Since Emilie is the Headliner Today – this meme is for her.



No, Fredd, this won’t work with your boxers, but if you’re going to try it at the airport, we don’t want photos.



Identify the Stealth Ships

This is a worthy challenge for you sharks. The way that I see it, there are two relatively easy and two that are harder. You only need to cite the class of ships, and possibly the country of origin. If you are not up for the challenge, it’s easy to opt out because they’re technically invisible.


Identify this muddy water boat

No, it’s not an Alpha Boat


You’re Eating Breakfast and Look out Your Window.


German submarine U-118 washed ashore on the beach at Hastings, 1919


A Poster Child for “Progressive” Women

She’s probably a teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District. The bright side is that they won’t be returning to work until (1) The police are de-funded and eliminated; (2) Medicare-for-all is instituted; (3) The American flag is torn down. And that’s unlikely to happen. People will find other alternatives to the LA Unified School District. Fortunately Antifa is hiring and so is Black Lives Matter – she can be a terrorist and an arsonist instead of teaching children.



A French SPAD S.VIII single seat fighter biplane fitted with rockets. The rockets burn when they’re fired. The aircraft is made of wood and fabric, both of which burn…and if the rockets don’t launch but the motors have ignited, they’ll sit there in the rack and burn…Maybe not the best idea.


Now Banned from the USA

Unless purchased by Microsoft, who will funnel the information that the Chicoms were collecting to the Chinese – for a fee.


A Somber Reminder


  1. Looks like we may get to Mad Max right on schedule. I hope I don’t have to have spiked hair and wear those weird clothes.
    Masks are optional at my LGS. I’m fine with that.
    Speaking of masks, the gas mask on that “teacher” may just be an improvement.

  2. IDK about the 1st, it’s completely freakish looking.

    2nd is Zumwalt, 3rd I should know but can’t remember, 4th is a Visby.

    5th looks like one of our Viet Nam era river monitors, but that’s as far as I can go.

  3. I think the Mad Max narrative takes place in the US cities where the Democrats are governing. From an outsider’s view, it looks like some places in the US are acting like a banana republic in total distortion. I read from a U.C. Berkeley survey that Half of California voters have considered moving out of state. The problem is not those leaving but the ones staying.

    I guess the segregation of the US will speed up. In NY the one percent representing 50% of the income is also leaving and Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been begging rich people to return to New York City from their second-home retreats so they can pay taxes to help offset the state’s growing coronavirus-related revenue shortfall.

    But what intelligent person would want to live in a place where the Democrats create chaos?

    Watching Democrats in the media confirms the negative Flynn effect as they speak.

    Wonder what time common sense will wake up. Currently, it looks like no adults are at home. The Universities and their staff is not helping but seem to be fueling a destructive development, are they sponsored by the Chinese and Russians by the way?

    • My oldest girl and her family are leaving California and are moving to Idaho. They are building a house there and are arranging the details as I write. They are fed up with the “progressive” BS that they have to endure. So they’re leaving.

      In New York, the plague that would kill all the children last week (there was a lot of moaning and wailing about how President Trump wanted to kill all the children by suggesting that they return to school) — is over. Kids can go back. The economy in NY is crashing so badly and people are leaving in droves. So now it’s safe (prior to the national election). That wasn’t part of the play book, but the Governor and his freakish minions are seeing the Empire State circling the toilet bowl.

      • It is a tragedy but only a direct consequence of the Democrats. Hopefully, the people who pay tax will vote and understand the difference of living in chaos vs a prospering society that offers the best to mankind – safety, freedom, and liberty.

        If the Democrats’ way of thinking and their culture reach the military the US is doomed.

        • You just can’t fix defiant stupidity. Like that lowlife whiny Minneapolis mayor already did, in another month these other moron Dem mayors and governors will be begging the Feds for cash because they can’t think past their grifter noses. Consequences.

          • Many of them would be tossed up next to a pockmarked wall and eliminated in another time. They’re lucky that we don’t do those things.

  4. Thanks for the TikTok infographic, nice. Talked with a lib yesterday. She thought NYC handled COVID really well. They live in an alternate universe.

    Let’s see how the defund platform plays out in November.

