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The parades on Virtual Mirage are digital and virtual. It’s not like something from Fat Tuesday. Maybe I’ve been watching too much Riddick (SciFi). Maybe if attractive topless women started throwing beads at me, I’d change my view of parades.


There is an upcoming debate between President Trump and Pedo Joe Biden. The moderation is being managed by creepy Jake Tapper (CNN). Why is that? Why some whore from the Press who is not trustworthy? What about somebody like Joe Rogan, who has some credibility?


Bullet Points:

** Not everyone thinks I’m funny, and that’s ok, but they’re wrong.

** Seasickness remedies from the days of whaling ships. It’s an interesting article.

** Musk on voting machines.

** Heard on a Navy quarterdeck: “You have the leadership qualities of a bent shitcan.”

** When the gods intend to make a man pay for his crimes, they generally allow him to enjoy moments of success and a long period of impunity so that he may feel his reverse of fortune when it eventually comes, all the more keenly.    – Gaius Julius Caesar, 52 B.C.

** Who in their right mind would want to work on the White House Staff? Elsa Kurt provides insight (youtube)

** Comic Book/Hollywood Wisdom – Conan the Barbarian – Throughout the movie, we see Conan adopt his father’s teaching and grow beyond it. He learns to trust no one, but when he is hanging on the Tree of Woe, his friends come and help him and save his life. So, he learns to trust only those who show they are trustworthy. Thulsa Doom tells him flesh is stronger than steel. But then he is killed by Conan because Conan has an indomitable will. The true answer to the Riddle of Steel is that it’s not about steel. It’s about resilience and willpower.

** A discussion of remote viewing. It’s an interesting thing.

** From the Play, Man of La Mancha, Miguel de Cervantes: “Life as it is. I’ve lived for over 40 years and seen life as it is. Pain. Misery. Cruelty beyond belief. I’ve heard all the voices of God’s noblest creature. Moans from bundles of filth in the street. I’ve been a soldier and a slave. I’ve seen my comrades fall in battle or die more slowly under the lash in Africa. I held them in my arms at the final moment. These men saw life as it is, yet they died despairing. No glory, no brave last words, only their eyes, filled with confusion, questioning “Why?” I do not think they were asking why they were dying but why they had ever lived. When life itself seems lunatic, who knows where madness lies? Perhaps being too practical is madness. It may be madness to surrender dreams and seek treasure where there is only trash. Too much sanity may be madness! And maddest of all – to see life as it is and not as it should be!”

** File it under. Say it isn’t so! (h/t Claudio) A key vessel Marines need to move around in a potential island shootout with China is two years behind schedule, could cost nearly triple its original estimate, and the short-term fix isn’t cheap. We might be ready if China waits 30 years for a war with the US Navy in the littorals.

** In a landmark decision that could have profound repercussions for the American judicial system, the United States Supreme Court issued a 6-3 ruling penned by Justice Neil Gorsuch that juries rather than judges must decide the facts of a case, such as determining if a person is a habitual offender or other sentencing enhancements.

** (h/t Claudio) The Russians are slowly building warships, but as the article outlines, the sanctions from the West are hurting their efforts. If they were allowed to add this ship to the Black Sea Fleet, I’m sure it would end up as a reef soon enough. It begs the question of what is survivable in a modern shooting war.

** CDRSAL has a good blog post here. He reflects this way: I finally got around to reading Niall Ferguson’s “We’re All Soviets Now” over at The Free Press … and boy howdy … it makes me seem like an optimist. I have also read Ferguson’s article and agree that it smacks the head of the nail hard.

Asked if they would favor “rationing of gas, meat, and electricity” to fight climate change, 89 percent of Ivy Leaguers said yes, as against 28 percent of regular people. Asked if they would personally pay $500 more in taxes and higher costs to fight climate change, 75 percent of the Ivy Leaguers said yes, versus 25 percent of everyone else. “Teachers should decide what students are taught, as opposed to parents” was a statement with which 71 percent of the Ivy Leaguers agreed, nearly double the share of average citizens. “Does the U.S. provide too much individual freedom?” More than half of Ivy Leaguers said yes; just 15 percent of ordinary mortals did. The elite was roughly twice as fond as everyone else of members of Congress, journalists, union leaders, and lawyers. Perhaps unsurprisingly, 88 percent of the Ivy Leaguers said their finances were improving, unlike one in five of the general population.

