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You can’t tell the Players Without a Program

** (Wikipedia) A Thorne–Żytkow object is formed when a neutron star collides with another star, often a red giant or supergiant. The colliding objects can simply be wandering stars. This is only likely to occur in extremely crowded globular clusters. Alternatively, the neutron star could form in a binary system when one of the two stars goes supernova. Because no supernova is perfectly symmetric, and because the binding energy of the binary changes with the mass lost in the supernova, the neutron star will be left with some velocity relative to its original orbit. This kick may cause its new orbit to intersect with its companion, or if its companion is a main-sequence star, it may be engulfed when its companion evolves into a red giant.

Once the neutron star enters the red giant, drag between the neutron star and the outer, diffuse layers of the red giant causes the binary star system’s orbit to decay, and the neutron star and core of the red giant spiral inward toward one another. Depending on their initial separation, this process may take hundreds of years. The neutron star and red giant core will merge when the two finally collide. The two will collapse into a black hole if their combined mass exceeds the Tolman–Oppenheimer–Volkoff limit. Otherwise, the two will coalesce into a single neutron star.[6]

If a neutron star and a white dwarf merge, this could form a Thorne–Żytkow object with the properties of an R Coronae Borealis variable


Bullet Points:

** Of all the AMAZING gas lighting bullshit the “Biden” Admin engages in daily, only this issue – since it’s the #1 political issue in the ’24 election – outshines all the bullshit surrounding the Covid hysteria.

Is there a SINGLE Human being who thinks this invasion of illegals is Trump’s or the R’s fault? I mean, that doesn’t work for CNN or MSNBC? (I doubt even THEY are that braindead; they are just paid liars and propagandists) It is outrageous to suggest that given the simple facts on the ground.

Oh – and now they call them “newcomers”. Sounds like a party, “newcomers!” yeah! Sure, they rape, murder and drain the public purse and break the law to come here, some are terrorists or foreign agents, we have no idea how many, but hey, who doesn’t love a “newcomer”?

** Walmart – lowering food prices? What’s all that about? I’m used to being gouged at the store.

** Why are there no straight white families in TV ads anymore?

** Are they trying to destroy our clown world? The University of Florida fired 13 full-time diversity, equity, and inclusion positions and ended 15 administrative appointments for faculty on Friday. It also eliminated the office of the Chief Diversity Officer and ended DEI contracts with outside vendors, according to a Friday memo.

** NATO is 70+ years old. The Soviet Union dissolved 30 + years ago. Russia is unable to prevail against — Ukraine. (more here)

** The same people who manifest a grand mal seizure if you ask for proof of citizenship to vote are the same people who wanted you to produce your vax record to buy food.

** The same people who made you get a COVID-19 vax to keep your job allowed 20 million unvaccinated and unemployed people to enter the United States and disburse almost anonymously.

** In 1775, and moving forward from there, the British demanded that we surrender our firearms. We shot them.



Rassam Cylinder

The Rassam Cylinder is a ten-sided clay cylinder that was created in c. 643 BC, during the reign of King Ashurbanipal who ruled the Neo-Assyrian Empire from c. 669 – c. 631 BC. It was discovered in the ancient Assyrian city of Nineveh, near Mosul, present-day Iraq, by Hormuzd Rassam in 1854. In over 1,300 lines of cuneiform text, the cylinder records nine military campaigns of Ashurbanipal, including his wars with Egypt, Elam and his brother, Shamash-shum-ukin. It also records his accession to the throne and restoration of the Palace of Sennacherib. The cylinder is the most complete chronicle of the life of Ashurbanipal. There are some extracts from the cylinder below:

“I am Ashurbanipal, offspring of Ashur and Bêlit, the oldest prince of the royal harem, whose name Ashur and Sin, the lord of the tiara, have named for the kingship from earliest (lit., distant) days, whom they formed in his mother’s womb, for the rulership of Assyria; whom Shamash, Adad and Ishtar, by their unalterable (lit., established) decree, have ordered to exercise sovereignty.

