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NIPRNet – Unclassified Internet Protocol Router Network (UNCLASS and FOUO)
SIPRNet – Classified up to Secret – Internet Protocol Router Network (CONFIDENTIALSECRET)
RIPRNet – Classified up to Secret – Internet Protocol Router Network where the information may be shared with the Republic of Korea
NMIS – National Reconnaissance Office – Internet Protocol Router Network (up to TOP SECRET SCI)
JWICS – Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communication Network System (up to TOP SECRET SCI)
How we communicate.
How we watch others communicate.
NarusInsight (see clearly/act swiftly)- Replaced the FBI’s Carnivore software (in 2005) used to monitor e-mail and electronic communications (including Skype) originating from the USA. (LINK) Narus became a wholly owned subsidiary of Boeing in 2010. A single machine can monitor the combined traffic of several million users at the same time.
ECHELON – (generic name for SIGINT) can be used to control the download and dissemination of commercial satellite trunk communications (worldwide) principally through the VORTEX satellite system, though a number of ground stations are involved in the network. This would include the not so secret anymore ‘Room 641A’ in San Francisco. 
I didn’t post any of this unclassified data for any reason besides taking the opportunity to express my love for BIG BROTHER and to suggest that I know that everything I (ever) put on line will be saved forever and that it may be analyzed during my lifetime or thereafter to better the understanding of what a genuinely wonderful person I am. Since posting these names on my blog will mean that the government will visit to see what I wrote, I want it noted that I only said positive things about the vast ability of others to keep an eye on me. 
As a US Military Officer, I was given the following advice, “Enlisted men are back-stabbing bastards and are just setting themselves up to scuttle your career.” -and- “Enlisted men are stupid, but they are sly, cunning and bear considerable watching.” It would seem that the USGOV considers its citizens and potentially all non-citizens as being in the same category as US Enlisted service personnel and that Congress declaring me to be a gentleman (legally) has somehow been ignored. “Because gentlemen don’t read other gentlemen’s mail.” – US Secretary of State Henry L. Stimson (1929)
(h/t Opus #6)

8 thoughts on “Gentlemen Reading my Mail

  1. Always be careful with your email – as well as the paper kind. How could anyone ever think there is a possibility of privacy, re the mail?

  2. WoFat, there are a LOT of police officers who thought that sending texts on from their cars with questionable decorum would never get them into trouble…

    Opus #6, I'm appropriately shamed.

  3. I worry about the geek in the basement of the science building with his oil and beach towel reviewing Rule 5s Woodsterman Style.

  4. I personally believe that reading Woodsterman Rule 5's and the Woodsterman WalMart people would improve their perception of reality.

  5. Hehehe… I'll just say "No comment" and move on 🙂 Nothing to see/read here…

  6. I was once asked to the office of the Watch Commander, to review his review of my electronic communications. He asked me what would happen if they were made public (my personal policy was that I could make fun of someone 30 seconds after they spoke on the radio, or your money back)…I answered, "One career may end, but another will begin." It's not the end of the world, but a begining to a new one…

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