My reaction was that I’m glad that I’m in the part of the population that has the guns and knows which bathroom to use…


Thought of the Day

The Logic in all the Madness – VDH points out the strategy of the Obamanation carried forward on the eve of the first presidential debate.

Most Americans believe it is unhinged to deliberately destroy the border and allow 10 million illegal aliens to enter the country without background audits, means of support, any claims to legal residency, and definable skills. And worse still, why would federal authorities be ordered to release repeat violent felons who have gone on to commit horrendous crimes against American citizens?

Equally perplexing to most Americans is borrowing $1 trillion every 90 days and paying 5-5.5% interest on the near $36 trillion in ballooning national debt. Serving that debt at current interest exceeds the size of the annual defense budget and may soon top $1 trillion in interest costs, or more than 13% of the budget. (more)


Second Thought of the Day

It’s my blog, and I can have two thoughts of the day if I want them. Don’t be a hater. (I reflect on JohnW’s question while agreeing with him)

Why are conservative women consistently prettier than radical women, who are almost always crones? Compare the poster children on Fox with the radical lesbians (NLGBTQI2+) on CNN and MSNBC.

Conservative women seem to have a better balance in their lives, leading to a happier and mentally/physically healthier existence. They form nuclear families and can have healthy relationships with men.

Liberal women who exult in killing their children in the womb, witchcraft, sexually mutilating children, and grooming them for homo-pederasty cause self-hatred in women. They overeat, pierce themselves, tattoo their flesh, stain or shave their hair in purple half-bald spectacles. Then they build paper mache vaginas and march in parades. Homosexual men who identify as womyn often march in the same parades displaying their manginas.
All this betrays self-loathing. They love ugliness. If you serve the Devil, you may start to look like the Devil.


What About Pride on Virtual Mirage?

** A chick with a stick is now Miss Maryland. It’s very woke.

** How are you dealing with your shame this month? Have you hugged a tranny (by way of reparation), or are you giving them cash to assuage your guilt? What about Big Mike Obama, Barack’s husband? Would you vote for him out of shame for speaking harshly of dudes dressed up like women?

** Pedo Joe Biden used Title IX funding — which is supposed to help women in college — to coerce colleges to accept T-girls as women.

** Proverbs 16:18 — “Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” This is, of course, about time because the LGBT crowd has gotten away with bullying people for years. It takes someone with the courage to stand up. JK Rowling did. On June 6, 2020, Rowling retweeted an op-ed piece that discussed “people who menstruate,” apparently taking issue with the fact that the story did not use the word women. “‘People who menstruate.’ I’m sure there used to be a word for those people. Someone help me out. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?” she wrote.



A Category of Scum

The painting “The Irritating Gentleman” by Berthold Woltze, created in 1890, portrays a woman who, based on her appearance, likely belongs to the lower middle class. This assumption is drawn from the common practice of educated working women wearing black attire, effectively concealing stains. However, her emotionally expressive eyes strongly suggest that she is in a state of mourning. Her double-lock carpet bag indicates she travels with minimal baggage, possibly on her way to or from a funeral.

During this period in Europe, mourning and funerals were elaborate affairs. Societal norms dictated that mourners dress entirely in black and refrain from wearing jewelry unless it was also black. The woman’s hairstyle pulled back with a headband and braided, implies that she is a teenager. A white handkerchief beneath her left hand is evidence of recent tears.

The fact that the “irritating gentleman” is bothering a young, grieving teenager traveling alone only exacerbates his irritating behavior.

I have dealt with those situations, and they usually involve punching the irritating gentleman in the nose. If he is on a balcony, over he goes. It might be the same with a train. Though I’ve never thrown anyone from a moving train, I’m willing to learn. He can walk. I despise the improper treatment of women by mashers and mountebanks. Maybe that’s why I feel the way I do about Pedo Joe.

Having raised four daughters, I have a protective streak that I’ve sometimes had to control. I find controlling it difficult. Why can’t we institute dueling to make murder legal and respectable again? True, we’d be slapping politicians and demanding satisfaction at a rate that would make their heads spin (literally). Mark Twain once dueled with Roman candles, which, even though not quite satisfactory, would be better than nothing. They could put an eye out – maybe both if we were lucky.


From the Days of Fighting Sail

This is a reprint of a previous post that was requested.

