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Country Life – One point for each thing you’ve done.

Check on all except for forgetting an egg in my pocket. I never did that. (23 points)

And if you want to add bonus points (2 points for each):

  • Had sex in a stock tank (full of water) – with another human.
  • Had sex in a stock tank (empty) – with another human.
  • Cooked the animal that you slaughtered and butchered over a fire.
  • Drank horse milk.
  • Used baling wire to fix your truck.
  • Been lost at night in a place where people are hunting you and doing their best to kill you.
  • Been bucked off a horse got on and bucked off again.

I racked up a good score but not a perfect score.


Thoughts on the Political Left

Many of the lemmings who watch CNN and MSNBC and drank the Kool Aid have mastered doublethink. They can simultaneously believe:

  • That the riots are peaceful and unobjectionable.
  • That the riots are violent, but it’s okay because their cause needs violence to wake people up.
  • That the violence was caused by evil infiltrators from the right.

As Andrew Klavan puts it, “The Riots do not exist – and – they are Donald Trump’s fault.”

Leftism is a mental disease. It is a disease of the intellect where one’s fondly favorite fixed idea, theory, or obsession, is rendered immune from fact, immune from correction, because it has become an idol. It is worshipped, not examined.

When the theory fails, that is, when reality fails to perform was theory predicts, instead of stoning the false prophets as religious fanatics would do — because religious fanatics are not all that fanatical, compared with this — an additional theory must be brought in to explain away the failure.

The Left currently claims that systematic racism infects all of our institutions. It is noteworthy that the Left has enjoyed unchallenged hegemony over all our institutions since the late 1960s, four generations of man.

If the systemic racism exists, why tell us? Revise your system.

Wanted to be President

I might recommend adopting the idea of being colorblind, judging men on the content of their character rather than the color of their skin, and I might recommend promoting, or, least, ceasing so vehemently to denigrate, the idea that all men are created equal.

But, no, the theory does not allow for self-blame or self-doubt. The core of the theory is the theory that the theory cannot be wrong.

So if the Left openly and visibly controls all cultural institutions, from the National News, Hollywood, Washington and Wall Street, Academia, Silicon Valley, to the American Council of Bishops, the additional theory to explain what thwarts utopia must be found in something clandestine and invisible, yet somehow more powerful than all open and visible cultural institutions.

Hence, the additional theory is always a conspiracy theory.

The additional theory is about an anti-utopian and reactionary counterrevolutionary forces, evildoers, invisible witches, saboteurs, wreckers, or some other force of invisible people, as unseen as a glass ceiling, as inaudible as a dog whistle, as undetectable as a micro-aggression, which prevents the utopia from functioning as theory directs.

But who opposes utopia? Who would sabotage it?

The theory demands that no rational person would have a sound reason for opposing utopia. History herself has decreed the evolutionary progress from caveman to superman to be inevitable.

Hence the opposition must be “reaction” that is, thoughtless and bitter clinging to guns and Bibles and all the things evolution has condemned as old fashioned. The motive is power lust, a desire of those currently in power to retain power, because the Leftists have no other motives in their minds, and so can imagine no other motive.

The theory demands that someone, anyone, who is both invisible and inaudible, but somehow all powerful, sabotage the efforts of the utopia. When the utopia fails, or some unexpected event happens — as unexpected as the election of Trump — as unexpected as Americas preferring their national interest, life, liberty and freedom above the poverty and death promised by the globalist One World Order of anarchist totalitarians and socialist plutocrats — the event has to be explained away by inventing groups of reactionary conspirators, racists one and all, who out of malice and power-lust oppose the march of progress.

And if the racism in America is below detectable thresholds, then it must be manufactured — it is for this reason that Tawana Brawley, Duke Lacrosse Team, Covington Catholic school boys, Yasmin Seweid, Amari Allen and Jussie Smollett were all brought to public attention, either falsely accused or falsely accusing.

