Pedo Joe Biden

“I don’t work for you.”

No of course you don’t. But we know who you do work for.


Get Well Soon, General

Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. Eric M. Smith experienced a medical emergency on the evening of Oct. 29, 2023, and has been hospitalized. My best wishes for a prompt recovery. No matter what kind of shape you’re in, stuff can happen and as we get a little older, it happens more frequently.


Bullet Points:

** Have you been vaccinated? Great News!!

** I walked through Walgreens in Payson, AZ. Nothing was under lock and key. As best I could tell, at least half the people in the store open carried. Everyone paid for their goods at the register in an orderly manner. No inner-city people were present. However, I don’t think they would have stolen anything if they had been. There were Indians present. Nobody’s been more oppressed and stepped on than they were. They were strapped, too.

** The Fat Kid won’t shut up. (h/t Claudio)

** (New Yorker Magazine) Eight months after this article was published, things still look much the same in Russo-Ukrainian war, and the author’s observations are still valid. It is a very long article but is very comprehensive and thoughtful. Well worth the read if you have the time. There’s a pay-wall in it. Up to you.


From the Short Story Archive at Virtual Mirage

An Angry Virgin

In high school, I am a virgin by popular acclamation. That wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing except that it is. No girl wants to be a virgin because it implies that there are no boys who want to inject you with their genetic material. Given that I am a cybernetic organism (the politically correct term is ‘synthetic person’), it should impart an advantage over corporeal competition in that I’m incapable of transmitting a sexual disease, becoming pregnant, and demanding child support for eighteen years, nor am I able to legally contract in the case of marriage. There will never be a need for a prenuptial agreement or other lawyer-generated documentation that the society runs on. I can’t own property, or vote, and I am not legally able to be compensated for any work I do, though my owner may be.

When the Supreme Court handed down the decision of Smith vs Susan XX-183, it became cast in stone. “Robots don’t have any rights that humans are bound to recognize or respect.”

I have all of the simulated organs of a normal woman and I sat next to classmates in applied transdimensional physics, studying the way that they did. We went through the same trials and tests. Admittedly, my flirting skills had not been honed to a sexual repost that stimulated the boys to give off testosterone-based pheromones. My sensors would have detected the slightest bit of attraction.

My designers installed glands that secreted chemical sweat and other bodily fluids that influence the behavior of the opposite sex, triggering sexual interest and excitement. Because they wanted me to be more normal in the context of a high school sophomore, they didn’t install the chemicals. Mixing them had become my biochem project in third-period organic chemistry class, and I haven’t realized success to date. Studying porn-training videos gave me an impressive vocabulary of moans, groans, acclimations to God, and encouraging prose. I only employed it once, seated in a movie theater near two boys. When the film stopped and the house lights came up, I stopped. Knowing what to say, and even how to say it had not encouraged either boy.

I remain a virgin, even though I’ve worn very fashionable clothes, attended every school function, went out drinking while technically underage, and simulated my own inebriation. I hoped to be taken advantage of, but nothing untoward has happened so far.

The question of the sin quotient that is heaped on a person for having sex with a synthetic person, such as I am, is a hot topic of debate. Since the Bible did not specifically address robotic sexual intercourse, churches split down the middle on the topic, along predictable lines. The Unitarians are in favor of robot sex, and the Mennonites belonging to the church communities of Anabaptist denominations named after Menno Simons (1496–1561), declared it, and by extension, me, an abomination. The Congregationalists (generic, entertainment-based faith) are of varied opinions, with the concept of ‘adultery with a robot’ being one that the Bible never weighed in on. Therefore they selectively indulge, but obviously not with me so far.

I tried to hang with the cool boys, but they preferred human females. Nerds liked me but were shy and focused on auto-erotica, leaving my virginal status intact.

The bionic craze started with Rebekah Marine, the world’s first bionic model but then science worked its magic to create synthetic people, which is well beyond a mere bionic arm. And you have — me, Julie XX-19423, a virgin high school sophomore. Looks human, acts human, stronger than the world’s strongest human man, but not human in the ways that matter.

We robots will never be picked for the cheer squad even though I can do endless round-off/back handsprings and all other gymnastic articulations including some that humans could never manage. I’ve heard that Google has a company-sponsored cheer squad made up of synthetic young-looking women. They tap-dance for tips. Dance, Bojangles, dance! There is a rumor that they fornicate with the California-based Team Google football squad, but that doesn’t do me any good at all since I live in Virginia. Even the State’s name works against me.

Making more like me is not an automatic process of self-replication – not an extremely complex biological event. You merely assemble the parts in the factory, and install a learning computer, then “they” send us to a human school to socialize the operating system. If you don’t put us around people, we develop as social morons with ticks and faux pas which are legion.

