Hard Landing

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You don’t see these on the hot asphalt of elementary school playgrounds anymore.


Any sandworm you can walk away from is a tired sandworm…


Bullet Points:

** Jobs – are the feds cooking the books? (Does a bear crap in the woods?)

The BLS Wonderland reporting is back with a vengeance today as jobs and employment head in opposite directions and the unemployment rate jumps. When the numbers don’t fit the narrative, just change the numbers.

** FBI Fails to Hand Over Document Alleging Biden Bribery Scheme; Republicans to Initiate Contempt Proceedings

** The Brandon Regime and oil leases. Pedo Joe is moving forward with a 20-year ban on new oil and gas leasing near an Indigenous cultural site in New Mexico despite stark opposition from Native Americans in the region.

In 2021, Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez and Vice President Myron Lizer penned a letter to President Biden, warning it would have a “devastating impact” on tribal members who have a financial interest in drilling in the area. And last year, the San Juan County, New Mexico, board of commissioners passed a resolution opposing the DOI administration proposal.

** The photo was apparently banned in Russia. I wonder why?

** Disgraced FBI Deputy Director Robert Hanssen, a Russian spy, is dead at 79. (h/t Claudio)

Former FBI agent Robert Hanssen, one of the most damaging spies in U.S. history, was found dead in his prison cell in the U.S. state of Colorado on June 5, prison officials said. The 79-year-old Hanssen was arrested in 2001 and pleaded guilty to selling highly classified material to the Soviet Union and then Russia. He was serving a life sentence. Hanssen began spying in 1979.

I’m sure that he’d have approved of today’s FBI. I’m surprised that they didn’t spring him from custody. He’d have made a great FBI director in Pedo Joe’s regime. People like Gen. Milley bragged about their affinity for the communist Chinese and their hatred of Pres. Trump and openly boasted that if it came down to a choice, they’d go with Red China. It makes the imprisoned Hanssen look like a piker.


Identify the Drone

As seen at the Australian Air Show in May 2023. Yes, there’s a big hint in the photo.


Meme of the Day

34 thoughts on “Hard Landing

      1. Why showcases the power of Surly’s A.I.: the name was blocked off on purpose until after his cup of morning Joe.

      2. They’re intended as a subcomponent (loyal wingman) to the USAF Sixth Generation fighter. As will be noted in the Sunday Sermonette, the USAF and Navy concept will differ.

          1. Resistance is painful. Especially if one is hooked up to a lot of voltage.

          2. That scene in Taken when he jambs the 60d nails into the sex trafficker scum’s thighs, hooks up the cables, then flips the switch…Albanian BBQ.

          3. Realistically, you put the alligator clips on the nose septum or the lower lip, punching them through the flesh and to the scrotum. Thighs are kind of a rookie move for the movie audience.

  1. Hanssen- Good riddance you bum…should have been immediately executed for treason.

    Piker? Yup, especially when compared to what he did to the Clinton’s and the Biden Crime Family “activities” with foreign enemies. The treason threshold sure has changed in 40+ years, probably using the same CommonCore math they’ve been employing for inflation calc’s, and now jobs number.

    1. Yeah, new math.

      2020 Traitor – Ascend to the Presidency and reinstate Swamp Rule

      2019 Innocent President – Accuse him of doing everything that Pedo Joe and the Clintons and Obamas did.

  2. Hannsen should have been hanged, like a dog. Or rode the lightning, like the Rosenthals. Only way to strike fear in the hearts of traitors is to start killing them. Otherwise there’s always hope that some left-tard bureaucrat or president will agree to exchange said traitor for some other traitor.

    Death. Death most heinous and foul. I would not be unhappy to strap them to the front of a 155mm howitzer and fire a salute charge. Nor using them as bayonet targets, rifle targets, as speed bumps on a military vehicle test track. Or as walking bombs along the border. Or sunk neck deep in a sewage lagoon. Or be strapped to a sex bench and left in down town San Fransisco.

    Be nice to see the Clinton, Obama and Biden Crime Family get the treatment.

    1. Historically, they’d have drawn and quartered Hanssen, with a piece of him buried in the four corners of the realm. Today you’re placed on the House Intelligence Committee Swalwell.