Sail Rooms

Ships carried an enormous amount of sailcloth. A 74-gun ship of 1773 had nearly 8229.6 meters of canvas, was 61cm wide, and was made up of 27 sails and spares. The first-rate, like HMS Victory, carried 37 sails and 59 spares. Much of this was kept aloft when the ship was at sea but taken down when she was in the harbor for a long period. Some sails, such as the studding sails, were only taken out when needed. There were also many spare sails so that stronger canvas could be used in the higher winds. One of the great dangers to sails was mildew, which was caused by dampness. Sails had to be dried before they were stowed away and then carefully folded to save space.


Main Sail room aboard HMS Victory

The rooms where they were stowed were on the orlop, carefully chosen to avoid dampness and also to allow them some airing. One traditional site was in the bows, near the boatswain’s store room and just aft of the gunner’s store room. There were also sail rooms behind the warrant officer’s stores on larger ships. This area was not always entirely satisfactory. The wings did not always keep the sails far enough from the sides to prevent dampness, and the rooms were not close to any of the large hatchways, so it must have been difficult to get a large sail out onto the deck. In the early 18th century, further sail rooms were added to two and three-deckers, down the center line of the orlop, between the pump well and the storerooms forward. These were well clear of the bilges and the sides of the ship.


HMS Victory

The wed cables were stowed on each side of them, and though the water from these was expected to drain into the bilges, it must have tended to raise the moisture level in the area of the orlop. Usually two sail rooms were fitted in the cable tier of a ship of the line, between the fore and main hatches. Later, frigates had one. The sail room in the bows was retained, but it probably served more as a store for spare rolls of canvas, and a workshop for the sailmaker.


Something to Consider

Expropriation: The End Game of Anti-Whiteness.” It is adapted from Jeremy Carl’s book, The Unprotected Class: How Anti-White Racism Is Tearing America Apart.

Major political and social phenomena do not spring up fully armored and ready for battle, like Athena from Zeus’s head. They have powerful motivations that drive them and gestate for years before they can come into being—they also have powerful interests that they serve. I believe that many of the fundamental trends in anti-white politics and rhetoric serve a common ideological purpose. That purpose is to create an intellectual and cultural environment to justify the expropriation of land, property, and other wealth from whites while instituting a permanent regime of anti-white employment and legal discrimination.

While this statement may seem alarming, this expropriation is already ongoing. It is often still on the margins of our popular politics. However, like so many other leftist political movements of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, what was marginal will soon become mainstream.

This is not to suggest that direct expropriation is the conscious strategy of most participants in these movements. Like every good political strategy, anti-whiteness has an exoteric and esoteric meaning. There is an “inner party,” a limited group that understands what the end game is, even if at times they may not even express it to themselves, and a far larger, more diverse, and less sophisticated “outer party” that thinks that in attacking “white privilege” they are fighting for “justice.” (more)


Identify the Aircraft





Two pictures


Two more


Parting Shot

h/t EdB and his Facebook League of Deplorable Gentlemen



43 thoughts on “I Love a Parade

  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Polikarpov I-16
    2. Handley Page HP.115
    3. Kawasaki Army Type 92 Fighter
    4. MiG-23UB
    5. Bréguet 500 Colmar

  2. I did a Civil Wedding for a couple who recently moved into the area yesterday. Australian male and lady originally from Colorado. She has been here five years.

    Should I have checked if that was legal in p… month?

    1. Who knows what a woman is? Therefore, it’s legal in pride month. She could have self-identified as any of 47 recognized genders (they all don’t require that the women wear a full beard). Most women are not necrophiles…but who am I to judge?

  3. The bit about Ivy League perspectives and world view is hardly surprising. I’d bet that a poll of Manhattan’s Upper West Side, or Newton and Brookline, Massachusetts, would yield nearly identical results. And why not? First, residents of these areas are highly likely to have degrees from, or even be employed by, an Ivy. Second, the demographics are similar. The Ivys are no longer a bastion of WASP-y power, they are a bastion of lefty Reform Jewish power. (Which most definitely does NOT represent all Jews. But it is the most influential and powerful faction in the US.)

