Question: What will the signature beverage at the White Wolf Mine be?

We will also pour a cold glass of pure, ice cold, water, fresh from the inside of the mountain to the tap. And while if you live in a city, that may not be familiar to you, it’s a wonderful thing.


Clarifying the Situation:


  1. Sounds like heaven. Do you have another tap that comes straight out of the mountain that dispenses beer? Ice cold?

  2. I got this one, LL: just shove a bunch of Bavarian monks into a cave in the side of the mountain, and instruct them to get busy.

  3. Yup, you got a problem, I got a solution. Even if I don't have one at the ready, I can just pull one out of my, uh,.. files.

  4. Debbie Downer here. Have you tested that water? Water coming out of a mine can have some interesting minerals mixed in.

  5. Juniper berries (the source of gin) are abundant further down the hill. Home-grown olives would be far more difficult. I'd have to go as far as Phoenix.

  6. Not to worry – I'll bring some. I'll also bring pickled mushrooms, peperoncini, and elite pickles for variety.

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