Humpday Blues

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Where’s the Devil?

I’m speaking of course of Devil Patrick, the only black Democrat left in the race for nomination now that Spartacus Booker dropped out. The decision to leave him out of the debates is racist, but then again, the Democrat Party is the traditional party of the Klan. 
And Mariann Williamson is gone too. We know that she’s a witch because that’s what she claims to be, and POOF! Disappearing act.

It will come down to the old white men in the donkey party. Bernie and Joe, toe to toe, with Joe suggesting that they host a push-up competition to decide who the nominee is. I suggest a geography quiz or even a spelling bee.

Some have suggested giving creepy old Slow Joe a new “woke Elmo” doll so he could learn what is and what is not consensual. At this stage in his life, I think that he’ll need a lot more than a doll.

It’s a pity that Nancy (Nasty) Pelosi isn’t running for president. It would make the whole thing so much more fun. She and Liz Warren could have a dance off to see who would remain in the contest.


* There are a lot of people who are blaming President Trump for killing a terrorist. Shouldn’t they be blaming the missile?

Rural Firefighting

I don’t think that you can fight fires without having an association. And in rural Arizona, it means that the association will have a conference. And where better to have the conference than in…Nevada? “Ok” I said and so, that’s this coming weekend. Because there is a lot of rural country in Arizona, there are a lot of small fire districts. I will be there, hob-nobbing with the great and near great. I am not that well referenced when it comes to the bureaucratic underpinnings of the state fire business (that’s putting out fires, not starting them). There is a lot to learn.

LL – on the rubber
chicken circuit

You see, even though I started out life living in a very small, rural corner of America, I’ve lived my adult life in various cities and there is a difference. Since the White Wolf Mine, where I now live, is located within a fire district, it seemed incumbent on me to join the effort at some level. I was never one of those kids who wanted to ride the engine and ring the bell, and there was no itch to scratch in that regard. (If there had been a stealth, camo engine with guns and a missile launcher on it, with jihadis to kill, that would have been different.) Thus election to the District Board seemed the way to give back. And there I am. I wonder whether or not I’ll get a t-shirt, ball cap and a mug with my registration fee?

17 thoughts on “Humpday Blues

  1. Speaking of mugs, is that close up photo courtesy of the Department of Corrections? And like they tell Pochahontas, you need to smile more.

  2. "It will come down to the old white men in the donkey party. Bernie and Joe"

    Don't forget Liz – she's at least as much of a man as Bernie, and even more batshit.


  3. He used to smile more, but when he retired from the pointy end, they told him shooting people is frowned upon in civvie life.


  4. President Trump has indeed had enough of pussies. Hell, the whole democrat party is full of them.

  5. I think that Warren's star is fading. She's getting desperate and it shows. Fundraising is off. The Wall Street money has dried up and gone to Biden. Bernie has bro's who feed him a lot of small money that adds up. And I always have felt that Bernie is a more reliable communist than Liz Warren is.

  6. Canada seems to be much like several states below the medicine line. The good folk out in the provinces are outnumbered and ruled over by the cities. That's why the donkeys want to punt the electoral college.

  7. In my experience, those citizens involved in rural fire departments are reliable, solid citizens.

  8. I have a lot of friends in Canada and none of them voted for Trudeau. As you suggest, they seem to be in the same boat that we are where the inner city people have a very different agenda and a very different idea of the path forward.

    The Mexit royals are apparently moving there from the UK and they will have Harry and Meagan there, hanging out, pointing out what they are doing wrong. It will be enlightening for them to have two such 'woke' people there, helping them out.

  9. Yes, salt of the earth types who are genuinely interested in doing right by the community. None of them where I live are Democrats. Which makes sense.

  10. Thanks for getting involved with your local Fire District. It's a constant balancing act and struggle to keep up with most rural fire departments' needs – for staff, apparatus, equipment, gear, training etc. I'm no longer one of the hotshot kids making fire attacks – the powers that be decided that I'd be more valuable wearing a white helmet(the biggest downside of being a chief is having to stand outside and send the troops in to the flames). We all need people working behind the scenes to ensure that we have the things we need to do the job. It's all still about service, commitment and dedication to the people, households and businesses that make up your community, however far-flung and sparsely populated that may be. I've always hated the old, "Thank you for your service" thing, but I think that you know what I mean. Good Man. There's something about the reality of running into situations that most people are fleeing from that weeds out the liberal types – wishful thinking won't save a life or put out a fire.

  11. Absolutely, WSF!

    The ones I've met have been people you'd be entirely comfortable with guarding your six.

    As LL points out in the main body of the post, things are very different out here than back in Da Big City. I used to chuckle at the lines in the movie "Casino" about County Commissioners, but they're true. Welcome to the West, where the last vestiges of The Real America still exist, and we all take care of each other.

  12. Some Men run towards gunfire, and some run towards the flames.

    They're all far braver than I, and I respect and admire them.

    Me? I'll be in the rear with the gear running the comms, and making sure they always work….

  13. I'm glad but not entirely unsurprised that you've taken over the Highlands' Irregular Defense Force.

  14. In Rural America, everyone needs to pitch in. We all have different gifts, different talents to share with each other to make it work. In the Big City, they say, "let the government deal with it", and look what it got them. Crooks like Pelosi and Schiff. In the country 'we are the government' and if it's going to work, we need to make it work. That is the difference.

  15. There aren't many people in the rural Arizona highlands, but they are all armed and reflect the best traditions of the Second Amendment. None of that has to do with fighting fire, but out here, fire is a bigger problem for people than deciding which bathroom to use. Of course, elites like Bloomberg may be surprised to know that we actually have flushing toilets.

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