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  1. I have a meeting a few hours south, looking forward to a light traffic I-25 drive for a change because our Lefty Guvn'r demanding the shuttering "certain" businesses and people staying home.

    I'm planning to build a garage, wonder if I now don't need a permit (aka. county permission with "fees" to build on my property), ya know, because the inspector can't come out at prescribed intervals.

    This is lunacy…"They" are now saying to each other "Look how easy that was."

    Normal thinking people need to tell these "they work for us" officials to go pound sand.

  2. You may only need a permit if you need to insure the structure or if you plan to sell the place. Otherwise, how would county government know? That may not be the best of advice since it's always good to follow the law – but.

  3. Good time then for a small tactical nuke to erase that blemish off the face of the earth. Maybe the religion of peace then just fades away…

  4. I have built outside structures in Oregon and Nevada without a government permission slip and been able to insure them after a year or two. The insurance fraud organization never asked for a copy of a permit. I have then sold said properties and and reap the higher value. It is how you present yourself and work the system, cuz' they work the system too.

  5. I think more people should try worshiping meteorites before they impact. They could try and catch them!

    Just think how holy they'd be if they did.

    Local knucklehead Governor has now shut down dining-room-service at all restaurants, and 25+ gatherings. Sigh.


  6. If they've caught the plague and better they could go…but the concern is that you remain infectious even after the symptoms go away. Tuberculosis isn't a fair example because it's a bacteria, but sort of like that.

  7. Meterorite catcher would be a very holy occupation indeed.

    Northern Arizona is still pretty much business as usual for now. I have a daughter who works at an Olive Garden and she was sent home last night because customers are staying away.

  8. My wife and I went out to diner Friday night and our waitress thanked us for coming out. Waitstaff who depend upon tips for a large part of their income are severely impacted by this situation. Those of us who are not financially impacted should do what we can for those who are.

    Getting off my soap box now.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  9. Isn't their sky fairy supposed to protect them from bad stuff?
    Perhaps, just perhaps, these sky-farters don't really really believe their C7 nonsense? Say it isn't so!

  10. Mostly I was being tongue in cheek…but being capable of building it "safe" and "to code plus" without their permission is touchy in a county that has gone the way of Boulder, using planes for aerial photos to spot new roof's then Red-tagging and fining. They have become the worst HOA Gestapo without cause, trespassing at will.

    County's now believe we rent our properties from them, and the Statehouse now believe businesses operate at their discretion. The fact this was so easily achieved smacks of tyranny. Businesses will go under yet will be unable to sue…because no one is accountable.

  11. Upon reflection over your reply I agree with you. I say the Mariana trench to be an excellent ocean venue. If ya want to hajii, bring your HeOx dry suit and have fun. Know how to swim and your decompression schedules.

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