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In the Atlanta Police Department, Zones 4 and 6 saw all of the police officers walk off the job. Many in the four remaining zones left as well. 60% of the police department is comprised of black officers.

Atlanta PD

Good luck Atlanta, Georgia

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  1. There are times when I’m really glad to be watching this unfold from the other side of the planet. Then I remember Australia is probably not that far behind with all the diversity we have imported over the last 20 years, such as the African gangs we absolutely don’t have.

    1. At least the citizenry of Atlanta at least can nominally defend themselves against the scum and filth.

      What will happen, though, if any instances of self-defense do occur, will be the following:

      Scumbag gets dirt-napped by citizen.
      Police investigate and rule it as self-defense.
      If citizen is not of diversity crowd and scumbag is of diversity crowd, local prosecutor will over-ride any previous determination (including by other prosecutors) that the death was one of self-defense, and will lay charges on the citizen, including whipping up diversity anger against citizen.
      Citizen will go through legal hell, be fired from job, lose family, lose house and lose all money, will be hounded by diversity supporters and newsies.
      Even if found not-guilty, citizen will have life ruined forever.

      This is the way the diversity panderers treat most issues of self defense, and will be the way they (diversity panderers) will treat any new instances of self defense against a diversity crowd member.

      Sad but true.

      1. Then we need to float the idea that wiping out such prosecutors is in the best interests of the people. Call it self-defense.

    2. If nothing else, these events identify politicians who need to be run from or voted from office. Beans is right. There are a lot of firearms in private hands in Georgia and I’m certain that they are available and at hand.

      There are always consequences that are unintended and I hope that things work out better in the long run. If citizens want the police (and almost all do), they need to support them. Otherwise, they can go it alone with some sort of skeleton staffing where most of the officers are in the station and they just stand by where meat is harvested.

  2. Will be interesting to find out more, as the real truth comes out in about 48 hours.

    Just like in the two ‘police caused deaths’ which were more suicide-by-cop than anything else, the truth will come out in 48 hours.

    Like… the racial message of striking or departing officers. What the union’s stance is. What the city’s and state’s stance are.

    Glad I don’t live anywhere near Atlanta. It’s been a known poop-hole since the diversity crowd took it over. From gangs climbing up onto the interstate to rob people (which happens so often that it doesn’t get any real reporting anymore) to the Chicago levels of violence in the diversity-crowd’s living areas, the level of violence, drug use, theft, intimidation, murder and just general skull-duggery is outrageously high and the Atlanta cops have been doing a remarkable job in keeping down the violence as much as they could and actually doing an excellent job in closing cases.

    The DA’s office, on the other hand, is definitely politically run, and has often thrown out good cases, thrown officers under the bus, and generally pandered heavily to the diversity crowd.

    What Sherman couldn’t destroy, the diversity crowd has. I would not be surprised if major corporations start or already have been working on getting the hell out of the city.

    1. There was a time (circa 2007-8) when I commuted to Atlanta for work three times a month, maybe four. While the suburbs were nice and some neighborhoods were very nice, the inner city was not. I never envied the job of Atlanta PD. Now, there is not an effective police department in Atlanta. Nobody will go there who doesn’t have to.

  3. I live in NE Atlanta. You couldn’t pay me enough to go into the city after dark. My observations:
    First doctored video was released showing white cop unloading on black guy and then multiple other videos were released by the people in the drivethru that showed series of events. Somehow bodycam video was also released in the ongoing investigation that discounted first videos.
    Mayor KLB ignored APD protocol and encouraged city council to fire cop before internal GBI investigation was complete. She also called cop a murderer in front of reporters.
    Police Chief quit.
    Lame Duck DA filed 11 charges before internal GBI investigation was complete. One of those was murder.
    In an early statement Mayor KLB said a taser in the hands of a cop was a deadly weapon. KLB latter stated the taser in the hands of a black man was non-life threatening.

    KLB has stirred the race war pot and stoked the fire. ATL cops know they do not have upper management support and will be thrown to the wolves. Police officers eligible to retire are dropping their packages to make it happen. Every county outside the ATL beltway is being flooded with applications in the local PD’s and sheriff’s offices. Only fools travel into the city unarmed.

