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Acting CIA Director Gina Haspel scares Democrats. However they were fine with her back when she was DDCI (number two slot in the outfit). I find it all just a bit amusing.

It was brilliant of President Trump to put forward the name of the ballziest, most experienced, and best placed woman in the CIA to be its first female director, poised to break the glass ceiling.  Now the Democrats have to pick on a woman… Gina should quote Hillary just to punch back – but she won’t.

14 thoughts on “Gina – Gina – Gina!

  1. She has struck me as being a very competent woman and no one's fool. Those on the fringe left seem to be vehemently opposed to her and naturally I find that to be an endorsement.

  2. When you see the Democrat shills lining up against her, you know that she's qualified for the job.

  3. Brenner was widely believed to be a closet Muslim. When he was sworn into office, he refused to put his hand on a Bible, but he put his hand on a Constitution. I don't know John Brenner but I've met him and have spoken with him. He's not a fool, but he's definitely part of that network of East Coast elitists that somebody like Hillary would be completely comfortable with.

  4. remember… it's not waterboarding if you use diesel fuel. A caller to the Mark Levin show yesterday reminded why a little waterboarding is sometimes useful… (not to be relativistic, but…) he was stationed in the Pentagon and was coming out of the bathroom the day the airplane hit. He described spending 8 months in the burn unit without a large portion of his skin, having lost it in a bit of "religion of peace" fire that also consumed other victims in the building and a hundred plus passengers and crew on the aircraft… being scrubbed down in a dip tank full of chlorine based solution… and seeing others there in the same shape going through equally horrible torture. It brought things into a bit of perspective amongst all the arguing by people that don't have quite so much skin in the game. And sorry for that horrible last little bit of analogy, but it works here.

  5. The analogy is sound. As Old NFO, me, and everyone else who has been waterboarded in training can attest, it's very uncomfortable. Making a terrorist uncomfortable doesn't bother me. Not in the slightest.

  6. Thanks, Anon. "remember… it's not waterboarding if you use diesel fuel. " would make a great Tee shirt.

    Retroactive morality annoys the hell out of me, but it's going on everywhere. Suddenly, people who knew exactly what was going on, – in their name because they approved it – are acting like they never knew anything about it, and acting like it's the most immoral thing in history.

    Nothing is judged as part of the world it happened in. Everything is judged by their morality today.

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