How’s the sanction on NRA members 
working out for Delta?

Context and Precedence: A $50 million sales tax exemption on jet fuel was sought by Delta Airlines. The State of Georgia was poised to grant it…Then Delta joined the noisy progs.
ATLANTA (AP) — Pro-gun Georgia lawmakers Thursday took revenge on Delta for crossing the National Rifle Association, killing a proposed tax break on jet fuel that would have saved the airline millions.  
A sweeping tax bill with the fuel exemption stripped out by the Republicans passed the GOP-controlled House and Senate by wide margins, just days after Delta reacted to the school massacre in Florida by announcing it would no longer offer discount fares to NRA members.


  1. Now there are rumors that Delta is thinking about moving out of GA. Several states are vying for their business.

  2. When you consider the considerable infrastructure that Delta has in Georgia along with the massive airport, I suggest that's hot air. The thought that they'd reel in progs by posturing the way they did. (how many fliers took an NRA discount – I didn't know that it existed)

    It's always been the various pressure group that boycotted loudly and this wasn't a boycott per se. It was the 'voice of the people' through their elected representatives suggesting that Delta not get the Georgia discount.

  3. George Takei has "Come Out" strongly against Gun Control. Does anyone really give a Rats Ass about that idiot George Takei who is a dumber than a rock, George Takei the guy who sexually molested other Men, an 80-year-old has-been with multiple chips on his shoulder who is an utter disgrace to the Asian race. Most Asians are intelligent, very self-disciplined people, a minority that I truly admire, but Sulu is a moronic, tacky, classless, graceless, charmless, egomaniacal embarrassment to honorable Asians…."Oh, my!" indeed.

  4. There are people I listen to; there are people that I listen to some of the time; there are people that I hear; there are people that I hear but ignore; and there are people beneath contempt who are simply not worth the effort to ignore. Sulu is one of those.

  5. "and there are people beneath contempt who are simply not worth the effort to ignore."

    This made me laugh- what a wonderful expression!

  6. I have been a member of NRA for years and I do not think that my membership should disqualify me in any way. I actually think it is time to start producing information that will balance the view some media and politicians present of gun owners. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have data about the leading causes of death and injury in the US. If you dig into the data related to homicides and guns you will see that there is little or no correlation or causation between guns and homicides when you compare the number of guns, law obedient citizens and homicides. Guns also save a lot of law obedient citizens from becoming a victim of a potential homicide. But criminals do not care about laws and even President Obama experienced it is a bad idea to give criminals guns (fast and Furious). But he and his pal Rahm did little to reduce the number of guns among criminals and gang members in Chicago while he had the chance. Instead of just telling that guns are bad it is time to tell about the positive effects that young people experience when they are trained at range. Politeness, safety, care taking, good behavior and respect. The stats should also be split into groups so media informs when there is a criminal or a gang member using guns and when that is not the case e.g. a girl protecting herself from being a victim. This something FBI could start with. Here is a video illustrating my point.

  7. Kind of like when the local news reported that Kroger was going to stop selling guns (I forget the exact wording), and showed a picture of my grocery store. I told hubby "since when did they even sell toy guns, let alone one I could hunt squirrels with?"

    What the report meant to say was Dick's Sporting Goods, and whatever other business that is owned by the same conglomerate as Kroger.

    It was all PR that backfired.

    Well, that is, if they don't get the tax break.

    That graphic is spot on, btw. I mentioned that to hubby, but he said it was in poor taste to bring it up after the shooting.

  8. I think wirecutter had a stat of something like 6 or 7 people had used their NRA discount with Delta.

    Just another case of "Unintended Consequences"…..!

  9. I find the "save our babies" (from guns) but let us slaughter them in utero at our whim to be in very poor taste.

    I don't buy the argument that guns are responsible for anything since only .2% of all firearms are ever used in a crime — outlawing cars would eliminate drunk driving.

    People are the problem. Once we've embraced that, things could get better. But we won't.

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