Esarhaddon, king of Assyria, the father who begot me, respected the word of Ashur and Bêlit-ilê (the Lady of the Gods), his tutelary (divinities), when they gave the command that I should exercise sovereignty; in the month of Airu, in the month of Ea, the lord of mankind, the twelfth day, an auspicious day, the feast day of Gula, at the sublime command which Ashur, Bêlit, Sin, Shamash, Adad, Bêl, Nabû, Ishtar of Nineveh, Queen of Kidmuri, Ishtar of Arbela, Urta, Nergal, Nusku, uttered, he gathered together the people of Assyria, great and small, from the upper to (lit., and) lower sea. That they would accept (lit., guard) my crown princeship, and later my kingship, he made them take an oath by the great gods, and so he strengthened the bonds (between them and me)….

By the order of the great gods, whose names I called upon, extolling their glory, who commanded that I should exercise sovereignty, assigned me the task of adorning their sanctuaries, assailed my opponents on my behalf, slew my enemies, the valiant hero, beloved of Ashur and Ishtar, scion of royalty, am I.

Egyptian Campaign:

“In my first campaign, I marched against Magan, Meluhha, Taharqa, king of Egypt and Ethiopia, whom Esarhaddon, king of Assyria, the father who begot me, had defeated, and whose land he brought under his sway. This same Taharqa forgot the might of Ashur, Ishtar, and the other great gods, my lords, and trusted his power. He turned against the kings and regents my father had appointed in Egypt. He entered and took residence in Memphis, the city my father had conquered and incorporated into Assyrian territory. A swift courier came to Nineveh and reported to me. My heart became enraged at these deeds, and my soul cried out. I raised my hands in prayer to Ashur and the Assyrian Ishtar. I mustered my mighty forces, which Ashur and Ishtar had placed into my hands. Against Egypt and Ethiopia, I directed the march.”

The Rassam Cylinder records the reign of Ashurbanipal until c. 645 BC. The latter years of his reign are poorly recorded, probably because the Neo-Assyrian Empire was plagued with troubles. One of Ashurbanipal’s last known inscriptions reads:

“I cannot do away with the strife in my country and the dissensions in my family; disturbing scandals oppress me always. Illness of mind and flesh bow me down; with cries of woe, I bring my days to an end. On the day of the city god, the day of the festival, I am wretched; death is seizing hold upon me and bears me down…”

The Rassam Cylinder is currently on display in the British Museum. A truly remarkable, yet biased, insight into the reign of Ashurbanipal and the world in which he lived.


Meme of the Day


Identify the Armor




Identify the Aircraft


Yes, there is a hint.


62 thoughts on “Funny, It Worked Last Time…

  1. Identify the Armor:
    1. M26 Super Pershing
    2. Vickers Independent

    Identify the Aircraft:
    3. Caproni Ca.3
    4. Updated Douglas Skyhawk

  2. (1) Some version of the T-29, maybe?
    (2) That’s the Vickers Independant.
    (3) Caproni Ca3 ?
    (4) Looks like one of the later Skyhawks.

    – Kle.

    1. 4 is the very latest Skyhawk with the goldfish bowl sensor on it. They’re privately owned and flown as OPFOR.

  3. NATO – yes, the Soviet threat is gone.
    However, I maintain that the real purpose of NATO is to keep an American occupying army in Europe, so the fucking Europeans don’t start another horrible General War that we wind up getting dragged into. We are doing a piss-poor job of it these days, having brought most of the troops home.

    Meme – they were going to stand that obelisk up using simple machines and manpower. If given the resources and authority, I could probably stand one up using Boy Scouts techniques and field technology. And lots of time.

    – Kle.

    1. If you have a large enough lever, you can move the world, right?

      I agree that NATO tried to involve the USA on the ground to keep the peace. Finland and Sweden now want that safety net, and I don’t blame them. I don’t argue that the Russians shouldn’t be taken seriously regarding their intentions. The invasion of Ukraine is causing Europe to rearm and to reconsider their positions (Thanks Vlad). The Chinese are causing their neighbors including Australia to rearm and re-evaluate their future in a more complicated world. (Thanks Xi).

      My point – if I had one to be made – was that Russia is not the USSR anymore. Their buffer states are now NATO members who take them very seriously. IF AMERICA HAD ANY CREDIBILITY, and I’m not saying that we do, it would rethink the situation with Russia as an ally against China, the real threat to Russia and the world.

      The problem that USGOV has is that the military industrial complex needs to be fed and the gears are currently greased with the blood of endless wars. Russia is currently obliging now that the Afghan War is over.

      1. Saw a documentary where they said most of the pyramid building blocks were floated to the job site using temporary canals and the annual flood.

