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I bought a 2015 Ducati Diavel.  My daughter, Emilie (pictured with the scooter because I’m just too ugly) has claimed it as her own. Unlikely that will happen.

Diavel means “devil” in Italian, so I have 170 horsepower of devil between my legs. Naturally this scooter is female, and while have I’ve had versions of the devil in that position before, I like this one better…not because she’s black.

24 thoughts on “Toyz

  1. Back in the day, when I had to shoo dinosaurs away from my yard, I had a 1972 Kawasaki H2 750cc triple cylinder two stroke death machine. That had I believe 92 hp, and the bike weighed around 400 lbs. Still, the fastest production bike in the world that year, and it ruled.

    Now compared to death machines like this Ducati, that Kawasaki seems quite tame.

  2. I am very familiar with that bike. This one has 1191.4cc, dry weight is 463 lbs, and like the Kawasaki 750 two-stroke, you can pull the front end up at 80 if you want to. The Diavel is fast, but that Kawasaki was right in the same range unless memory fails me. I'm very familiar with your old bike. It will do the quarter mile at just about 130 mph. I have not had it that fast, naturally, obeying all speed laws, etc. It's a track day if I do that. (and I am serious about that – I'm not suicidal)

  3. So what are your plans for adorning it? You know, so you can join a Japanese bike gang? And how's the height of your hairstyle coming along?

  4. Two beauties, good on ya LL! :-) And I'm betting that one stops better than the old Kows did…

  5. Came very close to buying a Ducati Monster a while back, but bought a BMW instead. That bike looks like way too much fun!

  6. It's an Italian bike — completely different gang demographic. I have to eat pizza and drink grappa rather than eat sushi and drink saki.

  7. The monster is a good choice but so is the BMW 1200. Depends on how and where you want to ride.

  8. I owned my Kow in my eary to mid 20's. I broke every law on the books. Drunk driving, stoned driving, excessive and constant speeding, and I installed expansion chambers (loud unrestricted exhaust pipes), and the thing was horribly loud. And I cranked it through all five gears in quiet German neighborhoods and was truly a menace to society.

    In other words, I was a complete stupid dick. I regret those days.

  9. I don't know that there are any genuine Italian bike gangs. Usually people who drive Ducatis fall into the category of being "motorheads" – and they are driven by young people with rich parents who are indulging their odious offspring or by yuppies who also drive BMW automobiles. I just don't fit into either category. I guess that I'm an army of one when it comes to the whole bike gang demographic.

  10. The Kz750 is the perfect bike to be a stupid dick while riding – however you must be skillful (or impossibly lucky) to have survived because that scooter is unforgivingly fast.

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