Hillary Clinton’s War on Women

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Now that the popular comedian and “America’s dad”,  Bill Cosby, has been indicted for rape for one of fifty-two women who have come forward, he’s more toxic than ever. 

Naturally, people are drawing parallels between Cosby and former president, Bill Clinton.

To his credit, Bill didn’t drug the women that he raped (as far as we know), but Clinton had State Troopers present on the other side of the door to intimidate the women, clean them up and take them home. Cosby didn’t do it with the might of the State behind his recreational assaults.

If it wasn’t for that one blue dress that he hosed down, Bill might have gotten away with all of it. But that old impeachment, even though it never went through, is haunting both Bill and the Missus now that she is running for president – and accusing Donald Trump of sexism.
Hillary apparently never learned that when you live in a glass house or want to live in a White House, best not to throw stones. Or if you must, pick the rock carefully.
I don’t know whether or not Bill Cosby openly endorsed Hillary, but we know that they are friends. And the Bill Clinton/Cosby connection will be made over-and-over-and-over again…so long as Hillary plays her Trump card.
Hillary’s record of complicity with Bill’s philandering and her substantive cover ups have been well documented and were portrayed as art in the feature film, Primary Colors (link).

Forty years (and counting now that we’re in 2016) provides a telling track record of skulduggery.

9 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s War on Women

  1. Liar, liar pants on fire. Does she even wear any?
    All these past heroes (not Hil) that you believed in; the friendly faces of 'cuddle up it's Saturday' suburban TV getting their masks ripped off. You can't trust anyone.

  2. She has so much baggage, so much. How can an entire nation ignore what lying scumbags she and her miscreant hubby are?

    One of the largest nations on earth, full of nincompoops.

  3. Better to live life with some circumspection. And if Bill Cosby offers you a drink, don't take it even if it is a bottle of wine…

  4. The low IQ's are in abundance. I'm not sure why. They can't have all been dropped on their heads — but they love Hillary.

  5. Black man indited; white man free on sex charges. Perhaps this is a case Black Lives Matter should look into. Just saying…

  6. That's a very astute observation. However black lives matter has been shouting down Hillary for not being black enough. (recall if you will that Bill Clinton was said to be the 'first black president)

  7. But LL, she's is SO UNLOVEABLE. Her personality is that of a nasty, shrill harpie. Just listen to her cackle (not to be confused with cankle, but that is a topic for another comment).

    How is it possible that anybody could admire this profoundly flawed crone?

  8. And her opponent in the Democratic Party (who is doing well against her) is a senile old socialist who is pushing for a 93% income tax bracket and he has the support of roughly 35% of the party.

    Ok, let me step back for a minute. I would invite Bernie Sanders to my house for supper because he'd be entertaining and even though he's a communist, he likes to hunt and fish and would likely not shit in my bathroom sink, confusing it for a toilet.

    Barack would steal the silverware from the table, so I wouldn't invite him. Hillary is such a contemptible crone that I wouldn't invite her under any circumstances.

    I've met Bill twice and had to actually deal with Hillary personally once in a professional setting. She is a cupid stunt of the highest order. I have never met ANYONE who spent time with Bill Clinton and didn't come away liking him. He's likable. It's his nature. He'd sit down to a hamburger with you. Sure he'd palm the tip that you left for the waitress, but he's a politician. I have never met ANYONE who spent any time with Hillary who had anything but contempt for her…they may want to use her influence but her person has one of those light-sucking qualities that leaves you feeling spiritually diminished.

  9. Nothing matters to the Yahbut sisterhood except electing a woman, any woman, President.

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