By anyone’s measure, Haiti is only slightly worse off because of the earthquake than it was before. The place is a festering sewer for breeding newer and deadlier viruses, it’s the “heart of darkness”, it’s a cruel despotic state where the rule of law has completely failed. And then the earthquake hit and the world is taking a look at this Francophone paradise asking itself, “WHAT can be done?”

I have a few serious suggestions:

Since it is a French-speaking country, it’s more effective if the French take ownership of the place and the US, suspend the Monroe Doctrine in this one case. The French can send a mixed force of infantry, light armor and, of course, the Foreign Legion to bring things to heel. French companies can set up businesses there on the tropical paradise and employ the people living there. The French should set up a government in interim for the next decade until the Haitians are ready to hold free and fair elections. (it might take longer than a decade but we can start there)

Long term, the French Foreign Legion can serve as the police and military force for the Island. It will employ mercenaries from around the world, will serve French interests and will bring Haitian organized crime down. Tourism will return, business will return and the place might just turn around given many years to do so. (Legio Patria Nostra)