ICE Agents sue to stop Obama’s Immigration Scandal

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The Law is what Pres. Obama says it is.
Pay no attention to anything else.
Despite President Obama’s credentials as a Constitutional Law Professor** he continually works to undermine constituted law and naturally, the mainstream media either lauds his flaunting of the law or simply ignores it.

**Shocker! No records exist that he ever taught Constitutional Law as a professor and  he shows little understanding, regard or appreciation for the US Constitution based on his actions.

Illegal immigrants are overwhelmingly high propensity democratic party voters, therefore, the more who come into the country, the better off Obama (and friends) is. To Obama, only politics matters. Those illegal immigrants aren’t lawbreakers to him so long as they continue to vote for him. At present count there are 20 million illegal aliens in the US.
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President Obama often uses regulatory fiat as a substitute for enacting laws with Congress. But things aren’t working as planned, now that 10 ICE agents are suing to uphold immigration laws. Yes, the law matters. 
Until those 10 Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents filed a lawsuit in federal court, suing for the “right” to enforce federal immigration laws they are sworn to uphold, the president seemed to expect them to act like corrupt big-city cops, twiddling their thumbs, thinking about their fat union pensions and early retirements, taking zero risks, and telling the irate public all the reasons why they can’t seem to do anything about crime. 
Obama tried to turn Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials into just such do-nothing civil servants. He told them not to enforce immigration laws against people under 30 in a Homeland Security order this month. 
The law mimics the provisions of the Dream Act, a failed bill in Congress favored by Obama as a back-door amnesty gambit. That’s why it didn’t pass. 
In doing this, Obama’s using the lazy philosophy he’s repeatedly used in his governance: doing an end-run around Congress and avoiding the hard work of negotiating the laws he wants and issuing rulings instead. 
Agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency and Energy Department have been happy to go along, issuing draconian regulations dear to the heart of radical environmental leftists that wouldn’t stand a chance in the open air of a freely elected and publicly accountable legislature. 
But on immigration, it’s a different picture. Arizona was the first to step forward, passing legislation to enforce laws the Obama administration refused to enforce. Now the U.S. lawmen have followed. (LINK – Source IBD)

2 thoughts on “ICE Agents sue to stop Obama’s Immigration Scandal

  1. The founding fathers would not want a man who believes as Obama believes in the room with them. They shunned tyrannical dictators.

  2. Everybody now should know the financial consequences of illegal immigration? Just remember that any amnesty this Presidents executive orders enacts is just another giant magnet to draw my foreigners here, looking for a better quality of life or here to scam the American taxpayer and public welfare programs. Whether it’s Obama’s Dream Act, Sanctuary cities, voter fraud, Chain Migration or just plain old illegal immigrants dodging agents at the border, just arriving in America, as an intentional overstay supposed visitor by plane or ferry. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano states it would be too costly to deport the underestimated 11 million illegal immigrant invaders? Nevertheless her agency stays tight-lipped about the rising hundred billion dollar figure, which is a forcibly extracted tax annually. There are very few issues that are not unrelated with these people who should never be here. However, it all goes back to the inattention of Democrats and Republicans who abused their oath of office, after the 1986 Immigration Control and Reform law. The policies composing of the passage of this bill was dismissed, which was to do with stricter control of business hiring and building a much sturdier fence.

    The Democrats refused to appropriate the money, so nothing was done? Now we have over 20 million aliens settled here illegally. But why even bother with any tough laws, when there is no real punishment? I am absolutely sure there was no intention from either party to stop cheap labor for Republicans, or illegal vote collections for the Democrats. If Obama wins a second term there is sure to be a comprehensive amnesty, with American taxpayers having even a larger chunk taken from the payroll check. And to be honest I am not even sure of the Republicans agenda, as that tends to flip-flop? But what I am sure about is the plan of the TEA PARTY if they can eject many Democrats and Republican incumbents and replace them. It’s already happening and by infiltrating the Republican Party can politically persist that the “LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT (E-VERIFY) and the BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP LAW” finds passage enacted.


    Both bills if passed can insure the removal of illegal aliens from the workplace and stop the smuggling of children into America, to gain citizenship, which has an astronomic financial payout by states. Every American voter has a chance to alter the direction of Americans future. Under Obama resurgence as President in November heads us towards Socialist Republic, that all of our nation will depend on government empowerment. The US counterpart of “freeloaders” who have no integrity would rather live of the rest of us. Judge for yourself by contacting the thousands of local TEA PARTY chapters, or read the conservative manifesto of fighting for our liberties as consigned to us by the founding fathers. The TEA PARTY DOT ORG has all the information you need to decide your vote in less than three months. You might also be concerned with Obama’s citizenship, for other than the irregularities in the birth record there are many questions that remain unanswered. As an individual, I have read some of these bewildering pieces of evidence that have stayed concealed until now. You too can study the facts at the above mentioned website and judge this odd situation.


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