Are Taxes Going Up?

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Yes, taxes are going up. The American people voted for the massive ObamaCare tax. The American people returned Obama into office and he wants to raise taxes on the 50% of Americans who didn’t vote for him. 49% of Americans pay no income tax…so they’re happy to get ‘free stuff’ from the half of Americans who do pay tax.

The Tea Party failed to prevent the USGOV take-over of 20% of the economy (health care). The Tea Party failed to inspire fiscal responsibility in an irresponsible nation. And the Gimme culture won. I hope they’re happy with what they get.

13 thoughts on “Are Taxes Going Up?

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  3. I wish, for once, the GOP would start laying the groundwork for the next election now. Not airing political ads for a specific candidate or anything… just starting a nationwide ad campaign promoting the differences between Conservatism and Liberalism. Put it in clear and concise terms.

    Conservatives know what they believe – but they allow the Media and the Liberals define them to everyone else (Democrats, Independents, Immigrants, etc.). It amazes me when I tell an intelligent person that I'm a Conservative – and I find that they have no idea at all what that work actually means. Sometimes, when we are done, it turns out that they hold the same values and ideals that I do but would have never thought of themselves as "Conservative".

    Of course, in order for this to actually happen the people in charge of the Republican campaign pursestrings would have to be, you know, CONSERVATIVE. They aren't, so it will never happen.

  4. My question is, what happens when they run out of people to tax??? OPM "ONLY" works when other people actually HAVE money…

  5. When you can't pay taxes directly, there are debtor's camps where you can find that arbeit macht frei (work makes freedom) – an arbeitslager where you can undergo re-education to that you too will come to love Big Brother.

    It's labor (taxes in kind) that replaces currency. Sort of like shovel ready jobs without the minimum wage.

  6. Taxes should be raised. How can politicians afford better dope if more money does not come in. And hookers. Damn! They cost a fortune. Get real, people.

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