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Billed as something akin to Silver Linings Playbook (film), with much of the same cast, I went to see the feature film, Joy, over the holiday. I had concerns that it was a “chick flick”, but it wasn’t. It was a lot closer to the “Hard Road” fictional short that you may have just read on this blog – without out the fun stuff. Sociopaths are sociopaths and Joy is full of those characters.
The film was one of the more depressing movies that I saw in 2015. The characters were selfish, devious, and nasty – mostly family members intent on screwing other family members. None of them had any redeeming traits with the exception of Joy (played by Jennifer Lawrence), who spent the movie being kicked by various family members, all of whom she supported in doormat mode.
My score is 2 out of a possible 10. Meaning that I wanted to leave in the first fifteen minutes but stuck it out in the hopes that it would get better.
Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Robert DiNero are a mix that one would expect to result in at least 5/10 in my movie score card. But no.

To be fair about it, my dashing heroic gene wanted to save the Jennifer Lawrence character from her family and those who took advantage of her…napalm came to mind. That’s just me. Show me a wounded bird and I fill with compassion, even if it’s only a movie.  Even with that successful play on my emotions, it was simply not even a so-so movie. Sitting in a theater for 150 minutes to be depressed during the holidays made me feel like I should demand my money back.

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  1. Most folks go to the movies to enjoy the stories on screen, and to have a good time.

    This flick sounds like it will not provide one. I will avoid it. But then again, I avoid almost ALL Hollywood products lately, they all stink (with the exception of Ex Machina and The Martian).

  2. I won't see that, but you might enjoy What We Do in the Shadows. It's a comedy from New Zealand. I laughed…

  3. You might relate and enjoy the film. I found it depressing. If I was Joy, I would have gone postal.

  4. Viago, Deacon, and Vladislav are vampires who are finding that modern life has them struggling with the mundane – like paying rent, keeping up with the chore wheel, trying to get into nightclubs, and overcoming flatmate conflicts.

    I'll see if it's on Netflix.

  5. I feel a fictional short coming on for this blog…But maybe three lesbian bishops, which is the same thing but people will more clearly relate?

  6. That sounds quite depressing for a movie entitled "Joy." I'll stay away from this one, thank you. There is too much in life to be depressed about without having to watch it on the screen. (Which is why I never watch politicians talking.)

  7. That's a bad score for such fine actors. I'll wait for the TV version. I think the title is clearly meant to be satirical. Sounds like she's get on with Sophie.

  8. Tearful, hand wringing chick-flicks are better enjoyed by a ladies who can gather together afterward and grind the plot over again over supper/tea. It's not unlike how men handle good sci-fi or action/adventure films.

  9. Reverend, if you liked Ex Machine (who wouldn't?), then you will certain appreciate 'The Martian.' I saw it on the big screen perhaps two months ago, and the triumphant ending had everyone in my packed theater cheering. A real feel good movie. Not a chick flick, lots of cursing, Padre, but if you, a man of the cloth overlooked the language in Ex Machina, you shouldn't have an issue with 'The Martian.'

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