    I couldn’t say about some “inner circle” but the ordinary person of the “Ivy Type” (Jewish or not) generally means well; says aloud that all people are equal, but in his (not so) secret heart just KNOWS that working class whites, especially southerners, are morally suspect, he feels vaguely guilty about feeling this, but knows that he’s right. He genuinely believes in Climate Change and that EVs are the future. He is for open borders (because we’re all the same inside, except for those damn rednecks), but will scrape and scrounge if need be, to ensure that his own children go to the “right schools” with the right demographics. Most of the Ivy Type (IT) extrapolate their beliefs about “visible minorities” and third worlders from the ones he’s met socially or professionally, who are a tiny and completely nonrepresentative sample of the overall population. The smarter Ivy Type understands this intellectually but probably not in his gut. The ordinary IT (ITs are not all that smart, trust me; I’ve lived my life among the Ivy and Ivy-adjacent crowd) doesn’t understand this, much less that the Indian, Pakistani or Iranian he went to class with at Harvard is often much MUCH wealthier than he is because they (generally) understand generational power, and suppression/exploitation of the masses, far better than the well-meaning suburban son-of-an-anesthesiologist, grandson of a tailor, kid from Brookline who went to Beaver Country Day School (2023-2024 tuition $60,985). So you get the situation where Jared from Brookline thinks most Pakistanis are like his buddy Iqbal that he took freshman calculus and creative writing with. The possibility of the Rotherham types doesn’t exist in his mind. When he hears about that, it’s clearly hateful racist, islamophobic propaganda. So why not import 500k Pakistanis? Iqbal is a good guy, his family acts mostly westernized, plus his sister is pretty. (Now, to be fair, one of “my” Pakistani girls — the observant one who does pray 5x daily — tells me, “the trouble makers in the UK are people who are the lowest of the low in my country too,” so there’s that.)

    Ivy Types IMNSHO are in general slightly smarter than average (but not nearly as smart as they think they are), mostly well meaning persons who genuinely want to “repair the world”. That’s not a sarcastic jab at tikkun olam, it’s a convenient summary of the general mindset, regardless of ethnicity or religion. The problem I have with the repair the world types is the conceit that they know best, and seek to impose it on the rest of us For Our Own Good. Which is not only offensively arrogant, but plain wrong, as it commonly produces horrific results.

    1. I like to think that I can move in any circle and be civil, but I’m way too much of a barbarian under the skin to abide by such people.

      1. Most mean well, but that doesn’t make them right, nor does it justify all their actions. Killing someone accidentally out of negligence or incompetence isn’t murder, but it’s still an unlawful killing, and should not be consequence-free. Same thing goes for what they’ve done to our society.

        As far as that “inner circle” that may or may not exist, I think of Saruman at bay, standing before Théoden and Gandalf in the ruins of Orthanc. (Here Saruman tries to sway Gandalf, after failing to gaslight Théoden.)
        “Our friendship would profit us both alike. Much we could still accomplish together, to heal the disorders of the world. Let us understand one another, and dismiss from thought these lesser folk! Let them wait on our decisions!”

        THAT’s the mindset of our self-anointed Betters, laid out in the open. Only our Betters hold power, unlike defeated Saruman.

        1. The problem with the elites is that they control government and thus have a monopoly on lawful violence against others – then there is violence by other means such as the lawfare used against Pres. Trump, the J-6 people, and others. When it can be restrained by an elected legislature, there is a check on it, but what we see now with the accompanying propaganda war is that there is no check and it makes recourse – sticky.

      2. LL- As I get more seasoned I’m discovering I have less tolerance for BS and those who believe in their own pap. Dealing with that now from a couple of “Prog’s” up by me who think money is free…no telling them to step back and see their folly and to rethink things. Can’t change closed minds (by those who profess the rest of us should be open-minded) when self-righteousness is the mode. But in the reverse…well…that’s entirely different, which makes their folly even more selfish.

    2. Mike_C…love the ”Ivy-Adjacent”…great term. Immediately thought ‘IA’, the exact reverse of AI only less crisp in content and general intelligence, sort of like fuzzy illogic.

    3. I only wish I had the ability to be a cartoonist:
      The (current*) Jewish Ivies (Ivys?) being prodded onto a cattle car by those they were “only helping” (BLM deliberately dstroying Jewish-owned businesses – Nah! couldn’t be.):
      “But, but, but …”
      * this wasn’t true in the late ’50s-early ’60s – but it was starting:
      the anti-War (actually anti-draft – mummy’s boys unable to take orders and didn’t want to get hurt) group

  4. “That purpose is to create an intellectual and cultural environment to justify the expropriation of land, property, and other wealth from whites while instituting a permanent regime of anti-white employment and legal discrimination.”
    Complete imaginary fantasy and fairy tales…

    On a completely unrelated note, Did you see that the state of California has started to fund their:
    “Reparation’s to those who were never slaves,
    from those who never owned slaves”?
    For JUSTICE!

