Uncle Joe reminds you to remain calm. It’s all going according to plan. 81 million people voted for him, the most popular president in US history. His staff reminds you that the economy is the best economy in US history. Inflation is only an illusion created by the Orange Man to deceive you and distract you from the grand globalist vision.

94 major food processing facilities have been destroyed within the past year, and tens of millions of poultry and other farm animals killed, don’t worry about it. The FBI is investigating. Arrests are imminent. Shortages and massive price spikes are figments of your imagination.

“The Biden administration has previously provided Ukraine with over $5.3 billion in military assistance, of which $4.6 billion has come since February 24,. The $1 billion announced Wednesday is on top of these numbers.”

Biden’s announcement comes after his rant about reckless spending on Tuesday. Joe Biden began screaming out of nowhere and scolded critics for claiming his reckless spending caused inflation rates to spike.

“I don’t wanna hear any more of these lies about reckless spending!” Biden shouted.

We now return to our regular blogging.


What will the Bitcoin Billionaires do?

Bitcoin fell again on Wednesday to yet another 18-month low, spurring a sharp drop in crypto markets, made even worse by crypto lending giant Celsius freezing all customer withdrawals.


Are you Depressed

Why does the FDA not expose the link between psychiatric drugs and violence? A clue could be in the numbers. The global market for antidepressant drugs is worth around $14.5 Billion Dollars and is estimated to surge to $16.8 Billion Dollars by the end of 2022; the global antipsychotics market is $11.7 Billion Dollars much of which is prescribed for conditions that have little to do with psychosis and which have very toxic side effects. That’s almost $30 Billion reasons to keep the public ignorant about any connections between mind-altering drugs and violent behavior.

The FDA appears to see the drug industry, not the public, as its Deep Pockets Client because drug industry user fees provide a substantial portion of the agency’s budget.

Is there a correlation between mass shootings and these medications? Here are some thoughts on the matter.


The Most Popular Vice President in History — has a problem

(Breitbart) Nobody wants to have dinner with her.

I can’t blame them. The Democrat National Committee (DNC) reportedly had to reschedule its Woman’s Leadership Forum fundraiser on May 25 and 26 with Vice President Kamala Harris for lack of ticket sales.

It would be like JEB! (do you remember him) at a JEB! for president rally and two people showed up for the snacks offered. Even snacks are not enough to induce progs to go to a fundraiser. Maybe they need to lower the price of the tickets or pay child actors to show up and adore her.


Geo RR Martin

The issue Martin ran into with ASOIAF [A Song of Ice and Fire] is, ironically, one of his own makings. He spent five books subverting expectations, killing key characters, torturing and scattering the survivors to the ends of creation… and only now realized that there’s no way in hell he can actually bring them all back in one place and piece together a story that makes sense in just two books. The problem with endless deconstruction is that, eventually, you have nothing left to build with.

I tired of his books because every time I liked a character, Martin killed that character off.

Yes, I realize that Game of Thrones is popular and that a new season is coming. That’s sort of why I wrote what I did.


    • More than 81 million, because the Orange Man and his minions were at work destroying votes. You know, because they’re racist.

    • Did Camela Harris pay income tax on her earnings back when she was a professional whore? It’s a question that the media seems afraid to ask. They run from it in the same way as the FBI runs from Hunter’s laptop.

      It’s true that there is little difference between being a whore and being a politician with the exception that there is at least some expectation that a whore will deliver something.

      • They’ve given themselves “aren’t we special” dispensation for fraudulent political activities, either “realized” or perceived. It’s a nice feature of being a public servant…for the morally bankrupt. In the mean time the rest of us take it in the shorts while these cretins pad off-shore bank accounts instead of being in prison. “Rules for thee and not me.”

        • You have to admit that their strategy is working. Of the trillions of dollars voted for Covid relief, how many riders on that bill were pork, and how much of it was diverted to the politicians (Cayman Isl. accounts or wherever)?

  1. One of the many self inflicted wounds that Martin has inflicted upon himself and his work, aside from the obvious mortal sin as an author – “Over promising AND Under-delivering…
    Has been the vitriol he has heaped upon those who don’t bow down and worship his political cult.
    While I do not follow Professional basketball at all, I am reminded of a quote by Michael Jordan when asked why he didn’t advocate for demoncrats in a political contest…
    He said…”Republicans buy shoes too”. I still do not know if Mr Jordan is a demoncrat or republican,
    I wish that held true for MOST of the circus freaks we have in Hollyweird and Professional sports.
    I am always amazed at people who claim the mantel of free speech, thought and action are the ones who DEMAND absolute compliance to the cult of Woke.

    MSG Grumpy

      • i met and hung out a few days with him back around ’82 when he was still relatively unknown. He had an elevated opinion of himself even back then.