      He was ahead of his time in the FBI.

  3. ” Or be strapped to a sex bench and left in down town San Fransisco.”

    This one. Works for me. Heck, some deviant on the Dark Web could easily facilitate along with the Frggin’ Bum Insurrection boys with the matching shorts, haircuts, and sunglasses. My guess is even that threat wouldn’t stop them — half – who will never be named – went to Epstein’s Evil-Doer Island for degenerate fun-n-games perpetrated on the innocent.

    Death becomes them, but not soon enough.

    1. Hanssen was a member of Opus Dei and was into the S&M side of the religious organization. He practiced corporal mortification. Hanssen used a wire chain, known as a cilice, wrapping it around his upper thigh. The device has sharp prongs that dug into the skin and flesh. It served to suppress his desires all the while, he atoned for his sins as he took $1.2 million from the Russians. (so it was cool with God)

      Biden wouldn’t pinch off a Hillary for $1.2 million…and he doesn’t bring God into it.

      1. Self flagellation is the odd Opus Dei way, and the cilice is especially bizarre, proving he was minimally misguided but more likely a whacko who used his weird brand of Catholicism to assuage the guilt from treasonous activities against the very people he swore an oath to uphold. God is his judge now.

        1. It is the concept that sin can be swept away by physical torment, replayed over and over. Hanssen wouldn’t be the first guy who said, “Beat me some more, it hurts so good.” Again, I can’t say it enough – FBI deputy director – moves up because of his piety and by looking down his nose at others. Look at all of the FBI traitors who perjured themselves and fabricated evidence to get at Pres. Trump. Hanssen would have been comfortable working with Peter Strozk.

    2. My point is that being strapped to a sex bench in San Francisco, wearing a ball gag, might have been S&M enough to give him a chubby. Hanssen was one weird cat. FBI Deputy Director in charge of Counterintelligence – enough said.

      1. Hanssen lived in suburban Virginia with his wife and six children unfailingly attending Mass and even attempting to recruit others in the FBI to join him in Opus Dei. The “perfect FBI Special Agent”.

        1. “Special” all right. My vote would be for live gibbeting as a method of execution so as to deter others of like ilk but there does appear to be a wide variety of choices.

  4. i died once too, or thought i did when i fell out of the tree out back that momma told me not to climb. crawled over to the grape trellis til i could breath again, praying mom hadn’t seen me out the kitchen window. she woulda beat me to death asa she was sure i was alive…..i can’t talk treason n such any more. i have to just let it all go, until it comes to my hood anyway.

    1. My mom, “You fall out of that tree you’d better not hurt yourself or I’ll tan your hide!”…followed by my full name, including confirmation name.

      1. I tipped over the stove trying to use the open oven door as a stepstool (yes, I am a genius… why do you ask?). I was so terrified of what my mother would do to me that it was only after my older brother and I had cleaned the mess and made sure that the stove was okay, that he asked me why my shirt was all wet, and I told him “oh, from that pot of water you were boiling, on the stove”.

        Still got the scars, never actually felt it.


      2. “Do you want to wake up in the middle of next week?” always got my attention.

  5. Yeah, ALL of the stuff we played on is now deemed unsafe… sigh… Hannsen should have been hanged/shot/rode the lightning the day he was convicted! MQ-28 is going to be interesting, especially in the master/slave relationship with a manned aircraft. We’ll see how ‘good’ those reactions really are, and how much it ‘supports’ SA for the manned aircraft.

  6. Just to be contrary (which is my nature anyway) any form of execution is probably preferable to living out your years in the Super Max.

    1. I’ve only visited Pelican Bay SuperMax (Near Crescent City, CA). It was to interview a prisoner. We were required to try to get a statement. After the hassle of getting in, he declined to speak and I went back. But I went inside the SHU.

  7. Lots of good stuff today.
    I figure Heaven will be on Earth before we see any demonrats pay. But that’s okay. His will be done.

    You all be safe and God bless.

  8. Wow, a “jungle gym.”

    Used to play on those a lot, we had tall metal slides too.

    Well that’s all gone, and now our rulers are asking young men to sign up and die for the trans flag.

    Seems they’re not so keen.


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