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The day of love and restaurants with ‘special menus’ for the lovers crowding in to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day – has past. The chocolate boxes are empty, the flowers are wilting, the dipped berries are causing loose stools, and the bottles of bubbly have been drained…in the name of love. I didn’t have time to indulge, but I trust that you all did. Now, you’re likely feeling some shame as the whole holiday is conspicuous consumption of vital natural resources. In the future there will be none of this frivolity under the Green New Deal.
No more jetting off to the Bahamas to impress the super model that you’ve just begun to date. No more jets at all. You can teleconference if you want a virtual presence. The power will come from the wind and if it’s not windy where you are – no teleconference. It wasn’t important anyway.
I know, we’re flogging this subject to death on the blogs just as Amazon was lashed from New York City on a rail, taking their 25,000 jobs with them. “We don’t need your kind,” was the cry from the progressive left. And Amazon listened.
Seattle doesn’t want them. New York doesn’t want them, because Bezos’ ownership of the left wing rag, Washington Post isn’t progressive enough. They destroy trees to create that newspaper. Sure, most of the trees have been recycled a dozen times, but none of that matters.
Every day thousands of innocent plants are killed and consumed by greedy vegetarians (h/t Jules) and that needs to end as well. Soylent Green, a non-vegetable product is really all you need to eat in the brave new world. Drink down your Soylent Green and feel the love of a wounded planet as you join the ranks of the enlightened. (Soylent Green does not contain any beef either)
You know, I think that it’s delightful that the Democrat Party has embraced this as their platform. All of the cool contenders for the Democrat nominee have signed on. No more business that’s not government business, has become their hue and cry as they work hard to establish a socialist paradise for all of the donkeys who are disposed to vote for them. No more airplanes, no more automobiles, no more cows, yada-yada-yada.
It’s telling me that we’ll have a landslide in 2020.

26 thoughts on “Time to Get Green!

  1. I look forward to McConnell forcing a vote on the NGD.
    Somehow or other, these loons felt it was safe to come out of their insular bubble, exposing themselves and their plans.
    Unfortunately, they make less wacky wack jobs look more MOR.
    Hopefully, one termers.

  2. We ate steaks, while we still can. You never know when the commissars might show up, and there's only so much ammo.


  3. It's a day of insanity for sure. Empty Cortex has declared a victory for NY because now they're not "giving" 3 bil to Amazon so they can create their own 25K jobs. You know, like, with mom and pops. I KID YOU NOT!! She doesn't understand the concept of tax breaks. She actually thought NY was going to "give" Amazon 3 bill.

    Notice the very expensive coat the socialist pig is wearing.


    And PETA is erecting a billboard in Opympia to protest a bunch of chickens being killed in a traffic accident last Monday. Something about the chickens being "me" and not "meat." Holy shit, LL – these are no doubt the same people who are 100% behind abortion.


    Valentine's Day is highly overrated as a holiday. The good part is buying marked down candy today. Heh

    And………….our road is blocked again. I've got an excavating company coming as soon as they can get to us. Our regular snow plow guy didn't pay too much attention at 3 am and got his truck stuck. My car is sitting down in the cul de sac at the entry to our road. On the upside, if we need anything I can hike out and grab the car.

  4. No jets? pffft… all you have to do is support democratic socialists and see how fast you get your "jet ration card" refilled with points.

  5. Best we enjoy the moment. Loony ideas have a way of becoming mainstream thinking in a couple of decades.

  6. The last meme reminded me of a little piece called a Vegetarian's Nightmare by a fellow named Baxter Black. Black once claimed to have recited it to a group of animal rights people and was, as he put it, told to "go forth, be fruitful, and multiply; though not in those word." Funny stuff.


  7. All satire is based in truth. And there are plenty of oxygen thieves on the left who actually believe the New Green Deal
    would not go far enough. The truly sad fact in this issue is rational people in the misguided effort to be kind and "inclusive"
    (as if that was a good thing) allow these morons actual power when we should at the very least lock them away for their safety and the safety of posterity. And for failing to keep these evil idiots in check we will in the not too distant future be forced to kill vast numbers of them since we were too kind to lock them in asylums.

  8. McConnell has tired of the shenanigans and that's quite something for somebody as embedded in the Deep State as he is.

    The loons don't know that they're loons. Which is why it's so very amusing.

  9. Try different sauces (chimichuri is my favorite) with your steaks. Steak three ways to celebrate the end of cows for ever.

    When the ammo is gone, there are arrows. When the arrows are gone there are tomahawks and knives.

  10. The recent rain melted almost all of the snow in my part of AZ. And that's a good thing. I like warm rain.

  11. Executive jets are necessary for the apparatchiki to do their jobs and oversee the little people…people like you, Travis H and me. No jets for you, but recall the axiom:

    "All pigs are equal but some are more equal than others."

    It certainly applies here as Al Gore flies to speaking engagements in his private jet. I don't see Nancy (Nasty) Pelosi walking back and forth between San Francisco and DC.

  12. There is a lot of the insanity that was "insane" twenty years ago and is mainstream today. It's very likely that I'll be dead in twenty years…so it will be somebody else's problem.

  13. I think that there are a lot of prog types who want to get elected who are beginning to regret the New Green Deal. The same way as a lot of donkeys were satirized when they attacked Amazon and drove them from the Big Apple

  14. She got to that position, the one that allows her the salary, the fancy clothes, the attention, because only 4% of her constituents chose to vote.
    And now she's cost her former neighbors a lot of Amazon jobs and income.
    I bet there is record turnout in a couple years.

  15. I that district (ghetto district), I am under the impression that well over half of her constituents are receiving welfare benefits. So the free cheese crowd may keep her. They didn't want the Amazon jobs, and an improved economy has very little appeal there. Keeping them poor has been a central mission of the Democrat Party for generations now.

  16. Then teeth.

    I always wished I could have bigger, sharper teeth. I'm kinda jealous of baboons, in that respect.

  17. My dentist did vampire implants for a woman looking for fetish fangs. I asked, "could she bite with them?" He said, "oh yeah, they become real teeth." I found that somewhat disquieting.

  18. I like the second photo of AOC but the first one's good too.

    How much of her Netflix deal will she redistribute for the good of the collective?

  19. I have to concur with your landslide prediction, assuming that the Dems will stay the course on the Green New Deal.

    I know a liberal couple in Oregon who swear that global warming is an issue we are ignoring, insist on no guns on the streets, all of that. However, these two love their trips to Aruba (first class), the gal loves to chow down a a bacon cheeseburger periodically, and the hubby, even though he bikes around town as much as possible, has a bright red Porsche Boxster that he loves more than life itself.

    Even these raging pinkos are bad mouthing this Green New Deal horse crap, and will not support any efforts at subduing their life styles to which they have become accustomed.

    I smell a landslide of epic proportions.

  20. I think that redistribution of wealth is for other people. The elite, the apparatchiki class of good soviets always had more money, special stores, dachas in the country, and rides on executive aircraft. The perks helped them focus on the daunting problems that required their special brand of intellect.

  21. The Democrat hopefully have all drank deeply from green Kool-Aid and seem to be staying the course. Your left wing commie friends (I have some too) are typical of the intelligencia who have their goodies and wouldn't separate with them even if you used explosives. They want to whine and bitch about global warming and as a token, they give up straws.

    They're not going to go afoot, wear rags, do without heat, and not take another vacation for some weird DC cult.

  22. P. S. With the national demise of all cows, there will no more cheese to give away. The Green Cultists may have some trouble selling that to the party faithful, who are accustomed to that.

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