  2. Ahh yes, The Merry-Andrew in Chief, aka Supreme Potentate Leader of the Free World [barely], aka Ol’ Yeller Joe (the dementia really kicks in now and again)…says anything based on whatever direction the wind is blowing, proving he has ZERO imagination or cognitive thought (then and certainly now). When age kicks in and faculties decline, the mouth-governor let’s off allowing the true personality and thoughts to emerge.

    Biden has been a bum and a mook his entire life…a total waste of oxygen and volume on the planet, which is why he went into politics; no real world skills other than “grifter.” The scary part is he’s not alone, there are a pile of other “ancients” in congress who are way past their expected sell-by date. Now the Scum are trying to “cancel” Rep. Boebert…because that’s what they do. Pigs in the stye covered in stink, telling us it’s smells peachy.

    Bitcoin – aka “vapor”- is a Ponzi scheme of different proportions…only those creating it get wealthy. No thanks.

    Depressed? I have half a mile of fence needs tending to…we’ll even feed you and provide beverages so you don’t wilt on us. By the end of the day all you’ll care about is a shower and bed. There, fixed. (I can’t watch Yellowstone. It’s very good, just not my cup of tea…but Sheridan is the real deal and writes truth nuggets: https://youtu.be/91jcYC6by_8)

    • Yellowstone=Gucci Ranching

      Sheridan is an excellent screenwriter and storyteller. There are a number of gems that he’s responsible for. However, even if you are the screenwriter and a producer, there are market forces behind the production that hold great sway.

      • “Gucci Ranching…hehehe, perfect description. Doesn’t hurt to have your own legacy ranch and a serious ‘in’ with Schaefer to get the clothing and gear right.

        I do like Costner as a cowboy, decent rider. Open Range was his typical wooden delivery, but realistic. the shotgun in the bar is akin to the cannons in The William Tell Overture…that’ll wake you up.

  3. “Maybe they need to lower the price of the tickets or pay child actors to show up and adore her.”

    To attract the kind of people that give them big Bucks (my name is Ed, but you can call me “Big”) they’ll need to raffle off a minor child to get interest. (Or in Big’s case, a heroin-addicted male negro of the twink variety.)

    • You know that there is a replacement island for Epstein’s little shop of horrors. I don’t know where it is, but you know that it exists. An all-expenses paid trip there would motivate the Camela lovers to show up and pay the vig.

  4. These mass shootings… no one asks what drove these people nuts? The big question in my mind has been why would someone get up one morning and think it’s a good day to go shoot up a school?

    The tools they use to do these evil deeds have always been there, it’s the insanity that’s new and it’s the insanity that is never questioned.
    I really think this is another case of “follow the money”, sad to say that but it looks like it fits…

    Not to mention that every time a crazy does that it’s an excuse by those who control the media to push to disarm the public.

  5. If Brandon doesn’t wanna hear it, he better get hisself a better pair of ear plugs.

    That’s EAR plugs, Joe, not HAIR plugs. Big difference.

  6. I’m not so sure Game of Thrones is popular any more. The surface reason is that Dave and Dan
    (the soi disant David Benioff, born David Friedman, son of former Goldman-Sachs head Stephen Friedman, and his sidekick DB Weiss) massively screwed up Season 8, what with “subverting expectations” and destroying the integrity of the characters[1]. Season 8 was when the rot exploded, much like a deer carcass that had been swelling with putrifaction by the side of road for days. When the foulness bursts forth people really notice, but the rot had been going on for some time prior. Same with GOT, which started to stink after Dave and Dan ran out of GRRM source material.

    Which brings us to the real reason people are now indifferent to GOT spinoffs. GRRM has either boxed himself into a creative corner, as MSG Grumpy notes, or he’s got lazy, or both. People are pissed off. His politicking, whining, and cries of victimhood at the hands of “toxic fans” (always with the victimhood these days) are not helping his position. The guy is now wealthy beyond his wildest dreams, sycophants (who he refers to as “minions”) follow him around at Cons, and he’ll die (fat and rich; not the worst way to go) of a stroke or heart attack before he finishes the book he’s supposedly been working on for years.

    But hey, at least the new GOT spinoffs will not suck as bad as Bezos’ “Rings of Power”. Of course, the impending failure of ROP and the GOT spinoffs will be blamed on “toxic fandom.” [2]

    [1] e.g. how did Tyrion, Petyr Baelish, and Varys, each a supremely clever, cunning man, all turn into idiots?
    [2] The “creatives” call fans “toxic” if their subversive and subverted new works are rejected (e.g. all the Disney Star Wars dreck). Let’s take a look at a movie in stark contrast to this woke model of “entertainment”, shall we?