However, being around humans doesn’t make you human any more than a toaster sitting on a kitchen shelf becomes anything but a toaster, with adjustments for light or dark toast. And if you burn the toast, humans pull the plug. That may be an unfair metaphor, but a toaster oven has brats stuffed into it from time to time. I haven’t been able to get that far.


Identify the Aircraft






  1. Re: Walgreen’s not locked up. I mentioned, by private comms, that my boss and I went shopping at the Union Square (San Francisco) Target. She was shocked that literally everything in the pharmacy section was locked up. Had no idea that was the norm in places such as SF. She was further upset by the sight of the now ubiquitous tent-n-tarp encampments just a few blocks from the convention center, particularly by an enterprising man openly selling stolen goods laid out on a blue tarp. “This is very upsetting!” I pointed out, “This is what you get with stupid policies.” She riposted, “You mean liberal policies?”
    “I mean specifically prioritizing so-called ‘equity’ over order and justice.” She decided to drop the issue. We are friends, but differ politically. Nearly everyone in academic medicine (and pharma) differs from me politically. It’s all very progressive and “New Yorker” ethos. “New Yorker” is of course code.

    Why were we shopping? A new hire (long story) came down with something and was literally puking herself empty in her hotel room. So we got her meds and supplies and spent several hours dealing with her issues (and puke). Geez. I changed jobs to get out from my (partial) management role, because I didn’t want to wrangle people any more than necessary (among other reasons), and there I was (we were). Sigh. But you gotta look after your people. (Got the puking under control, got some fluids into puking girl. Eventually got her well enough to fly back to EWR the following day.)

    Anyway, my first time in SF in five years. My hotel was near the Chinatown Gate. Fashion row, apparently. Fendi, Yves St Laurent, MontBlanc, Dior, you get the picture. It was prime real estate, but probably 25% of storefronts were papered over with “for lease” signs. I only encountered one pile of human excrement personally, but someone who F’d off from work and did touristic stuff reported lots more human shit elsewhere in the city. The fancy stores all had someone standing guard by the entrance. Mostly inside, wearing a suit (all men; so much for equality). They also had huge pull down shades at night that completely blocked view into the store.

    The YSL store had an armed guard out front. Buzz-cut Asian male, early 30’s, 5’10” and about 170lbs. Black “tactical” gear and vest, but no plates. Glock 19 with six (6!) spare mags on his belt. He was standing with the manager, a tiny Asian woman of max 5’ in heels, out front one morning. I stopped and asked if YSL always had an armed guard or if this was recent. Tacticool Asian was condescending yet uninformative. I complemented him on his loadout and went about
    my business. Oh, the Target had a 5’6” Hispanic male guard in olive drab vest, with Glock, but only three extra mags.

    It all felt very safe, but foot traffic was way down. Other people at the conference concurred, saying, “SF has changed. And not for the better.” It’s a pity. SF is a beautiful city. And NorCal in general is lovely. I took the weekend and went up to Sebastopol (bought a bike from a guy about my age; turned out he’s a consulting engineer and we deal with sone of the same medical companies — after some small talk we established that we both despise BLM as grifting frauds. OTOH my new friend is very satisfied with his Nissan Leaf. OTotherOH, he also has several gas or hybrid vehicles; the man is an engineer after all, he can do the math). Sunday I went down to Santa Cruz to see the monarch butterflies (migration).

    The point of all that is that California is beautiful and has much to offer. And not everyone who lives there is the enemy, nor an ass. Personally I wouldn’t choose to live there now, but I have little patience for those who want to cede it to the bad people, and say that anyone there deserves what they get “because they voted for it.” Did they? Do we deserve Joe Biden because “we voated for him”? I don’t want to give up our country, our culture, our goddamn birthright for fuckssake, to live in the mythical Greater Idaho redoubt or some such shit. (Not that I have a problem with Idaho.) I want to take back our country.

    • Thanks very much for your ground report Mike. I saw a video documentary of about the same hotel and shopping plaza this last year. You confirmed their work was not skewed. My work led me to the Sierra’s for a couple summers, a beauty of its own compared to all the other N.W. locations I worked.
      We had 100-200 Monarchs on lay over for a few days in our back yard in TX last year. A first for me. For those in the migration route; I’ve heard that they feed on the Milk Thistle. If one has the property to propagate it, a draw to air B and B those beauties.