Why are these false accusations never denounced and exploded by the Left? Because the truth or falsehood or this or any other statements means nothing to them. There is no category in Leftwing theology for the truth-value of a statement. Statements are neither true nor false, correct nor incorrect. They are only politically correct or politically incorrect.

It cannot be otherwise. If statements could be judged on their correctness, then so could theories, and the theory, or idol, would have to be compared to the reality — and anyone convinced to do that is no longer possessed by the mental disease called Leftism.

For when you shall know the truth, the truth will make you no longer a Leftist.

Since truth cannot be used by Leftists for judging or discussing the propositions generated by their worldview, the comparison of one statement with another for self consistency, that thing we call a logic, no longer has any application.

It is not so much that Leftists reject logic as false or misleading. They simply do not deal with it at all. We rational adults know that if two statements of fact contradict each other, both cannot both simultaneously and unambiguously be true.

But interjections or expressions of a purely emotional nature do not share this rule. One can yearn for any number of impossible things, or wish for the fruit without the root, the effect without the cause, or regret the cost or hard work earning wealth, prestige, dignities, and so on demand. A cold man can wish for fire without fuel, or an envious woman would regret that she was not born a man, especially when she wishes she could punch someone.

Hence doublethink. Self-contradiction is not an accident, not a byproduct, and not the result of some momentary lapse or oversight afflicting an otherwise sound and sober Leftwing philosophy.

Totalitarian anarchy is a contradiction in terms, as is socialist plutocracy.

In Leftist economics, Marxism is merely the idea that eliminating the laws of cause and effect that underpin economic reasoning will eliminate inequities and injustices produced by the free market.

In Leftist politics, Anarchy is merely the idea that men do not need any coercive restrictions on their behavior due to their natural rationality and camaraderie, ergo coercion must be used to destroy the government, and all institutions of law and order, which are manned by the same men who allegedly need no coercion to compel them. Likewise totalitarianism is the idea that since men can be allowed no freedom whatsoever due to their corruption and ignorance, the men in government service need have no restrictions whatsoever on their freedom to use the force of law as they see fit.

In Leftist metaphysics, Nihilism states that it is true that no statement is true. In Leftist theology, there is no God, no creator, and no objective world, therefore each man is god, and creates his own world.


  1. Up to 29 with bonus points. I grew up on a hay farm.

    The “Been lost at night in a place where people are hunting you and doing their best to kill you.” happened in Iraq.

    • There are a couple of outliers, for example, the definition of “chores” while wearing PJ’s. Fetching coal or feeding chickens in the summer, or so many other possibilities where you dashed out, did something and came back in.

  2. Twenty eight (28) points overall. I haven’t been hunted by some one wanting to kill me, drunk horse milk or had sex in a stock pond wet or dry. But for the latter, does a swimming pool that the cattle broke the fence down and got to count? Does swimming in the hole in the creek that live stock drink from count as a stock pond for swimming?

    Leftism is a mental disorder. But they would complain trying to cure them would be “unfair”.

    • A swimming pool that cattle are swimming in is definitely a ‘stock tank’ – not traditional, but what in the country is “traditional”? Same with a pond or hole in a creek where stock drink from or cool off in. And if stock aren’t there, deer/elk and other wildlife certainly are.

  3. I thought I’d do poorly being an ex-merchant mariner, but I did grow up on a Florida cattle ranch.
    So 18 regular, not tomatoes (though we did grow them) no potatoes, not the flower thingy, and I never swam in a stock tank, we had swimming holes on the property.

    18 plus 6 extra points for getting thrown repeatedly off my sisters palomino, horse was a real snot, fixed my daddy’s F-100 with baling wire, duct tape and tin cans more than I like to remember, and yeah we cooked what we hunted were I’m from.

    So 24…not bad for a sailor!

    • 24 is a very respectable score for a swab. But then again I’m a swab too. Point of origin has a lot to do with it.

  4. That’s an interesting comparison when you see it in writing. Country life dishes out healthy doses of reality. Sad to say I suspect that many of the younger generations would score poorly. As I’ve mentioned before, I call it the Don Quixote syndrome. Don Quixote was defeated by the Knight of Mirrors.