    1. Thanks for your report from ‘on the ground’ if not quite ground zero.

  4. What do Rayshard Brooks and George Floyd have in common?

    If they had peaceably sat in the police car, they would be alive today.

  5. Any citizen who uses lethal force to defend themselves against any of the violent leftists in ANY of these liberal strongholds WILL BE CRUCIFIED by those in power. A man in New Mexico was chased and beaten….with one attacker swinging a skateboard at him…..by a mob of rioters. When he used his legally carried firearm to defend himself HE was the one arrested….NOT any of the attackers some of whom were screaming their intent to kill him. He was fortunate that after being arrested he was released pending “investigation”. The ONLY that saved his butt was that the event was captured on video and thus the “optics” make it politically risky for the prosecutor to persecute this man without fear of losing his office. And he may still face charges if those in power decide they can get away with it.

    1. Yes, that is the case. But maybe better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6? Or to avoid these areas occupied by inner city people.

        1. Unless you want to rumble in the jungle or take NatGeo photos of locals in their native habitat, steer clear.

  6. So this is the next round of insanity unleashed on America. Appears the Left is attempting to gain their “eliminate police forces” by the backdoor…in effect making it untenable for any officer to do his or her job.

    I applaud the other officers walking out…they have come to realize that Facebook-level emotive commentary on any action is given more credence over truth and facts and need to protect themselves from every couch-sitting dipstick with a keyboard or microphone.

    As for the Prosecutor trying his “false” case yesterday, did this grifter actually watch the video(s)? He’s a known rabble that needs to be run out on a rail.

    1. The prosecutor needs to be prosecuted himself. I realize that’s politically incorrect because he, himself, is an inner city person. But people like him are the root of the problem that we see.

      1. We had one of those in the White House for eight years, problem is these types are now running open loop. Throttling them back might require getting messy.

  7. “Comes the Revolution” might have a hallow ring for these Leftist if, or more likely when, the decent citizens revolt. One can hope. Looks like the Atlanta Police are showing the way.

    1. Do black people want to segregate themselves? That’s what it’s looking like. All black areas, policed by black officers and everyone else. Are we going back to “separate but equal” (Brown vs The Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas)??

      1. Wasn’t that ruled illegal in the 1960’s, when a couple of black officers took it to court that it shouldn’t just be blacks policing blacks? Swear I read it somewhere.

        1. I don’t know what is illegal now. It may have been during desegregation but now we’re on different ground in an era where black people are calling for segregation (they want black only hospitals, universities have black student unions, and black only areas, etc)

  8. The problem is ,Greshams Law applies to more than money. If the good cops leave because they are hung out to dry, the replacements will be those in full accordance with what the corrupt administration wants. Maybe even outright criminals and revolutionaries. The gulag camp bosses were the ordinary criminal thugs, the worst of the worst according to us, torturing the political prisoners, who were the worst of the worst, according to them.

    Right now the IDEA of law stills holds sway- the citizens rightly fear they will be stomped if they dare defend themselves. But that threat loses efficacy as the dust rises.

    1. If the left keeps pushing it, regular people of all races will take up arms in self defense against inner city people. Best think about moving to a free state if you’re not already in one.

  9. Fifty years ago Atlanta was a lovely southern city. Now on their Wiki page it’s declared to be “de-southernized.”

    I’m wondering why no one wants to state the obvious ie: the population of Atlanta is majority black, the mayor is black, police chief is black, the DA is black, city council is majority black, and even the police department is primarily black.

    Draw your own conclusions…

    1. >Draw your own conclusions…

      Don’t even have to. John Derbyshire did that already in the piece that got him blacklisted (so to speak) from the now-worthless National Review. Specifically paragraphs 10(f) and 10(g).

    2. Atlanta will soon resemble the great sub-saharan Civilizations we would have studied in school, except for the fact that these Civilizations never developed writing, arithmetic or the wheel. The only ancient sub saharan African ruins I have seen are the forts and enclaves of the Europeans that bought African slaves from their fellow African Slave Masters.

      With this, please call me,

      1. You won’t be canceled here unless we’re all canceled and that could happen.

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