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Southwest Airlines


Cold Left-Over Pizza for Breakfast?

My vote is YES.  I am NOT recommending sofa-pizza, though. If you have to lift a cushion to find it, no, just no.


Because it’s Hispanic Heritage Month


There are different definitions of organized crime. In China, if three people agree to cooperate in the commission of a crime, they call it “organized crime”.

In most organized crime, there is a political element that benefits from the ongoing criminal activity.


States that California prohibits state-funded or state-sponsored travel due to “discriminatory laws”, per Assembly Bill 1887


There are more than 2,500 active and dormant volcanoes in the world

I don’t know how this shameless self-promotion made its way into the blog…but, whenever you think volcano, how can you not think about Red Mist?


Percent of people employed by government across the US and the EU. (2016-2018 data)




I like diving shipwrecks. I haven’t done it for a decade – mainly because I’m just getting older. They are very dangerous to explore but it’s a lot like going through a very exclusive museum (or tomb). Wrecks like that of the Kyrenia are a different matter.

The shipwreck of the Kyrenia was first discovered in 1965 by Andreas Cariolou.  When Cariolou was diving for sponges, he came across a hill of 80 amphorae less than a mile from Kyrenia on the north coast of Cyprus. In 1967 Cariolou contacted Michael and Susan Katzev and led them to the wreck, which was 90 feet below the surface.

The excavation of the wreck took place over two summers from 1968 to 1969 and involved the recovery of cargo, dining wares, tools, the rigging of the ship and even four bone eyelets from the sandals of a sailor. The ship itself was a Greek merchant vessel and had a cargo of up to 500 amphorae belonging to ten different shape types. Most of the amphorae were of rhodian origin and date from the last third of the 4th century.

A large part of the hull was preserved.  The remaining hull was lifted, preserved and reconstructed.  The reconstructed hull was 14 m long and 4.2 m wide. The conservation of the lifted artifacts took place between 1969 and 1974.


Identify the Aircraft


New Tech?


The Solution to yesterday’s IDENTIFY THE AFV question:

Martin took off for Africa, so I was able to pull one off!

The Pizarro infantry fighting vehicle evolved from the ASCOD (Austrian-Spanish Cooperative Development) program. The Pizarro was developed for the Spanish Army alongside the Ulan IFV for the Austrian Army.

The Spanish Army operates a total of 293 Pizarro IFVs, plus its variants optimized for different battlefield roles.

Unlike the Austrian Ulan, the Pizarro also features a limited amount of SABBLIR reactive armor, which significantly increases armor protection. You can see it more clearly in the photo above than in yesterday’s photo. It’s one of the features that separates it from the Austrian model.

The frontal armor of the Pizarro provides protection against 14.5 mm rounds, while all-around protection is against 7.62 mm rounds. This means that a .50 BMG AP/API can take one out if fired at the (slab) side or rear. It would penetrate, bounce around inside and generate spall, disabling the crew.


  1. Pretty nice little airline you got here. Be a shame if something happened to it.

    It would also be a genuine shame if somebody took Slow Joe out behind the White Barn and had a little conversation with him. Hopefully not the same guy who had that conversation with Harry Reid a few years ago. Just sayin’.

    • Corn Pop was a bad dude — and Joe beat up the minority to show him who was boss man. Or so the story goes. Today, taking Joe outback would be akin to whipping your great-grandma. Joe can’t say it if it’s not on the cue card and even then he has some difficulty reading. The lesson would be lost on him unless you could self-identify as Corn Pop, there for a little payback.

      • I self-identify as Pop Corn. Presumably that’s different. Mrs. certifies that I’ve been bad on a daily basis, but leaves off the “dude” part. Presumably that’s different too.

  2. The level of willful ignorance and washing-over of Biden and his less than useless Veep is astounding. Fake WH sets, cue cards, mumbling and stumbling, clear criminal and treasonous activities, bizarre kiddie videos, and the most oppressive dictatorial administration ever. Half the people give all this a free pass like it’s normal. Either that or their brains are so fogged from their re-breather masks they are clueless.

    Colorado is filled with Californian’s, we’re a mini-Cali now so open travel is allowed (gotta keep the Dem stronghold). Local radio harps on how Trump lost here by 15 points. Duh.

    Neat story on the ship…proves one must pay attention, lift your head up once in a while, never know what you might find or notice. I’m still looking for hidden treasure on the property from the wayback predecessors.

    That’s some good looking slices….all the right food groups. It’s good for ya, anytime of the day.

    • Camela’s kiddie video was her idea of her being likable. Hire child actors, have them respond to take-after-agonizing take with their parents cheering them on (for a fee) while the nasty Veeep tries to sound like a human being. The problem with that is she’s not much of a human being, as the demon who lives inside of her would attest. How many takes did they do to come up with that abomination? I’m sure that it was several, with her likeability coach fluttering in the wings like a butterfly.

      If you connected the Veeep with an exorcist, and the demon was cast out, what would you have remaining?

        • I think that’s my point. If the demons left Hillary, Pelosi, Biden, and 3/4 of Congress… It would be interesting, that’s all.

          • I’m good at stating the obvious…walking dead comes to mind. They’d crumble like a vampire when their head is torn off.

          • Hmm, business opportunity. If Hollywood can make money off such things then us peons can as well. Might even have the disenfranchised 80 million tune in. Charge ten bucks and be set for life and help others.

          • For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

      • I wonder how hard it was for her to not sexually molest the male children.