    My score mirrors yours. I did forget an egg, but it wasn’t in my pocket. For extra points, I can check butchering and cooking an animal, fixings LOTS of things with bailing wire (and crawling under the truck to cut loose a stray piece that got wrapped around the drive shaft).

    I can also check getting bucked off a horse and getting back on, however I won the argument and stayed on. I was bucked off again, but DHDD (different horse, different day). When I was 11, I was riding my horse bareback and he stumbled in a squirrel hole and went down. He was none the worse for wear, but I woke up in the hospital with my left arm in a cast. I had been knocked unconscious twice before I was in high school. Does that count? I claim no lasting ill effects. There are some who disagree.

    • Full disclosure, the bread baking was dutch oven sourdough biscuits, which are excellent, by the way. You can cook a lot in a dutch oven. So I stretched that one. Who hasn’t cut loose baling wire (or twine) that was wrapped around a driveshaft? No extra points for that unless you did it in the mud. Anything you had to do in deep mud deserves at least one extra point. (I really hate mud). How about driving down a road that you didn’t suspect was undercut by an underground creek and dropping all four though the road into water (and mud, naturally)? I have pictures. Luckily there were aspens in the area and by winching in multiple directions, it only took 4 or 5 hours to get out.

      I’ve been bucked off a lot, got back on, sometimes thrown again if the horse was crow-hopping and had ‘skills’.

  5. all but kissed a horse and milked a goat. horses don’t like me, and after the last one i don’t like them much either, lol. ….the left, idk i have to wonder if its a genetic defect built in by nature to ensure our destruction or if there is something in the contrails after all.

    • There was a goat ranch near me growing up, so I went there and milked them in exchange for goat cheese and goat milk. That’s the only way I got points there. The guy who owned the goat ranch also had pretty daughters…so there’s that too.

  6. I scored 16, respectable but no hreat shakes. Never got laid in a stock tank though it’s happened in other locals in nature. Getting chased by angry cows is also one of my accomplishments.

  7. 21 on the first group. Never kissed a horse, milked a goat, or drank from a flower. Fixed lots of stuff with wire, cooked over a fire a few. times. Fallen through the ice in below 0 a couple miles from home. Other adventures along the way.

    • Take a few bonus points for falling through ice if you fell all the way through. However, even getting your feet wet in very cold weather, a long way from home, is a big problem.

  8. Twenty eight here, thankfully, I was never in a situation where I was lost AND people were trying to find me and kill me. Never milked a goat either, cows yes, goats no.

    I ascribe to BillB’s theory that leftism is a mental disorder. No conception of cause and effect.

  9. 26 here. If you had a category for shooting a beehive with a .410 because u thought it would be fun, i would score 28!

    • You’d get 10 points for having the balls to shoot the beehive at point blank range and I’d deduct 6 for not knowing better.

  10. Being a farm boy I have it covered in all the categories. I was also stationed in Kosovo so yes I was chased and hunted, we all where much like the guys today over in the sandboxes. I must say never in a stock tank, next to them, sex in a creek upside of where the cows wallowed and drank from sure. I didn’t count the stock tank, full/empty. I have a respectable 33 points. I have family that are raving lunatical left liberals… I call them LLLs, so I just stay away from them and do not have any contact. Once someone has proven to me to be of that persuasion, I don’t have anything to do with them. I just simply ignore them and do not respond to their psychosis.

  11. Only a 15/17 here, but I’ve lived most of my life in the State that until the 1950s sometime, contained the most densely populated square mile in the world.


  12. Ummm… Way too many of them? Except being lost/shot at. Thankfully the idjit shooting at our P-3 wasn’t a bird hunter, never figured out lead… And yes, the leftists deem the truth to be whatever it is on that particular day/issue/feelz…

  13. Yuri warned us.
    Thing is, the kids grew up in an era where there are no consequences-nobody got a bloody nose, everyone got a trophy. Even now, there are almost none- beat on the cops, attack random people, no consequences.
    There may be a great washing of the spears in our near future.

