I don’t bet unless I’m positive that I’ll win, so I don’t have any money on this Superbowl Game that will be going down tomorrow. 
The bookies have Denver to win, favored by either 2 or 3 points, depending on who you talk to. Seattle has the best defense in the league and Denver has the best offense. I always err on the side of the team with the better offensive game because they tend to win. If two teams have equally good offensive games, defense becomes incredibly important. But that’s not the case with Superbowl XLVIII (48).
Your thoughts?

At the moment, I’m working on getting a head-count for those who will be here at the casita watching the big game with me because I need to get my rear to Costco before all of the Superbowl munchies are sold out. Women are welcome only if they cheer and wear suitable game day attire. They are more welcome if they bring delicious snacks. Women with small children are welcome if they entertain the small children in another room while the game is on in the man cave.  Small children are welcome if they are willing to watch the game without interrupting.

The commercials are not “break time”. They are equally important to viewing pleasure. Fist fights over referee’s decisions are allowed so long as they don’t interrupt my viewing pleasure. (take the fight outside)


  1. As you know I have two favorite teams: The 49ers and who ever is playing the Seahawks. So, I'll have to pick the Peyton Mannings to win.

    I also pick Woodsterman to eat no less than three thick sandwiches and plenty of beer during the Superbowl.

  2. I suspect that the Woodsterman can eat three thick sandwiches during the Super Bowl. If you wanted to leave your snowbound manse and travel down to SoCal, you could bask poolside and watch the game outside if we got too rowdy for you inside.

  3. You're welcome to show up (bring Bambi and Leather – they'd be a big hit). Among those who were NOT INVITED:

    Barack Obama
    Erick Holder
    Rev. Al Sharpton
    Harvey Weinstein, famous gun hater & Obama fundraiser
    Warren Buffet

    I did invite Joe Biden (comic relief) but he hasn't RSVP'd so I don't know whether or not he'll show up. He'd have to cross fly-over country to get here.

    Corona PD Swingshift will be dropping in to eat during Code 7 and will glimpse the game. We are a police-friendly outpost in a sea of police and military hating liberals in California.

  4. You could have played hooky from church and driven over. The car can stay on cruise control almost the whole way. You could have allowed the spousal unit to drive while you read, napped and played video games…arriving just in time for pre-game snacks.

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