        And, yes, I do believe she’s done that. Amoral intact female dog of breeding age.

  3. Pizza for breakfast – I thought that was a given????
    Organized crime – the government doesn’t like the competition.
    On another note, I’ve listened to drunk college sophomores who made more sense than the political elites we have making a mess of things.

    • Pizza makes a fine breakfast.

      It’s surprising how many college sophomores sit there with a pitcher of beer or six between them while working on the obligatory group projects. In fact, I was always of the opinion that pubs kicked back to the universities to have group projects to help keep the establishment afloat. Some of those people do go on to become government drones, Frank.

  4. Cold pizza for breakfast? Yes! Order extra… It’s like making meatloaf for dinner, you always make extra because the sandwiches the next day are at least half the reason for having meatloaf for dinner in the first place.

    Why are amphorae usually pointed at the bottom? I’d think flat so they could stand up but on all the shipwreck photos I see they are pointed.

    That plane with the red star, Texaco right? I remember the ads…. 🙂

    • There was a lot of precipitate in the fluids carried in amphorae. It is collected at the point at the bottom. That’s how it was explained to me some years ago.

      Pizza, meatloaf AND fried chicken. I love to raid the refrigerator for cold fried chicken at breakfast time the next day.

      • Cooling? I have no idea. Like Oddball, I just ride ’em.

        It does bring to mind an article (which I may have stashed somewhere) about the development of the SR-71, specifically the engines. There is a night time photo of an engine running in a test stand. The rear 1/3 is at normal operating temperature–glowing red hot.

        Seems they were having an issue with bolt heads failing. They were able to back track to the mechanic, his tool box, and the actual wrench used. Wrench was chrome plated. Tiny flakes of chrome would adhere to the bolt head when the bolt was installed. When red hot, the chrome would alloy with the bolt, changing the composition of the metal, and the bolt head would fail.

        The SR-71 came off the drawing boards the same year I was born.

  5. Is there a reason that England, Scotland and Wales are missing from some of these maps?! Perhaps whoever drew them had too much Tequila.

    There’s nothing wrong with shameless promotion, LL, especially not since we appeared to have turned into the modern day Nostradamus and Red Mist is AKA Les Propheties!

  6. Wyoming with 22% government employed? With a population under 550,000 that suggests there are a minimum number of Federal employees in every state. Cribbed from a 2017 newspaper article.

    As of April, there were 70,400 government employees in the state, according to the economic analysis division. The lion’s share, approaching 50,000, is employed at the local level, from elementary school teachers to road and bridge employees.

    There were 15,100 state employees and 7,500 federal employees as of last month.

  7. Thanks alot! I’m blaming you for my lack of sleep last night. I bought ‘Red Mist’ and couldn’t put it down. Good stuff! Not quite what I was expecting though.

    SU-33: Don’t those engines have thrust vectoring? I thought they were left exposed to allow clearance for the nozzles and still allow easy replacement.

  8. Cold Pizza is one of the better inventions of Western Civilization.

    Count me in!

    A friend of mine has a tee shirt that said “One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, FLOOR”. I thought it was quite appropriate.

    Wonder what a map of OC in the FUSA would look like these days….

    The only diving I’ve ever done was in a large tank used for Marine Engineering Research, never been open water certified. It was just another day on the job to me, but I’ve been fascinated with SCUBA since I was a kid, and watched Mike Nelson in “Sea Hunt”.

    I don’t think the engines are “exposed” on the fighter. More likely they didn’t paint that part of the fuselage becuase the paint would just burn off.

    Never knew my Mom was a “Solar/Wind Power” early-adopter.

  9. Regarding the plane picture, I spy with my little eye a friggin TARGET. No other info needed.

    As to wreck diving, modernish ship wreck diving, the same considerations for cave diving should be employed. Don’t enter unless you have training. And have multiple lights, a line, spare air, don’t stir up the muck, have rescue divers available, file a dive plan or notify someone as to where and when and why you’re diving in the wreck.

    During my time at Kwajalein, June 70-June 73, there were no fatalities in all the wrecks being dived on/in at the atoll. Now, some things were required. Training, lines, rescue divers (basically a pair up to watch out for the pairs down, buddy-diving only, spare equipment available etc. All because they did have some deaths in previous years, but people will be curious, so rules were put in place.

    It’s all common sense. But then again, that’s been lacking in the world for years. Like the professional navy diver who worked underwater construction who went cave diving with 3 other people, all who had no cave diving training, didn’t use lines, didn’t have spare air, kicked up the muck, yada yada. He was the only one to survive. Made the news. My dive instructor, Lloyd Bailey (and a buddy diver,) had to rescue the idiot and recover the bodies.

    What makes it funny, to a certain extent of funny, is the idiot who survived was one of my fellow students studying under an SCA ‘knight’ and we heard the story from the idiot about 4 weeks before we heard it from Lloyd Bailey himself in his class when he made us all swear to God and our ancestors that we’d never ever ever ever cave dive or wreck dive or non-visibility dive (murky water, night diving, etc) without proper instruction and a training program and proper equipment.

    Moral of the story: Don’t do stupid stuff without proper preparation. Caves, wrecks, night diving, piloting anything, operating heavy equipment. All need training of one form or another.

    There’s a yousetube channel called “Dive Talk” where two certified cave divers talk about famous deaths and comment about videos of idiots slabbing or getting close to slabbing themselves. If you are somewhat morbid and interested in cave diving, it’s a good channel to watch.

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