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The new SECRET LANGUAGE of Racism

Just so you know, these politically related terms are sure signs of racism:

BLUE – against white people
RED – against people of color

  • Welfare Cheat           It presumes that white people aren’t smart enough to cheat the system.
  • Balanced Budget       It presumes that the hand-outs to political pressure groups favorable to the  Obama Administration will be slowed or stopped, thus hurting black people’s skim on the system.
  • Planned Parenthood It presumes that eliminating federal funding of planned parenthood will generate more successful black births thus eliminating the balance of race in the country – in essence gerrymandering at the uterine level. Since everyone knows that whites are rich and can afford to purchase their own birth control devices, it’s clearly aimed at slapping down white superiority in numbers in America.
  • Voter Identification     Everyone knows that illegal aliens don’t have identification and this would keep them from (illegally) voting for the Democrat of their choice. How much more racist can you get?
  • Cracker-hire                 A black person who condemns a company for hiring whites over blacks based solely on skin color. (and at the same time demands blacks be hired over whites based solely on skin color.)
Keeping it real…

Chris Matthews Cartoon… at least it looks a bit like Matthews. (doesn’t it?)

12 thoughts on “Shhh – it’s a secret

  1. "Just because obama has nothing (At All) going for him, it doesn't make him a bad leader," the dems seem to be saying.

  2. Your politically related terms are right on.

    That's a great video. I like it that Newt hit back at Matthews. He needs a slap upside his head once in awhile. Going to link to this on TCL FB.

  3. Newt is the most qualified and intelligent man that will never be President. And he is not afraid to face people like Matthews and make them look like fools.

  4. I think that Obama tingle in his groin is wearing on him – all those unfulfilled (thoroughly sick) fantasies.

  5. The Republicans invited Biden to speak every single day at the Republican Convention… I doubt that the Democrats will accord the same offer to Ryan.

  6. Four failed years – Obama doesn't have much to campaign on except to say that his father was black and Romney's father was white, as if anybody cares.

  7. I love how he called Gingrich's smile "that diabolical smile of yours". Matthews is a sore loser.

  8. A sore loser, certainly, but who humps Obama's leg better than Matthews? See, he can do something well.

  9. Don't the liberals ever tire of Madow, Matthews and his ilk? Their tired, whining, ranting over matters that don't impact anyone but a small coterie of devoted Kool-Aid drinkers has passed with the past century.

    The election of Barack Obama (who is 1/2 black) by WHITE people ended the whole racism argument. Now the Democrats want to factionalize America into splinter groups – Jewish Americans, Native Americans, Black Americans, Mexican Americans, Latinos (other than Mexican such as Cuban, Central American, etc.), Chinese Americans, Catholic Americans, etc. And the people who buy off on that are those who are basing everything on RACE.

  10. I don't know about getting tired. Obama is a narcissist. I suspect that he'll let Chris Matthews hump his leg just as long as Matthews can. Liberals never seem to tire of this droning and whining – partly because they are eternal victims.

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