        The classic movie scene of slaves whips is hollywood fiction. Many of the workers were well paid specialists.

        12 year old me used to stand corner fence posts that weighed more than I did with a crowbar and shovel. As Larry said a big enough lever.

        1. Egypt monument building. Given large amounts of manpower, it’s doable.

          So one day the boss has an idea. I want a pyramid, over there, before I die.

          Then I start thinking about the other problems. First they were building other monuments, temples, and stone structures at the same time which significantly increase needed resources. But those existing folks have skills so you do have a starting place.

          Next floating 100 ton granite blocks down the Nile requires a much larger buoyancy than the folks who made that documentary understand. Once that large ship was down river it’s no small effort to get it back up river even if taken apart. Yes, they can row and sail, just more resources. Moving dozens of blocks. How many ships.

          Then how many chisels made of bronze do you need, who made them, who mined the raw ore, who refined it, add in ropes, levers, rollers, diamonds embedded in rope to saw the granite.

          Heh, go get me ten thousand diamonds to make granite cutting rope saws, food, drinking water, housing, medical care for injured, building layout, ground prep, literally 500,000 tons of mortar as they’ve found that in the pyramids, so forth.

          Then you have a population of around 2 million that needed 90% of those folks dedicated to food production scattered all along the Nile so the manpower you need at the job sites scattered all over Egypt are not necessarily in the places they are needed. So move folks from agriculture areas to mines, quarries, smelters, gather fuel for the smelters. Then move food to all of those locations too.

          Of course the higher one went in height on the structure the less manpower you can apply to the work due space limitations. Of course ramp building was needed, stone block haul roads, lumbering and such so probably still plenty to keep everyone busy. Then just cleaning up the mess from the construction and all this activity.

          Just getting started is a feat in itself as all the starting people need gathered up, tools needed made, people trained to use them, then slowly build momentum to get going at scale of cutting and moving blocks, making replacement tools so forth. Then keep all these diverse tasks organized and in schedule. Just a simple lack of bronze could delay the project weeks. Bad weather, famine, plague so forth.

          Then some sort of communication system is needed. Even verbal instructions by runner requires more people. Add in glyphs on papyrus, people to write it, read it, understand it, implement it. Haul the instructions 500 miles to the quarry, here’s the stones we need.

          And then… they did it multiple times, built countless other structures and so on. All while also fighting multiple wars, invaders, terrority expansion, and not going financially broke.

          Yet it was in 2,500 to 3,000 bc this all occurred. This effort was monumental in scale, and would require very motivated individuals. Remarkable accomplishments supposedly all done in 40 to 60 years.

          1. Alien space ships with antigravity devices. The next taller structure made by man was the Eiffel Tower.

          2. Government gotta tax and waste the wealth like that, otherwise the peasants become a middle class and are no longer impressed with pharaohs. Then you can’t enslave them when they try to get their seven years of social security payments back.

      2. “If you have a large enough lever, you can move the world, right?”

        True, but if you’re a genius congressman and, according to him, if they put too many people on Guam it’ll tip over.

        1. You’re quoting Hank Johnson, who has been returned to Congress by his constituents repeatedly.

      3. I would absolutely LOVE it if we could get Russia on-side. We might have had a chance, the EU might have had a chance, back in the nineties and oughts. We blew it, if it was there.

        In addition to the problems with making friends with the Russians that stem from all the corruption and various other sins here at home, I’m not sure that the Russian character allows for friendship and trust, at least at the national level.

        In addition, one of the unfortunate downsides to elected government, even when we are doing that thing, is that national foreign policy constantly flipflops all over the place, with the elections. The US can’t really be a very reliable friend and ally unfortunately, even if we want that, which is also often in doubt.

        So, as much as I can wish that we had Russia as an ally in the cause of what I consider to be civilization… IDK if it’s actually possible.

        – Kle.

    2. You mean the Europeans cause a giant sucking sound of American money and effort to keep the US from solving it’s own problems while they siphon off a percentage for their socialist states. Did you see the latest on the death of the American dream? Morgenthau might have had the right plan for Europe after all.

        1. And still to this day there is no explanation proffered on how Edward Leedskalnin moved huge blocks by himself to create Coral Castle. Lots of theories but nothing definitive. A mystery.

      1. I had to rent a U-HAUL last weekend and the guy there told me that the company is having to send teams of guys to Florida, South Carolina, Texas and Tennessee to pick up trucks and trailers to drive one way back to States like California, New York, Illinois and Oregon. No surprise there.

