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The price of gold has dropped $244 dollars since the start of 2021, or about 13% in about two months. Nobody knows where that’s headed. Zero Hedge has an interesting article about the possibility of FedCoin. I’ll let you make of that what you will, but USGOV has worked diligently over the past 40 years+ to try and end the use of paper money. Paper money is something that they have a harder time controlling than digital cash, which is easier to tax and can be eliminated (If you’re a Trump supporter) with the stroke of a computer key.

I’m not an alarmist, but the US (thus the world) is headed for a serious financial crisis. It’s part of the “great reset” that the oligarchs have in mind. The plague that rarely killed anyone over 80 who didn’t have co-morbidity issues – the masks – and all of that conspiracy theory stuff has at its heart, control.

These elements (and we see it in the Congress since the coup) do not want people to have the option of taking care of themselves. They need people scared, desperate and malleable, or they will never achieve their agenda. And that agenda is, quite simply, control. Control of your finances, control over your job, control over what you hear on the media, which has become a propaganda machine with very little resemblance to the truth being put out.

The war on the weather is simply part of that system to control you and there is push-back. Is it enough? We shall see.  The states allege that Biden’s Executive Order 13990, titled “Protecting Public Health and the Environment and Restoring Science to Tackle the Climate Crisis,” does not have the authority to issue binding numbers for the “social cost” of greenhouse gases to be used in federal regulations.

Thus ends the sermonette.


Basilica di San Vitale 

Late antique church in Ravenna, Italy.

The 6th century church is an important surviving example of early Christian Byzantine art and architecture. 


Too White?


And then some of us are just white guys who live in the mountains and have too many (not really) firearms.

I hope that you don’t have a problem with that.


The British Empire – 1921

It’s smaller today.


Canada. Half of the country’s population lives in the area marked in red

They elected Trudeau…



The Availability of Netflix


This Week in History

The Battle of Hampton Roads, Virginia was fought March 8-9. The CSS Virginia sank two wooden frigates, the USS Congress and the USS Cumberland, and damaging two more, inflicted 261 killed and 108 wounded.

That led to battles between iron clad warships, and changed the face of naval warfare forever.


    • I always thought that you were sane, BW. Why would ANYONE think that you would vote for the communist child?

  1. gun rack, in every truck in the student parking lot at my high school. one day we had a bomb threat so they put us all out to the lot. poor planning. bored, we did what teenage boys do, conjured up a big fight. yet, nobody even thought about grabbing one of those couple hundred guns. i would really like it if some brilliant individual could, scientifically, tell me why that changed.

    • Maybe video games have contributed to the callousness of America’s youth. You can slaughter people in gore and blood all day in the basement. When you emerge, the programming has been completed?

      I don’t know. Just tossing that out.

      • More likely it came from zero-tolerance policies regarding fights and violence. Parents complained that little Timmy came home with a black eye, and school administrators overreacted as they always do.

        By the time I attended school, violence and fights were punished with summary suspension and a call to the police. We weren’t even allowed to pick up snow, let alone throw snowballs. As a result, I’ve never been in a fight, don’t know how to handle myself in a fight, and don’t know the difference between a friendly scuffle and a fight that only ends when one of us is in the hospital.

        Perhaps this could also be blamed on the female half of the species becoming dominant in the school system. I’m painting with a broad brush here, but women don’t fight, they don’t like fighting, and they don’t understand how men bond. Sure, there’s some women who aren’t like that, but the Gina Caranos of the world generally don’t become school administrators. So when you have an effeminate school system, that school is going to see male aggression and physicality as something to be crushed, not channeled into useful avenues.

        As a result, you get several generations of men who come out of school angry, confused, and withdrawn. Except for the ones who sink so far they come out the other side and shoot up a school.

    • Same at my school. The social stigma of needing a weapon in a fight would have been horrific. Even with everyone with a knife, I can’t remember anyone ever using one in a fight.

      • I’ve been stabbed and shot and I don’t know which is worse. Never at school. I fought with the other guy’s knife all the way through my bicep. The blood made the handle slick for him to use to withdraw the blade. Stabbed other times.

        Anyway, inner-city schools are now gladiator academies. Unlike where I went to school. There were older kids who pushed me around in school. I don’t forgive malice. Not even all these years later, but it was mutual hate, loathing, fists and feet. I’ve seen photos of a couple of them. They’re wrecks with wrecked lives. I’m satisfied.

        • My first knife fight was when I was five, but didn’t have a knife. Still carry the scars. He was eight. Don’t know how well he did in life with a concussion from a steel fence post. Was a good learning experience which molded me into a lifelong dirty white boy.

  2. Good Sermonette this morning. We had gun racks in High School, shooting club, and no one got shot.

    Just in from a valiant attempt at plowing John Kerry’s Global Warming Task force tax initiative…not happening, too deep and windy. Best to lay around the shanty for the day, let it clear out.

    • I drove through a WHITE-OUT last night – about 5 miles at 5 mph of an iced up windshield, navigating through an open passenger window and looking at the embankment to the left. You could say that the left was more useful than the right for the first time in human history.

      I LIVE IN ARIZONA. We’re not supposed to have white-outs here because people will think of us as racists.

      • One only has to do the t-post to t-post/side window drive once that avoidance whenever possible is preferable. I suspect the AZ white-out is due to failure to pay your climate tax (it goes both ways now)… altho, come to think of it, a little global warming about now would be just fine with me.

        Still coming down, lightly, but hey, it’ll fill the aquifer and green up the pastures. Needed the heavy moisture.

  3. “does not have the authority to issue binding numbers for the “social cost” of greenhouse gases to be used in federal regulations.”

    Anyone believe that will stop the (P)regressives from doing what they want? Anyone think the courts will uphold the law? If you do, this old used car salesman has a “great deal” for you.

  4. San Vitale features facing mosaics of Emperor Justinian and Empress Theidisia. Both are worth looking at in their own right, but the side at the Emperor’s right hand is thought to be Belisarius. He deserves a Basilica of his own, but I digress.

    The Dasilica is very much worth a visit, and is a testament to the local’s preserving it through the ages. They also protected Dante’s remains, and ensured his tomb is very well kept.

  5. Re money, remember what happened with Italy and Spain went on the Euro? How much ‘black’ money came out? When I was in high school that could have been my truck that I drove to school every day… sigh

  6. A GREAT sermon. But look how garish Ravenna seems today. Not then, obviously. Late antiquity must’ve been a deal. Now, imagine Ravenna in the 6thC, looking down the road at Rome, a sea of heroic ruins.

  7. I never saw a rifle rack in a pick-up ruck in high school, but our ROTC contingent had a rifle range in the basement. They shot 22LR several times a week, and hosted matches.

    My first real fight was in 4th grade, when the class bully jumped me on the way home from school. I was a lot smaller than he was, and couldn’t get him off me, so I grabbed a freshly sharpened #2 lead pencil from my pocket protector, and proceeded to slam it into him as hard and as fast as I could. After about the third or fourth good poke, it got his attention, and he jumped up and went home bawling for mommy.

    He never bothered me again….

    Had about 26″ of climate change all together so far. It’s stopped for now, but the wx radar shows another band coming through….

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