      What aggravated the heck out of me as a supervisor is that all the governing regs went from “shall” and “shall not” to weasel worded gobbledygook that was a lot harder to enforce and hold the guys doing the actual work (think smart 19-24 year olds) accountable

      1. I’m familiar with the old systems back in the early 80s. I don’t know how all that has changed, but it was physically impossible for a solo launch order. The whole Wing Attack Plan R scenario may or may not have been plausible, but I always wanted to be George C. Scott’s character, General Buck Turgison, because of his assistant, if for no other reason.

  5. I assume you’re using one of those AI image generation programs for your pictures in the In Search story. It’s an interesting visual perspective. Anything you could say about that would be interesting, too. How do you describe what you want it to generate, and how many tries does it take before you think it goes with what you’re imagining?

      1. Well, yeah, but if there are “trade secrets” don’t go there.

        I look at the last one, for example, and it reminds me of Petra, Jordan, but I’m at a loss to figure out how to describe that. Decaying marble columns with statues of androids?

        If I put it on my list to play with, I might get to it by August.

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