Freaky Friday

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Question: What will the signature beverage at the White Wolf Mine be?

We will also pour a cold glass of pure, ice cold, water, fresh from the inside of the mountain to the tap. And while if you live in a city, that may not be familiar to you, it’s a wonderful thing.


Clarifying the Situation:

18 thoughts on “Freaky Friday

  1. Sounds like heaven. Do you have another tap that comes straight out of the mountain that dispenses beer? Ice cold?

  2. I got this one, LL: just shove a bunch of Bavarian monks into a cave in the side of the mountain, and instruct them to get busy.

  3. Beer is good, but vodka is better. BTW be careful with the yellow latte around that husky 😉

  4. Yup, you got a problem, I got a solution. Even if I don't have one at the ready, I can just pull one out of my, uh,.. files.

  5. Debbie Downer here. Have you tested that water? Water coming out of a mine can have some interesting minerals mixed in.

  6. That's an excellent idea. We can stuff them into the mine and not let them out until the "brew is true"…

  7. Juniper berries (the source of gin) are abundant further down the hill. Home-grown olives would be far more difficult. I'd have to go as far as Phoenix.

  8. Not to worry – I'll bring some. I'll also bring pickled mushrooms, peperoncini, and elite pickles for variety.

  9. Mountain water always seems to taste better.
    Not a frothy fruffy drinker, regular coffee for me.

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