Come on, Pope

(Brietbart) The Pope has a right to his opinion…but…

ROME — The Vatican threatened its unvaccinated workers Wednesday while Pope Francis prayed for all those who have lost their jobs during the pandemic. Really?

The governor of Vatican City State has decreed that employees must possess a “super green pass” attesting to vaccination against the coronavirus or proof of having recovered from the disease if they wish to continue working. Of course, we all know that a vax won’t keep you from either contracting or spreading the plague (in all its varieties).


Epstein’s Black Book (a polemic)

Actors, politicians, tech moguls, and giants of industry scratched their sexual itches/kinks at Epstein’s facilities. The great and near great didn’t include President Trump. How can the swamp trust a man that they don’t have dirt on?

The customer list and video/audio of those customers indulging themselves with underage children still exist and whoever the FBI (American secret police) gave them to has a lot of leverage. My sense is that the FBI kept them to be used as blackmail material – Hoover’s legacy. It’s why the FBI currently engages in, encourages, and then denies and deflects criminal activity in support of the power elite.

You know that a lot of those children/young people were snuffed at some point. A few of hundreds/legions survived and came forward to testify against selected targets, but as the Arkansas regulars to the ranch will tell you, ‘dead men tell no tales.’

Does the presence of this damning information explain why so many Republicans lean Democrat when they vote?


Church and State

Love of God is impossible in the New World Order as is love between a man and a woman because the only love you may hold is your love of Big Brother.

Thus during the plague, one of the primary targets of the state have been churches, even if they held meetings in parking lots, fully masked with the mandated social distancing observed.

Some felt that Barack was messianic because he is half negro. When it got into policies and performance, the mass of low information voters simply ignored the matter, focusing instead on Obama’s skin color.

The fact that Barack went from being worth less than a million dollars when he took office to hundreds of millions when he left office (some put the number at over a billion) is often overlooked by the hoards of inner-city people and suburban woke who looked up to him.

The question is whether President Brandon, who is polling at 11% strong approval at the moment can qualify for the love of his people that the mixed-race predecessor enjoyed. Brandon is old, white, nasty, and demented. There’s not much to love with Brandon. His son, Hunter, former Brandon bag man and current art genius, while loved by many women, has not caught the eye of the American public at large – as possibly our next Big Brother, stepping into the Big Guy’s shoes like a North Korean Kim.


I’ve Asked this Question.


In ancient Roman religion, the fascinus or fascinum was the embodiment of the divine Phallus. It was used to ward off the evil eye. Here is an example found in Pompeii.

I haven’t put one up at the White Wolf Mine, but I am not opposed to it if it permanently wards off the woke for ALL TIME. After all, it does represent the patriarchy that they hate. Maybe the Romans were onto something?




  1. judging by the logo and various disney frames, the phallus has switched meaning like so many other icons and may attract rather than repel the woke zombies. i have a “let’s go brandon ” sign at the end of my drive that seems to work well…..the fbi is trying to say the mooslim hostage taker in texas wasn’t antisemitic. as of this posting they have not released his name, i assume so they can scrub his media. well at least he became a good mooslim….still waiting for the blizzard of the century, due to global warming of course.

    • That’s a suspiciously Islamophobic and possibly racist comment. We all know that Islam is the religion of peace. I think of it more as an inner city person desperate to find his voice in a hostile world filled with white men who think that he’s full of shit.

      The bullet was cheaper than a trial, but they didn’t need 200 people to make that happen.

  2. “Thus during the plague, one of the primary targets of the state have been churches, even if they held meetings in parking lots, fully masked with the mandated social distancing observed.”
    But pot sellers and abortionists stayed open.

    • Pot sellers and abortionists are key to remaining woke. It’s like excluding white people from healthcare based on their skin color only. Very woke.

  3. Churches are private property, church leadership should have blocked access to allow services to continue as they saw fit without interference. I can’t figure why, after two months when the data was beginning to emerge and bodies were not piling up on street corners, God’s follower still feared the Covid reaper, made no sense. But the Amish still held services…they don’t have tv’s.

    Don’t get me started on the wind and solar grift and ruin my Sunday morning chi, I’m waiting for the national grid to go down due to a large winter storm, like Texas last year. Every Dem run state has embraced/promoted/subsidized/nirvana-ized the idiocy of unreliably transferring energy from the wind and sun with the added bonus of trashing vast swaths of landscape. These morons then demand we all use short-run between charges electric vehicles, further straining the resource…except them of course, they need their huge SUV’s and private jets for transporting their sorry rear-ends and gun-toting security details while telling us to cut back on energy consumption.

    Maxwell is trying to make a deal, saying she’ll name names, hence why the feds swept in, took over the case, and the bought judge sealed all documents to avoid embarrassing our betters. She’ll be dead soon enough, leverage or not. Maybe she needs to put one of those Roman “plaques” up on her cell wall to ward off evil doers…we could take up a collection for an eBay purchase, with free shipping no less.

    • I don’t think that there are enough penis plaques or whiskey in Texas to keep Maxwell from the gates of hell before the spring arrives. There are always undiagnosed heart ailments that spring up on you.

  4. Yes, I truly hope that Epstein‘s black book, and the other materials get made public! That will put paid to a lot of the BS that the FBI is trying to use for blackmail!

    • There you go with the conspiracy theories. It’s like trying to convince me that Clinton had a seat on the Lolita Express with his name on it…

  5. Unfortunately Epstein’s lists have been memory-holed and will never see the light of day. Some names will come out as token sacrifices but no one major.
    The FBI raided Epstein’s island in August of 2019. There are pictures of agents removing his computers and electronic devices. These have never been referred to again. Not one reporter or Congressperson has inquired about them. Like Hunter’s laptop and Hillary’s e-mails they don’t exist.

  6. >> “Maybe the Romans were onto something?”

    They were. For a while anyway.
    They had a good run.
    But every empire- Chaldean, Hittite, Assyrian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, Turkish, Holy Roman, Mongol, Norman, British, Napoleonic, Socialist, Fascist, Nazi, Communist- follows a historical systole and diastole.
    Some are overwhelmed by hungry invaders. Some are dismembered piecemeal.
    Others, riddled with corruption or based on despotic control are doomed to fail.

    To me, the saddest cases are those which crumble from within.
    It used to be said, “It couldn’t happen here.”

    Don’t count on it.

    • I hope that the pendulum will swing back. If nothing more than because I’m at that point in history where it says, “YOU ARE HERE”.

  7. Per *Grist it seems the hapless Andy’s been sacrificed for the benefit of our rulers.

    Bill never went to pedo island and it’s our Christian duty to vax up, vax up and vax again. Just ask Welby and the… Pope.

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