I’m an AMERICAN. Weapons are an integral part of my religion. Some people say that you can’t actually worship at the range. Others say that it allows God to guide your hand… ok, sometimes the Devil but I usually blame a miss on the wind whether or not it’s windy.



Wisdom from AOC

The Great Society

He knew his constituents


King George III did not understand his constituents






  1. Sadly there’s a lot of truth in these memes.
    I’ll be working the 100 yard line at the temple today. I suppose that makes me a deacon. LSP would know.

  2. political leadership(?) on the left must shake with rage every time aoc utters more than a grunt. all that hard work shot to hell.

    • I guess. She’s often referred to as the “heart and soul” of the Democrat Party these days. Sort of a brain trust.

  3. “Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teach my hands to war,
    and my fingers to fight”.

    Private Jackson”–“Band of Brothers”

    Got my NRA Highpower Rifle Master card in 1990, using rifles I built and ammo I loaded.

    I have never experienced a shot fired in anger, incoming or outbound, and hope I never do. But if called upon, I have faith, and I am ready.

    • The minutemen in days of yore were not soldiers. They were farmers, and hunters – doctors, mechanics and preachers.

      • If I’m too old or busted up to go out with the Minutemen, I can always clean weapons, reload ammo, refill bandoleers, make bandages, and give comfort.

        I might be busy in the comms shack, but if you need the other things done, call me….

  4. Proves AOC and her handlers, The Justice Democrats, are all about tyranny. Time for a reckoning.

    The Colonists didn’t sport man-buns and wear skinny jeans.

    I get my ballot in the mail, fill it out etc., then drive to town to drop it at the Clerk and Recorders office in the secure bin. Afterwards I track it online to make sure it was collected and there are only two ballots for our address. Gotta manage your own stuff, best as able.

      • Eliminates process steps, more steps more chances of graft.

        25 years ago ago I was part of team designing an electronic voting system/booth (looks very similar to what is used today.) “Vote security” was the number one intent, yet the flaw was in trusting the local entity programming the tablet…it’s software. I like filling in a dot and dropping it in the box.

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