  14. 25 with a couple from the bonus category.
    I repaired vehicles with bailing wire many times and once with bass guitar strings in the middle of nowhere Texas, at night in a raging thunderstorm. A fair amount of mud was involved.
    I’ve been chased by hogs and cattle.
    Never been bucked off a horse but I’ve been “thrown” by both canoes and kayaks, skittish creatures those.

    I have always said that liberalism is a mental illness manifested as religious fanaticism.

  15. 18 – never stock tanked anything, dug potatoes, milked anything farmish (but did milk a cat to start kittens suckling,) nor garden produced. But I do still bake breads from scratch. And used to pull honey-suckle centers out and lick them, delicious in so small amounts. Been scratched by barbed wire and got buzzed by electric fences more than once.

    And one memorable camping trip where we cooked steak and potatoes, a very hearty stew, apple fritters, chicken and dumplings, pasta and meatballs, lots of bacon and eggs and flapjacks and breakfast potatoes and and and… That was a fun trip to the Smokies, with me and future Mrs. Beans cooking all sorts of wonderful things all day while around us were campers with their freeze-dried foods and instant coffee and other tasteless viands. Usually around dinner time we’d have a few of them just wandering around looking like they’d hope we’d invite them in. Plus lots of going to big SCA events and doing a camp kitchen for 30-40 people (one memorable evening we had 70 people due to the event being rained out and we having so much food left and most of the 70 were from one far location and their camp was about half a mile downstream (Ever see water breaking on a fort built in the middle of a field like it’s a lighthouse on some windswept coast? Yeah, it rained that much.)

    6 – Caught, cleaned and cooked fresh fish and shellfish, so I count that (also chased headless ducks around the yard when I was 4, fun as all get out!) Used baling wire and other wire to fix more than one vehicle, including a van, several lawn mowers, a vacuum cleaner and a sewing machine. And been bucked off, caught, remounted, bucked, caught, remounted, bucked, caught (x4 more times) some trail nag that had a hackamore instead of the bit and bridle it was supposed to have. Damned nag was trying to scrub me off on fences (including barbed wire and electric,) trees, bushes, cacti of various sizes and types, with me basically riding over it’s arse while pulling it’s head around in a 180 trying to get the damned nag to frackin stop. Vey frustrating day.

    Does being lost in the Ghetto at 2am while driving a Ford E150 official ‘Sexual Predator’ (white work type) van being followed by 3 hoopty-mobiles full of Homies count as ‘being lost while being followed by people out to kill you’ count? If so, add 2 points.

  16. Only scored 17 here. Not bad for a somewhat “urban” kid, but I spent a summer on a cousin’s horse ranch in Idaho.

    Does being chased by rats count? My buddies and I would go rat hunting at the local dump. Went there one night, with the headlights off as we pulled in, and heard lots of funny noises. My friend turned on the headlights, and all we could see was an ocean of brown fur with ‘billions and billions’ of little beady, glowing eyes. We did an immediate 180*, and as we exfil’d the area, they chased us out of the dump.

    Sent this to my sister in Chicago (ChIraq? ChiCongo? Shitcago?), who’s gone from “soft middle” to “Hard Right” the last few years.

    • You get 10 points for confronting the rats and another ten for deciding to run, discretion being the better part of valor.

  17. Initial run through on the base test gave me a 14. There were some things my folks would not tolerate – like going outdoors in pjs, or eating garden food that hadn’t been washed off yet -though I did sneak some berries on occasion.
    Dad farmed with horses when he was young, but never allowed any on the farm after getting tractors – so tractors were all I knew. He also had no use for goats.
    Didn’t swim in a stock tank, but came close to drowning in one when I was a wee little one.
    Always had rolls of baling wire around to be used for fixing things – it was a don’t leave home without it item.
    The Leftwing and truth: it’s only true if it supports the narrative….sort of like their own version of taqiyyah. Maybe that’s one reason why they appear to get along better with Muslims??