        1. That’s been going on for 5 years. Within maybe 4 months of my departure from the workers paradise, rental trucks couldn’t be had for love nor money. Its much worse now and the rates are extortionate

          1. Had an aunt / uncle do this once he retired in 1965. Saw the country on someone else’s dime and got paid for it. Did this for at least 10 years.

  4. Walmart must have made up the lost revenues from The Lockdown PsyOp so can now gain more market share by offering “reduced” prices. Curious if product volume and packaging will miraculously go back also, or will these get imperceptibly smaller to match the new new lower prices?

    Tagline for all of it, including The 20-40 million Invasive Species…We The People Are Being Played, Bigly.

    1. Rassam Cylinder- Indicating mankind has not changed a whole lot, even Costner’s new epic Western showcases the strife of the era in similar (accurate?) fashion.

      1. People have not changed at all since they were able to write. For the last 10K-12K years or so. Same people, same problems, same same.

        1. This adds fuel to that insane fire:

          Brother texted me the other day after discovering his home state of Wyoming has a Ramada in Sheridan packed full of The Invaders:

          “Mesh coverage the acreage with WiFi and cams. As for firearms, buy more now. You need 3 AR15s, one in each pickup and one for the house, 1,000 rounds of .225 or .556, a few semi auto handguns, either 9mm or .45. Maybe both. And a few compact single stack pistols for better conceal carrying. I prefer the single stack handguns over the pocket pistols because my hands are too big for those little ones. Check the S&W M&P EZ series. Great gun, easy to rack, lightweight, lifetime warranty. Relatively cheap. They usually run rebates in the spring on the M&P series.”

          And he’s the measured one.

          1. People who mocked me for moving away from the clown world are silent and envious now.

          2. Me too, now they are saying I nailed it. It’s a strenuous lifestyle and most can’t or don’t want that, bringing the 80/20 rule into play…which may be more like 90/10 or even less these days. Very few will do their version of Redoubt, regardless the number of YT Channels they subscribe…which is good for us as the horde will usually stay away or last a year at most once going thru a tough Winter. People are used to the suburbia comfortable life, which is fine, to each his own…keeps the hinterland from getting too overrun with I Shouldn’t Be Alive participants.

          3. I had been wondering the other day after seeing something about the farmer protests in Europe, when we would see a push to prevent people from growing their own food. I mean how can the proles be allowed to survive? Will there be Food Police going out and raiding homes for the contraband food (which they will take home and consume)? Will they take the residents off in chains like they do Christian anti-abortion folks who harmed no one and didn’t stop anyone?

          4. BillB, you’ve caught the vision of the progs. Once the revenuers start coming for family farms, we start dropping 300ft ponderosas across the highway once they’re here. Let them come.

    2. bringing up (in a highly sidewise manner) a particular topic/POV which I am truly loath to do:
      most of the Wallys in our particular area/(hood) are located in sections that have a government-assisted population slightly greater than ten percent (sometimes somewhat more).
      Shopping/picking out items for purchase, during daylight hours, isn’t usually a problem, however when it comes to the checkout counters, if you’re elderly white employing a device to assist mobility, you must be prepared to be placed/pushed/violently shoved to the back of the line with no help available from security.
      I can understand their anger at their forebears having to use separate drinking fountains, etc; I’ll just find another “multi-store” to shop where the prices might be a bit higher and my security a bit better.
      and yes, I carry, but …

          1. If you move to Idaho, expect a crazy place with a mixture of corruption, drug cartels and good hard working people.

            And if you move to Moscow, expect to be arrested during the next big kerfuffle if you follow the law and sing Psalms.

          2. Doug Wilson, Pastor, Christ Church, Moscow, has much to say over the years about the goings on there as it descends into the abyss despite his best efforts. It as you say. ( He is a pastor, well educated in the classical sense, unafraid of The Horde, and writes extensively about all manner of subjects. I have always appreciated his take on things Christian and the reality of navigating this world from that perspective while boldly maintaining ones faith against a seemingly increasing fierce opposition.

          3. Northern Arizona is a little eccentric. I blame it on a combination of illegal space aliens and the Hashknife Pony Express Route that runs near where I live. The roads in my area were all constructed by the US Army in its war against Goyahkla (Geronimo).