    • Yes, the checkpoints are a big winner for New York.

      It’s interesting the the flight of people from the Big Apple is concerning the governor so much that they opened schools fully, declaring that the plague has ended.

      Last week Pelosi declared that President Trump wants to murder children because he advised that schools open where and when they could.

  5. Ship no1 is a French Gowind OPV, no.2 is a Zumwalt, 3 looks like a Computer project, 4 is a Swedish Visby.

    Best guess is a Viet Nam era monitor for no 5.

      • PS Claudio – I’ve seen the foxes running around on the property, but I don’t always have my cell phone with me when I’m out working, or it’s buried in a pocket just when I need it.

  6. Terminator meets COVID-2020 pic- Probably some sort of tortured art statement for college extra credit. Pretty sure Proverbs speaks directly to not dating that one.

  7. Your daughter is beautiful and you’re a proud Pop!
    As to the ships.. the only one I recognize is the Coast Guard patrol boat in front of that exceptionally ugly ship. I’m looking forward to hearing what they are.

    • Claudio nailed it. #3 is somebody’s idea of a stealth ship.

      I have four beautiful girls. (Of course, I say that they take after me, but nobody believes me)

  8. Our wonderful military got rid of all riverine fighting ships in order to go with the exceptionally useless LCSesses. What an idea, take a landing craft or ship, cut away all the nonsense, and add armor and weapons. And they worked very well.

    As to the 2nd ship in your ‘guess the ship’ list, useless pos. The whole reason for the huge amounts of stealth is so that the guns could get in range, and then they make guns too expensive to shoot rather than utilizing off-the-shelf tech. Heck, manually man them with Marines, the Marines would have loved that.

    • The monitors and A-Boats worked brilliantly, but they were too cheap. The Beltway Bandits envisioned something three or four times as expensive. It’s a lot like the problem that the USAF has with the A-10. They want to send an invisible fighter like the F-35B to handle close support. Something wholly incompatible with the mission but costs 20x as much.

  9. Much better at identifying aircraft than ships, so I’ll defer to Claudio and LL.

    The LCS and Zumwalt-class ships are “solutions” in search of a problem. As technology demonstrators they’re fine, but as actual working warships, not so much.

    A million bucks a pop for the Zoomie’s main “gun” was a figure I’ve seen reported, and that’s IF they could get the ammo at all.

  10. Ships- French PV L’Adroit P725, Zumwalt DD1000, Beats the hell out of me, Swedish patrol boat Kalstad, a Monitor, and a ASPB known as an Alpha boat. The Le Prieur rockets were actually air to air, for use against balloons. They had a knife built in and had to be fired from less than 150 yards! Assuming they got off the wing, period…

    • Thanks for the details on the rockets, I didn’t know that they were for use against balloons or that they had a knife in them.

      Attacking balloons was always problematic because they were ringed by AA with a known altitude that the attacking aircraft would use.

  11. BTW….Give your oldest a big hug from us, and congratulations on their CALEXIT. Idaho is beautiful country. Spent a summer in Twin Falls at a cousin’s horse ranch, working, camping, working, fishing, working, riding horses, and it gave me an entirely different viewpoint on things.

    If they’re “outdoorsy” folks at all, they’ll love it there!

    • For them it may be a ‘Bridge too Far’. He plans on commuting between Idaho and SoCal weekly. Too much, too far, bad weather, lots can go wrong.

      • Ouch….Well, I wish them the best. The head IT guy on the Iowa is thinking of going to Idaho when he retires in a few more years.

        • Everyone in the Golden State is dreaming of a CALEXIT. They’re flying out to work on that project next week (again).

  12. Re. commuting to work:
    My stepson commuted from Tennessee to Richmond, CA for a fair number of years before he retired.
    He was an EMT/adrenaline junky and got paid hazardous duty pay (justifiably so). Two weeks on and two weeks off. He kept his beater monster truck and an apartment out of Richmond and flew back and forth to Tennessee every two weeks. Juggling driver’s licenses, vehicle registration, and professional certificates got to a creative endeavour.

    I think that two weeks here and two weeks there would be easier than just coming home on weekends, but SIL’s mileage may vary.

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