    MSG Grumpy

  5. Since the debate is monetized on CNN, one or two of their hacks must be present.
    Other than that, they should submit written questions and ask for answers with no opinion.
    Each debater should have a “second” to challenge the immoderate “moderator”.
    Frankly, the debate should be pistols at 10 paces.

      1. +2…I’d do a PPV to support Ed_B, a C-Note here and there really adds up…to get a few snacks from King Soopers under the current 18% inflation rate and shrinkflation status.

  6. Most men benefit from being punched in the mouth at some point. It seems to provide a measure of clarity. (I can’t speak for the other 47 genders except a punch might go a long way to help some of them sort out which one they are)

    1. They need to eat 47 ghost peppers chased by a bottle of Yukon Jack – it would help them understand what an asshole is to be used for.

      1. When we’re dead. (Joking…altho the DeeOhGee had to go out at 3:00am…couldn’t go back to sleep straight away so wandered past VM but refrained from getting elbow deep then. However, I do see a nap in my near future.)

  7. Debate = NASCAR
    -Watching will be waiting for the massive wreck into the wall on the high embankment curve. Those in the midfield cooking their Mystery Meat Lab Brats on non-gas Hibachi’s, topped with cage free tofu cheese placed on a non-gmo organically raised cauliflower rolls, all washed down with Bud Lite…will be in for a debris field surprise as it rains down on their tone-deaf party.

    1. There’s a meme floating around where an online article mentions a study showing increased cognitive abilities in women corresponding with increased sexual activity. Someone posted a comment saying “Well, that explains feminism.”

  8. Liberal women are they way they are because they can’t get laid. No man wants to put up with their shit. Conservative women are attractive because they have all their shit in one duffel bag.
    ** Heard on a Navy quarterdeck: “You have the leadership qualities of a bent shitcan.” What a great statement! I don’t know an Army equivalent but have memories of men who would fit (LT Curtis, if someone hasn’t killed you).

    1. X2…even MrsPaulM says they should allow the dad into the perp scumabgs cell who went after his daughter, CCTV’s Epstein’d. A baseball bat may be included to “effect change”. This would be “Democracy” in action (as the Dem’s/Left like to jam down our throats).

      1. X3

        Same with grandkids. You even attempt to try and hurt one of my Little Guys, and you’re in for some seri-ass shit. SOMEBODY gonna get hurt.

  9. Expropriation:
    Hopefully someone will correct me (should I have read these tables incorrectly)
    for those of us (not on a government pension/stipend) who have faithfully taken advantage of the 401k method of storing lucre for our infirm years, we are being taxed at a greater rate every year we live (reducing our capital), bringing the formerly middle class into the subservient class (read the Joint Life and Last Survivor Expectancy tables – the number is a divisor).

    1. Correct, couple to that inflation and it’s even less. Then not to be outdone, the Uniparty including The Husk, voted to tax the already stolen Social Security tax when they so graciously (as they remind us plebes) give it back 45 years later at a fraction of investment market value.

        1. Consider your Social Security payment as a taxed tax rebate from a benevolent government that forced you to pay the SS tax in the first place. Your gratitude to Pedo Joe and the Uniparty could be enhanced if you re-donate it to the democrat of your choice.

  10. “What about somebody like Joe Rogan, who has some credibility?”…or Tucker…because they don’t want credibility, they want theater. It’ll be a TrainwreckDumpsterfireSliponice hot mess. (my predictions are worthless…so we shall see)
    “The Irritating Gentleman” – Why is she holding an iPhone? Maybe she’s a time traveler and is depressed (as so many of our stay inside Yute’s are) because she’s stuck there with no service for Texting or Instagram.

  11. 80% of humans are Non-Player-Characters reprogrammed in parallel by one-to-many broadcasts of the mainstream media, and have been ever since ancient Egypt. Democracy, as portrayed by Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post covers of taxpayers standing up in city council meetings to express unpopular positions, is a complete fiction given 80% of humans are NPCs. Non-party libertarians need to figure out how to defend themselves as a permanently tiny minority. Presently, too many who wave the libertarian flag are actually conservatives or progressives, two parties competing to run the same big government.

    There’s a history of women successfully writing while using their initials to hide their gender…DC Fontana…VC Andrews…JK Rowling.

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