            Factoid: The Geronimo Campaign took place between May 1885 and September 1886, and was the last large-scale military operation of the Apache wars. It took more than 5,000 US soldiers to subdue no more than 70 (only 38 by the end of the campaign) Chiricahua Apache.

            Many of those soldiers were involved in building military roads to move soldiers and logistics.

            There has to be some old Apache curse on all of us who live here near the Battle of Big Dry Wash (on the run-up to the Geronimo Campaign).

  5. They’re invaders, and using their women to supplement their income with public assistance, while jumping between jobs that pay cash. They ignore our laws, and refuse to appear in court for their crimes that can be as simple as not having insurance after causing an automobile accident to premeditated murder. To make things worse, they help each other avoid prosecution and use their supposed lack of understanding English to obfuscate. I lost compassion for them years ago, and at the rate things are going, the cheapest method of eliminating the problem will be a bounty on them. At a few hundred dollars for each of them, some enterprising people could make a healthy income for a few years.

    1. i’d be living large on my retirement if i could get by w/o all the various “insurance” required. maybe i should identify as a migrant.

  6. ** Why are there no straight white families in TV ads anymore? you asked….
    The people that control the media are hard at work changing society, they can sell you anything and no straight white families is what they want you to think is the norm.

    1. …and every male in a commercial is an idiot and moron while the wifely unit and kids are the smart and dialed-in ones. Hallmark is slowly pushing every alternative minority aspect of humanity. Weird, yet subversive as a means to an end

  7. Lifting large, heavy objects such as the unfinished obelisk is easier than we would imagine now. Engineers who didn’t have to do basic calculations and use slide rules don’t know how to estimate reasonably and quickly. Computers are fun and help, but you still have to have the basic knowledge to do a good job. With all our machinery and the push for automation, we, yes the ubiquitous we, have forgotten how to use simple things to accomplish large tasks.

    This 6 minute video is actually fun as it illustrates just how much the collective we have forgotten.

    1. I figured The Aliens would hoist it up for them. (Kidding) Seriously though, look at a sailing vessels lines and knots…very complicated to those not in that arena, also a dwindling skillset. Same goes for engineering of the ancients, they knew what to do because they didn’t have cranes and excavators.

  8. “Can’t tell the players without a program”. So, if the universe is a black hole that we are living in ( (courtesy of Joe Huffman)) and it contains other black holes that may in fact be other universes just how deep does this particular rabbit hole go and how would we even find out if that were true?

    Lifting large heavy object. A lever is indeed your friend, or in my case a Hi-Lift jack and sufficient cribbing.

    KLH definitely has a point about NATO. Lets keep everything on a high simmer so things won’t boil over into WWIII AND we keep all the defense contractors happy. Good grief I am getting cynical in my old age.

    1. “I” may be the only sentient creature in the universe (sort of a Truman show without the commercials) and you’re all sims intended to keep me lulled into a false sense of security. Or maybe it’s black holes and we can’t see beyond the event horizon?

  9. Cleopatra was alive around 30 bc hanging out with Mark Anthony. From her porch she could look out at the pyramids that were already 2,500 to 3,000 years old. We are closer time wise to Cleopatra than she was to the builders of the pyramids. Yet after they were done building them. That’s it, we’re done.

    All the skills, tech, so on, just withered away and wasn’t much used to the point that when Cleopatra was asked how were they built. They didn’t know.

    Unlike in sailing ships the skills went away due to technology changing, steam power. In the pyramids case, not much changed technology wise between 3,000 bc and one bc. Yet they forgot how to do it.

    Go mine the ore, hand digging it, smelt it, and hand make say, 400,000 bronze chisels in one or two years moved by camel to the work site so you can consume them banging on rocks. How many camels hauling chisels one way, and food and workers the other way.

    The pyramids are remarkable, today we dream up simplistic answers to daunting construction and project support problems, we ignore the scale of the support projects, resources needed and say, yep no problem. I like three pyramids please.

    My head hurts at how hard it would be. I need another cup of coffee.

    1. The Romans left aquaducts, heated baths, magnificent villas and the locals used the stones to build hovels.

    2. I read the other day that NASA couldn’t build another Saturn 5 because the technology to do so no longer exists. Think on that one think.

      1. Sort of the same thing. If it wasn’t for SpaceX, the US space program would have died completely. Boeing is a disgrace, NASA is very woke.