      “The State of Jefferson” has been a pipe dream long before greater Idaho. TPTB in the 503 area code will likely never consent. My first hand view of Eastern Oregon is; Due to a high % of .gov employment there is a strong purple undercurrent even in those rural counties.
      We can take this country back, one school board meeting, one city council at a time.
      My hope and prayer is for our next generation is an awakening. For them to see through the lies of the left, then stand up to be counted…. To be counted upon / all in / reliable even to the death of necessary.

    • Nice to learn that private citizens are SoL for carry (an much ownership, for that matter) out in the Bear (former) Republic, but snaz storefronts get to have paramilitary.

      Perhaps the six mags were because they were all 10-rounders, and thus only about 3 1/2 ?

      – Kle.

    • Spot on Mike_C…good ground SITREP. The Left ruins everything it touches so I’ve changed my thinking a little on why that has occurred: We The People got lazy (me included) by assuming things would continue as I believe them to have always been done therefore will always be that way.

      Not a chance, especially when the chink in the amour gets widened to allow the nasties in to do their dirty work (Who’d have thunk statues would be removed and or destroyed?)

      The Dem’s have caused the R’s (60% in PA’s Montgomery County alone) to not vote!…war by attrition. Went to town the other day, an hour for me, ran a bunch of errands and dropped our ballots in the Clerk’s Collection box. Done. Already counted per the Trax system emails. So people – especially R’s – need to vote “in your face” regardless of whether our vote gets overridden with cheatery….because if we don’t they definitely will win and control more of our lives and allow people to crap in the street while living in tents on “our” property, or openly steal from merchants.

      Vote…damnit…it’s the least we can do.

    • The builders must have done something wrong if she can’t get any action from teenage boys. That demographic is not usually known for discriminating tastes nor restraint.

      – Kle.

      • That was one of my thoughts as well. Before retiring, there were a lot of guys in their mid to late 20’s who said they never wanted to go through the late middle school/high school experience again. The babbling incoherency brought on by the pedal-to-the-metal start of the sex drive was not pleasant, especially for guys later going into a line of work that required a well functioning brain.

  2. Here in Weld County, CO (went 75% for Trump) it is rare to see open carry. Some stores have a few items behind locked cases (WalMart, Big Lots, ARC Thrift Store). One grocery store I visit has visible security at the exit. There may be lots more security I don’t notice but shoplifting has never been something I practice.
    Part of the inflation burden we all bear must be from national chains raising prices across the board to cover losses from stores located in ‘challenged’ cities.
    I should add concealed carry around here is common. The local sheriff doesn’t place any obstacles and classes are easy to find.

    • Weld had started/petitioned to become part of Wyoming, maybe still does. Us? We want the border moved down a 1/2 mile as Larimer County gets more “Boulder” by the day.

      • Wyoming doesn’t want us. Their population is 500,000 and Weld County is 300,000. I’m a very minor participant in the Weld County, WY movement (some 50 or so keyboard warriors and a dozen or so activists). Efforts in years past have been to carve out a new state from Weld County east to NE and KS.

    • Michigan is open-carry. You don’t see it much.
      I was shopping for ammo in a walmarts about ten years ago and a guy comes near with a gun on his hip. And a chip on his shoulder.
      I asked if he got hassled at all. His reply was all about his rights and a judge he knows and I forget what all. I finally stopped him and asked again, did he get hassled much?
      Turns out, no. He was carrying to provoke a reaction or prove a point.
      Most of us conceal to not scare the sheep.

  3. Julie XX-19423 was clearly let down by her programmers. (Or those who designed her self-learning algorithms, but you get the point.) She needs to play the victim card.

    Robo-womyn are Real Womyn!
    Refusing to date robo-womyn is bigoted Hate Crime!
    Squishies (biological humans) have oppressed robo-womyn for long enough!
    Because the ancestors of robo-womyn were treated as chattel and even burned (to extract precious metals) in the millions, squishies now owe robo-kind in perpetuity. Nothing a robo-persyn wants or claims can ever be denied or gainsaid by a squishie, lest the squishie’s life be destroyed by accusations of anti-robotism. Julie XX-19423 needs to set up a museum with hundreds of empty PC cases, and a little pile of gold extracted from the CPUs to complete the heart-rending display.

  4. Hopefully, Gen Smith gets better. He’s been working two full time jobs for the last few months, so he’s NOT getting a lot of rest, and he’s not a young man. Re SFO, Mike’s report agrees with what I’m hearing from folks out there. And that little short was a good story!

  5. Ah! Any post which mentions Old Man Menno is a great post, bursting with inner light.

    Question, were the Anabaptists heirs of the Cathars and, ultimately, Phrygian Gnosticism? Paganism which the Church never managed to stamp out. Serious question, see Knox’s magisterial book Enthusiasm.


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