    Apart from the fact that Top Gun: Maverick is just an enjoyable movie, it’s doing great because it did NOT “subvert expectations”. Imaging if some hack like JJ Abrams, or Rian Johnson, or Taika (“I’ll ruin your mythos!”) Waititi had made TGM. Maverick would now be an alcoholic wreck, unable to fly and surviving off of alimony from his ex Charlie, who has given up defense consulting to become an obese lesbian activist. Given one last chance, he’d screw it up massively and have to be bailed out by a nonbinary negro and a morbidly obese body-positivity model, who would show him the way. After which he’d die ignominiously, say run over by Rooster (in an environmentally conscious 100% electric vehicle) after drunkenly staggering out of Penny’s bar into the street. Instead, in TGM Maverick is still a cocky bastard. Sure, he’s paid big career-wise for his attitude, but he still has the chops to back up the cockiness. (And of course the patronage of sea daddy Iceman; gotta admit I got a little misty at the Val Kilmer scene. Anyhoo …) Maverick wins the respect of his young aviators, leads them to successfully completing their high-risk mission, and ends up with a hot girl (okay, woman) who has her act together.
    Normal people LIKE this kind of story. And TGM respects the “lore” of the original and the integrity of the characters. That’s why the movie is (deservedly) doing great.

    • You pretty much summed up EVERYTHING in that mini-screed. A goodun.

      Back from a town run (the Northern one] for the weekly [much smaller packaging for more money] in-fill food stuffs. Normal, but with a palpable “waiting for the next shoe to drop” flinch mechanism in peoples faces. People have had it and are exhausted with the SJW/Woke/LGBTQXYZ/Cancel evil-idiocy being foisted on them. Tide needs to turn or we’re gonna begin the boat-lift retrieval in the lake channel.

    • George RR wanted to be cooler than Tolkien, and sorry, he’s not. Some of my thirty-something children like GOT. I watched a lot of it and it went from interesting to mush.

      Tom Cruise understands what an audience wants to see, which is why TGM and the Mission Impossible series did well. Once they go woke, who really cares? It’s sort of like the commercials on TV & Cable TV, which take product that I might be interested in buying and turn it into a product that I would never consider buying. When you market to the woke, you alienate everyone else.

  7. Bitcon and other crypto currencies are way above my understanding and I have no interest in learning about them. Same with stocks and bonds. I’m ancient enough to remember when Iceland bonds imploded.

    My sole excursion into the stock shell game was Microsoft. The first float was on the Spokane stock exchange managed by one Ralph Sites. His son, the only bean counter I ever met who impressed me, worked at the same place as me. Upon his recommendation I put $1,000 into it. Some ten years later when I sold, at a substantial profit to be sure, Microsoft had yet to pay a dividend.

    I like tangible things that are in my hands. That is not a criticism of others, rather, just the way I operate.

  8. My son made a quite a bit of money “mining” Bitcoin years ago. He also heated his garage in MT for the two years he was mining from the waste heat from the two servers he had operating. He got out of it because he believed it would fall through in a few years.

    I agree with WSF, I like a physical, tangible asset over something nebulous.

    The connection between mass shootings and anti-depressants is pretty clear. Where are the shooters parents/friends/ family in all this. Notice I did not mention state or medical profession. It doesn’t sound like they go flat out crazy right away but seems to be a gradual degradation. At some point shouldn’t a responsible adult get involved?

    • shouldn’t a responsible adult get involved?

      Yes! That said, as the father of an autistic son and an Asperger Syndrome son (thanks, childhood vaccines) it can be difficult navigating what is available. Too many people just give up or expect someone else to “handle” the problem. The financial drain cannot be overlooked. Not bitching, I sired them and their care and upbringing was my responsibility.

      • My grandson is somewhere on the Autism/Ausberger’s spectrum. Who knows where since medical professionals hide their ignorance by using multi-syllable words that I think they hope will confuse the issue. He has a firearm that is his in everything but doing the background check. That firearm is stored in a gun safe that is not at his house and the firearm has to be used under the supervision of a responsible adult. Then it is cleaned and goes back in the safe. Don’t know what we will do once he its 21 but so far what we are doing and it is admittedly under probably an abundance of caution is working.

        • That is what needs to be done. Neither son is interested in firearms. Their younger brother, the late Medic, had enough to well arm an Infantry squad. They stayed in a locked closet and every kid in the house was no stranger to the range.

          Youngest, when he was 16, went through several NRA courses.

  9. You know, I never watched GOT. Now I’m glad I didn’t. Expanse? Different story.

    At some point, hopefully soon, the fraudulent, faked up, corrupt, lying, aggressive Deep Stasi Dem narrative will flounder on the rocks of reality, to say nothing of their GOP quisling fellow travelers. That’s my take and I’m sticking to it.

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