      2. The thing is, the tech to build the Saturn 5 is more like the tech to build a Ford Trimotor than it is to build SpaceX’s Starship.

        When getting ready for the Ares 5/SLS (hint, it’s the same damn thing) NASA 3D scanned every surviving example of the F1 engines from Saturn, from complete jobs to individual parts. And figured out they could make a modern version using only hundreds of parts using CAD/CAM rather than the hundreds of thousands of carefully hand welded and fitted pieces parts of the original F1 engines. And for, at 2012 expenses, about $500 thou an engine, maybe a million, at a time that the Shuttle SSME engines were running over $25 million a piece. And the F1-B engines could be reused and refurbished much easier than the SSMEs.

        Saying “We don’t have the tech to do a Sat5 anymore” is like saying “We don’t have the tech to do an F4 Phanthom or an F105 Thunderchief.” Not relevant.

        And the “NASA threw all the technical drawings away” is also false. NASA has the tech drawings on most every little bit of Sat5 tech. Problem was in manufacturing the assembly techs basically made the pieces parts fit and made changes in order to get things to work, and THAT’S where the issue is. We don’t know, really, unless we take both Sat5’s apart and scan each piece (which NASA did for the F1 3D scanning, well, taking down as far as they could) we have no real idea precisely how the Sat5 is built. We have a damned good idea, but without all the molds and references, we’d be starting out from scratch.

        And, really, with modern CAD/CAM and computer dynamic testing, there’s really no reason to rebuild a Saturn 5, unless someone is fabulously rich and bored. Or… they could be like Elon Musk (our favorite African American Tech Mogul) and, yeah, do some serious CAD/CAM work (looks like Starship is go for launch on March 14th!!!) and make something better, stronger, faster.

        I think Werner von Braun would quite agree with Elon, probably get along like best friends…

  10. Thinking about the “Two Stars” graphic…if you replaced the two starting White Dwarf’s with politicians or lawyers the end result will still be a Black Hole, sucking in everything of consequence around it without any differentiation or positive result.

  11. There is a lot of hard won knowledge that flows through your blog. Seldom can I add to it.

    Micro world observation. Most of my neighbors are lifelong Democrats. Many are so disgusted about what is happening around them that they vow to not vote for a Democrat again.

    When a 80 year old abuela, solid Roman Catholic, whose parents were migrant field workers, says goodbye to the Democrat party, you must think hell has frozen over.

    OK, we are older than dirt in this building and dying off. We are still ‘influencers’ to the younger generation.

    Short term it won’t matter because winners are decided by who counts the vote. Long term?

  12. Regarding trusting Russia, well, no. Nope. Not in a million billion years.

    Why? Because, deep in the Russian culture, mind and soul is the ever-expanding paranoia and deep hatred of others along with a huge giant chip on the shoulder and an ever-expanding belie, much like Islam, that wherever a Russian has stood is Russia.

    Russia has never been our friend.

    Even when we were buying seats on Soyuz to get to the ISS and back, they were overcharging for a system that was barely good enough. NASA has covered up a lot of dirty little garbage over the almost failures of Soyuz, which Russia considers working 100% if it manages to get there and back, though many times critical systems aren’t working or there are leaks in the pressure vessels.

    Can Russians be friendly? Yes. Can they be trusted? Individually, mostly yes. As a group? Eh, not so much. As a country? Oh, hell no.

    Just look at the issues with Ukraine. People forget that Putin and Russia have been trying to swallow bits and pieces of Ukraine, and have done successfully, since Russia got its collective crap together after the fall of the USSR. Pretty much once it got its feet on solid ground, Russia has pushed its borders, wanting to swallow up all the previous satellite nations of the former USSR and the Eastern Communist Empire.

    Trust Russia? Are you kidding? It’s like trusting Communist China or Han China or almost anything China (I grudgingly somewhat trust Taiwan, but there’s still a huge amount of not trusting them even though they are the most western of the Chinese people now that Hong Kong has been destroyed as a viable non-socialist entity.

    As to Russia, again, it better be looking eastward as there is a large expansionistic country called China that is chortling as it watches Russia lose tanks and troops and supplies daily. How soon before the ChiComs turn on their ‘ally’ and move into Siberia to ‘protect’ it from ‘western expansion’?

    Though I also have to admit, I can trust Russians individually far more than I can trust individual ChiComs.

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