    • 14 is a proud score and you can take an extra 5 for having strict parents that wouldn’t let you skinny-dip with a young lady in the stock tank.

      • The stock tank river floating trips down the Middle Loup River in Nebraska look like another way to make life interesting with those things.

          • Did a lot of those, but…I never did get stranded on a rock while white water rafting, then jumped into a passing raft full of young ladies while yelling “I’m a lawyer”…as someone I knew accomplished.

  18. I scored pretty high on both quizzes but haven’t been shot at. Mind you, I’ve walked through Detroit in the early hours far more times than I should’ve. So that’s close.

    Good leftist analysis. They don’t believe in truth and so they lie like their their Father, the Devil.

    • You also lived in Baltimore, a war zone much like Beirut. So you get a point for courage. The hood rats never shoot straight and you could just as easily be shot as they aimed at another target.

  19. An honest 19 on the first list. Not sure if I can get bonus points or not. We used to have big BB gun wars when we were kids so I’ve been shot so to speak and I was shot with rock salt in the leg while on a dirt bike once. Good story but I’ll leave it there.

    • When I was a kid, my grandfather handed me his .22LR derringer and authorized me (ROE) to shot feral dogs in the rump with shot shells. They used to chase bicycles and snap at you. I was in 5th grade. By the time I was in Jr. High, I loaded my own shot shells and would load up with rock salt and actively hunted those dogs. Rump shots, but painful to the wild dogs.

      There are no wild dogs at the WWM. The life expectancy of an escaped dog is about 12 hours, I think. Cougars, wolves, and coyotes make short work of them. I haven’t seen one loose K-9.

  20. 16 here. Not bad for a Navy brat, I guess. Grandparents were truck farmers on one side and ranchers on the other, so I got some experiences during the summers we were able to visit.

  21. One dog must be special one to survive in your habitat, a couple might work a pack is better. But who wants that. I am planning for a special one, a boerboel. Maybe 70 kg+ or in that range a breed to protect the farm and the family. But where I live it is to make sure the leftist and their friends stay away. On the other hand they seldom show up in the forrest.

    • Leftists don’t trust the forest. People who live there rarely conform to the rules that keep anarchists, communists, freaks and mutants safe. People who live there don’t live their lives “by your leave” and find it easy to dig graves where they won’t be discovered.

  22. 16 points – not bad for a British townie!

    Bonus points – Being the only chick at hunting camp in Texas and feeling like an extra in the film “Running Man” must get at least 4 points, right?

    If you don’t know truth then how can you navigate out of any problem…

    • You also bet on plastic floating chickens and other eccentric things. If I’d known that you would have showed up at the quiz, I’d have added some ringers for you that would have catapulted you ahead, like drinking Guiness at the Alamo (the Riverwalk, but close enough) or a number of things like that.

      Being the only woman at a hunting camp in Texas just means that the lads have that dreamy expression on their faces that suggest you’re dessert.

  23. Missed a couple (egg in pocket, being hunted, horse milk (some things are left undone), and a few I will not discuss but may have taken the points. But was away with some rancher neighbors that would probably score nearly 120% as they’ve done some things not on the list (like getting chased by a nasty bull trying to take them out, altho that might double as the “hunted” one.) I’d add “standing alongside a migrating elk herd” for one point. Baling wire is critical for survival.

    Been out of range for a few days, catching upon the insanity occurrences…the Left is desperately working to swap truth for fiction despite the rest of us having definitive video proof. Nothing new when reprobates work to wreck everything the rest of us hold sacred.

  24. Missed all the two pointers but managed to get to 19 on the other. Darling daughter went back to school in her 40’s to complete her masters and really became infected with the left leaning idiots. Love her but we never ever discuss politics. Darling son is mostly normal and really didn’t like Obummer so it makes for interesting holidays.

    • The progs can be persuasive when you’re surrounded by them in an echo chamber. You can love them and wait for sanity to set in.

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