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People have asked what’s wrong with me. I can’t say. Sometimes the mood is a bit strange and there is nothing to attribute it to. It may be a combination of over work and the comprehension of my own mortality.

When I have difficulty writing (working on various literary projects), I know that the vessel is empty and needs to be recharged or it will wind down like an old clock  that has nothing left to chime.

Party’s over.

We humans possesses reflexive consciousness wherein we not only can perceive what we experince but we also have the ability to experience that we are experiencing something. It means that in a sense, we can sense ourselves from outside of ourselves. (to simplify it, we can take a “selfie”)
We are able to sense other people’s intentions or expectations and act accordingly. It makes the world go around, but I’m not sure that sort of reflexive consciousness is always a gift.
Ask not for whom the bell tolls…
Or maybe I’m just being a bit morbid? There is always that.
No kidding

Time for a…

Road trip

Planning it now.

21 thoughts on “Setting Priorities

  1. you're right, we start viewing ourselves from everyone, who we're not and then defining things for ourselves, like why we shouldn't do what we're doing, or who we should be with.
    Its strange, how everyone but our self seems more legit than what we feel. I want to get out of this feeling now.

    the best decision I think you've taken is to go on the road trip, it cures.
    I wish this week gifts me one too!

  2. Maybe that's the true meaning of "spring break"? You need to break off what you're doing and go do something else — a road trip.

  3. A road trip, a bit of distance and freedom from the things that normally cause your mind to churn– these will fill you up with peace and quiet when you're on empty. They comprise some of my very best memories.
    I'd say you're using that reflexive consciousness to land on a very good solution!

  4. I'm having trouble writing another book. I thought it was because I'm as crazy as a out-house-mouse. Or maybe just lazy.

  5. You're crazy as a shit-house rat, not an outhouse mouse. My, but you're becoming politically correct. The next I'll hear, you'll Love Barack.

  6. I'd challenge a blue dog to a pit fight, unarmed rather than drive to Detroit. I'd sooner become a Jehovah's Witness and spend my days handing out Watchtower magazines…that's how much I wouldn't drive to Detroit.

  7. Sir, if you do that be careful when visiting a home in CA owned by a man named Larry Lambert. I hear he lures in and propositions such solicitors. Just a pointer that I picked up on a random blog– thought I'd pass it along.

  8. There's nothing wrong with you, Larry. Not in my book.

    I totally understand that feeling and can sense myself from outside myself.

    A road trip sounds like a splendid idea. In the future, I intend to make many.

  9. I don't think that anybody needs a road trip more than you do with everything that has been going on in your life. It's not the length of the trip or even necessarily the duration. You just need the trip to reboot the machine.

  10. After this post I can see you need that road trip. Come on up and I'll buy you breakfast.

  11. Amen on the road trip. Stay out of Mexico, though. Taking the Ford, I presume?

  12. I still do side work in Mexico. A continuation of my previous day job. So no, that's not the destination of choice. Maybe a fly and drive? Busman's holiday. I have trip out of state for work and may stay around a few days and hang out.

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